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Blog Cabin: Randy goes racing

In the news...

So, Randy Moss is starting a Motorsports team that he hopes will compete in the NASCAR Craftsman Truck Series by the second half of the 2008 season. How many people saw that coming?

Actually, maybe we should have. Moss, has been sponsoring a local drift track program, and is also a Goodwill Ambassador for the Urban Youth Racing School.

Who knew?

Still, the move seems like a strange fit, and it is... but it’s also absolutely brilliant.

Randy is doing what more athletes should be doing, he’s positioning himself as a businessman and investor. If he’s able to launch the team, and he should be, Moss will find himself waist-deep in a rapidly expanding market.

I’m also sure that companies will be lined up, checkbooks in hand, clamoring for the chance to get their names on the No. 81 Moss-mobile. NASCAR, meanwhile, will love the influx of new and diverse sponsors that the new team will bring.

A move like this could, not only help Randy finish polishing up his still-tarnished legacy, but could sustain him and build his brand well after retirement from the NFL.

From the Blogosphere...

Curtisteff says that we're all a little bit to blame for the use of performance enhancing drugs in sports. I can see your point, Curtis, but it seems obvious that our eyes have been opened for a couple years now, and guess what... a member of the San Fransisco Giants was just handed a suspension. Athletes take the lions share.

Bengals fan Bpm793 was not so happy with his team's draft. Turns out three wide receivers and two guys with character issues are not quite what he had in mind.

Why are some athletes forgiven, while others are despised? Feanor thinks he might know the answer... the media. Man, we get blamed for everything these days.

Crazy_piump is questioning the fanhood of some of our community members. If you're an instigator, you might want to check this out.

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Blog Cabin: A little more than 'all you can be'

In the news...

Surprisingly, the best pick of the 2008 NFL Draft may have come in the seventh round... at least in the "feel-good" sense.

Army safety Caleb Campbell was drafted 218th overall by the Detroit Lions, and, thanks to a new rule, will have the chance to pursue his professional career immediately.

The new Army policy lets drafted players “owe” two years of active duty service while they play their first two years as a pro. After the first two years, players that wish to remain in the League will be able to “buy out” their remaining three years of active duty service in exchange for six years of reserve time.

Since the draft, I’ve heard a lot of positive things about this alternative service plan, but I’ve also encountered a surprising amount of negative reaction. Some people think that military recruits owe the service that they signed up for. Some people think that the new rules will place an inappropriate importance on the athletic teams.

I call B.S. - Which of course stands for “better served”. As in, the Army will be better served if a few athletes are allowed to go pro. If Campbell can carve out a career for himself, imagine the effect it will have on recruiting and overall morale. Every military man and woman will have someone to cheer for. Lions jerseys will fly off the shelves in Post Exchanges around the world.

In any case, it’s not like anyone goes to West Point as a way in to the NFL. That’s just not how it works. If you attend a military academy, you expect to serve your country. It’s only in very rare cases that a recruit is offered a chance to be a little bit more than “all you can be.”

I, for one, hope that we get to see it happen. Campbell is known as a smart player with a lot of natural ability. He’s able to make quick reads around the line, and has been outstanding as a run-stopper. Some suggest his instinct and tackling ability would make him a great fit as an NFL linebacker.

From the Blogosphere...

The NFL Draft continues to be the hot topic in the community. After careful deliberation, pooloo2 brings us his NFC draft grades, as well as his post-draft thoughts.

Section_725 returns to the blogosphere to rant about something outside of sports - the price of gas. This member says he would even consider buying a scooter if people knew how to drive.

Toronto has been eliminated from the NBA playoffs, and takman_777 has volunteered to conduct the Raptor's autopsy to see what went wrong.
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Blog Cabin: Giants install drool cup for Mario

In the news...

While making pre-draft evaluations, NFL teams take many things in to consideration. Teams watch tape, measure a player's size and speed, find out about his character and even test his intelligence.

Depending on the team and position, one of these factors may weigh more highly than the others, but in most cases, I would guess that a solid performance in all the categories is the best recipe for a good NFL player.

It’s a good thing that the New York Giants were able to overlook many of those, most notably the mental aspect, when evaluating third-round pick Mario Cashmere Manningham. (Yes, that is his real middle name.)

If you haven’t heard yet, it’s been reported that the big-play receiver out of Michigan was only able to score a 6 on the Wonderlic test. With 20 equating to “average intelligence” and 10 being “literate”, a 6 places Manningham somewhere in the neighborhood of  “Coach, I poopied in my uniform again.”

No, I’m not shocked. Somebody was going to take him, even if he has had a few problems and is a little undersized. This window-licker can catch footballs, after all, and receiver isn’t one of the most mentally demanding positions on the field.

I am a little surprised that he was able to survive three years in college, though. I mean, I know that athletes are “helped” with their grades, but how can you hide a kid that probably can’t spell his own name. How does the NCAA not look in to things any time a player scores below literate? Simply stunning.

I guess that Michigan fans can no longer make fun of the Buckeyes for their allegedly low academic standards.

From the Blogosphere...

Arizona fan naterb is already looking forward to next seasons PAC-10 basketball season. Check out his blog for previews of all the teams.

Does Greg Maddux go to the mound with you in mind? Does Alex Rodriguez step to the plate hoping to give you a helping hand? Ugotabshtnme wonders just how much baseball players think about their fantasy values when they're on the field.

El Gigante starts his team-by-team grading of each NFL team's 2008 draft. Up first: take a look at the AFC East analysis.
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Blog Cabin: Abolishing the NFL Draft?

In the news...

After the Dolphins signed Jake Long today, I started thinking about the NFL draft. No, I wasn’t contemplating Miami’s impact on my mock, I was actually wondering why we have a draft in the first place.

How much do any of us really know about the origins of the draft? Who benefits from the current system? Wouldn’t things work equally well without it?

Why don't we just have all the college players who wish to go pro declare themselves “rookie free agents” by a certain date each year? Teams would be able to make bids based on their need and budget, not on their draft position. Great players would still command top dollar, while marginal guys would get signed for a lot less.

Obviously, each team would only be able to sign the players who fit inside the salary cap, so no one team could sign all the top guys. This format would give teams that win games with less a slight on-field advantage the following season.

Why should a team that spends wisely and still manages a 9-7 record be penalized by not being able to chase a top-3 pick? I think that team should have a shot to get its man.

Come to think of it, the entire draft process is reminiscent of baseball’s reserve clause, because players have no choice in where they end up.

Imagine if you left college with a bachelor’s degree in business, only to be drafted to manage a fast food restaurant in the middle of nowhere. Granted, they’ve guaranteed to pay you well, but shouldn’t you be able to see what other job opportunities are out there? What if other of businesses want to hire you too?

The players should have some kind of choice. Just like in business, this new system would allow them to evaluate each situation based on all the variables.

So far, the best counterarguments I’ve heard are “I like the pageantry of the draft” and “Things would be chaotic without the structured draft process.”

Personally, I could care less about pageantry. I want to watch these guys play football, not stand around in suits. I do, however, agree that a rookie free agent system may be a little hectic in the beginning. Still, I think it could work.

One more thing... What happens if the Dolphins draft Vernon Gholston or Darren McFadden on Saturday? Jake is already signed, so what then?

If anybody has an answer, or a better pro-draft argument, I’d love to hear it.
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Blog Cabin: Kenton Keith - My new favorite rapper

In the news...

How close is the NFL to hiring babysitters for all its players? Probably not as close as it needs to be.

Kenton Keith, a backup Colts running back and hip-hop artist extrodinaire, was arrested last night after refusing to leave the parking lot of a nightclub that had closed for the night.

Police Report:
The 27-year-old Keith and several others refused to leave and were laughing, dancing and joking.

Police eventually ordered them to put their hands on a vehicle, but Keith refused and took out a cell phone to record the incident. He kept saying, "I'm a Colts player, I'm a Colts player," the report said.

Police handcuffed him when he refused to put his hands behind his back, and he was taken to jail.


The funny part is that Keith played the “Do you know who I am?” card.

Umm... no, not really. Keith is it? You look a little like Michael Vick. I know who he is, but I also know that he’s in jail. (Guess what, Keith, being famous doesn’t always keep you from being arrested.) Oh, wait, I've got it. You’re that running back from the Saskatchewan Roughriders. Yep, that has to be it, because Indy’s running back is definitely Joseph Addai.

In fairness, I do know who Keith is.

He's a second-year NFL player, and he was actually a solid back during limited action last season. I’m just shocked, although I probably shouldn’t be, that a backup running back who played four years in the CFL would do anything to jeopardize his shot at an NFL career. I mean, we all know how much Tony Dungy loves problem players.

Maybe he should have listened to the lyrics of his own song, Go Hard, and "stayed working in the kitchen like his grandmother."

Wait... What?

I guess we can at least be happy that he didn't hold true to the line about how he's "been known to keep a cannon in the front seat."

The "rapper" part of this guys persona is enough to devote an entire blog to by itself. If you haven't already, check out his Myspace page.

Besides taking pictures of his guns and money, and rapping about smoking weed (Wow, those are some original ideas.), this guy's motto is "worth a million on the low".

Congrats, Keith. And what better way to make sure that remains the case than to announce it on the internet. Pure genius.

Keith was charged with misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct, resisting law enforcement, public intoxication and contributing to the delinquency of a minor, because a man he brought to the club with him was 19.

From the Blogosphere...

Millions of dollars? Classrooms? Endorsement deals? Final exams? If given choice of 2 out of 4 of these things, which would you choose? RUPPSRUNT makes the case for college basketball players going pro.

Jiggadhu releases his final Chicago Bears mock draft. Which first-round running back is he sold on? Find out in the Big Bad Bears Blog.

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Teddydupay4 wants to know what you would do if you were GM of your favorite NBA team. This member starts things off with a laundry list of changes for his Pacers.

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Blog Cabin: Baseball is getting too soft

In the news...

I think baseball, and a lot of the fans, have finally started to get a little too soft for some of us old-school traditionalists.

This morning, I heard people, for the first time that I can remember, complaining that a baseball game went too long.

Last night, I watched as Boston refused to retaliate after Kyle Farnsworth buzzed a fastball behind Manny's head.

What happened to the game I knew? It’s always had its problems, but delicacy was never one of them.

It used to be that, if a game went longer than 14 or 15 innings, you were watching something special. It was history. It was an epic battle to find out which team wanted to win more than the other.

In the end, there would be a hero or a goat, and along the way you may see some of the most unconventional baseball ever played. You may see a second baseman come in to pitch. You could see pitchers pinch hitting or pinch running. Basically, it was two great games for the price of one.

Now that deal is too much for some fans? What, you guys can’t make it through one Friday on a couple hours of sleep?

OK, new rule: Unless you’re a surgeon or an assassin, you can probably survive being tired at work for one day. Actually, if you're an assassin you should probably be used to sleep deprivation, so surgeons are the only ones allowed to leave early.

As far as the Red Sox go, retaliation is not optional if guy goes headhunting for your teams’ MVP. Why Josh Beckett didn’t plunk A-Rod in the eight inning is beyond me. He knew he was almost done for the night, and he’s a big enough guy to hold his own if Rodriguez charged the mound.

There’s been a lot of that lately, though. A great hitter takes a couple fastballs square in the back... and nothing happens. I’m not saying you’ve got to bean anyone in the helmet, but at least knock somebody down. If I was Manny, I might have been inclined to have a few words with Beckett after that one.

As much as I hate to do it, I’ve got say that the Yankees did things the right way last night. Manny hit two dingers in the game, the second one of which was an absolute no-doubter. As usually, he decided to spend a little too much time standing at the plate admiring that one.

He showed up Mussina, and Farnsworth sent him a message. Anybody but Manny, and maybe that message means something. But, as we all know, Manny is Manny, and Manny is crazy.

I never thought I’d say this, but... nice job New York..

From the Blogosphere...

SoAffable brings us his objective preview of the NBA's Eastern Conference playoffs. "These playoffs are going to be so totally stupendous."

NBA Member Mayhem is set to kick off, and The Big B, who's organizing the event, has released the rules and schedule for the competition. Good luck to all involved!

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Outside linebackers. DKM continues his quest for find the greatest NFL team of all time. Cast your votes!
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Blog Cabin: Icy reception for new NHL schedule


In the news...

I’ll preface this by saying that I like hockey, but I don’t love it. I’ve watched a ton of games in person, but I can barely stand to watch it on television.


Today, the NHL rejected a plan to increase the schedule from 82 to 84 games. Thank God. I guess whoever controls that league still has some shred of sanity.

Why they would even consider expanding the season is beyond me. The current format is already way too long, and besides that, over half the teams in the league make the playoffs.

How do you have four teams make the playoffs in a five-team division?! What’s the point? Nobody is going to pay attention to the regular season if it doesn’t mean anything... and guess what, nobody does.

The whole idea makes even less sense when you consider the current state on the NHL. For the most part, the American market isn’t interested in the game. Meanwhile, owners barely advertise and than complain that they’re not making any money. The NHL makes no sense.

It’s like they’ve never heard of the laws of supply and demand. They’re giving us way too much of something that we don’t want that badly in the first place.

From the blogosphere...
The NBA playoffs are right around the corner, and Goodfellas31 is giving everyone his predictions. Shaq's gonna make a move, huh?

Dbacksfan414 is back on the list with his daily news for fantasy baseball players. Who got called up? Who's being sent down? What players are going on, to or coming off, the DL? All the answers are in this blog.

PAOLO also makes a return to the list, with his breakdown of the latest Florida Marlins action.

Need advice? Momluvsfootball has your answers! If you've got children, this may be the spot for you.
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Blog Cabin: Oh no, Ocho.

In the news...

For the last few years, Chad Johnson has set himself apart from the crowd. Sometimes, the Cincinnati receiver drew attention for his great play on the field, but more often he made headlines for his celebratory antics and locker room comments.

“Ocho Cinco” has, without a doubt, become one of the NFL’s most polarizing figures.

One side thinks that he’s a show boat. They don’t like his gold teeth. They think his stunts are a disgrace to the game and to the players that came before him. “Act like you’ve been there before, Chad.”

The other faction, meanwhile, seems to view him as an entertainer. “He doesn’t get in to any trouble off the field (which has been a rarity for the Bengals), so why hassle the guy for a few silly stunts? That’s just who Chad Johnson is.”

I tend to fall somewhere in the middle... A few touchdown dances are fine as long as the team is winning the game and they still have a chance of making the playoffs. Dance all you want, as long as you don’t mind paying the fines.

The talking... Well, most of that I could do without. Nobody likes a whiney millionaire.

That’s why I rolled my eyes when I saw that Chad Johnson had once again demanded a trade. Why do these guys sign deals if they don’t expect to follow through on them? In 2006, Chad signed a $35.5 million deal that will run through 2010, with a team option for 2011.

Wow, Chad. That sounds terrible. How could you possibly keep dragging yourself to work every day?

The problem is that the superstar players have figured out how to hold their teams hostage, and that’s what’s happening here. Chad says he wants to be traded to a Super Bowl contender. He says that nobody lets him have any fun in Cincinnati. And, he says, he won’t show up for anything until he gets shipped out.

Good luck, Chad. Nobody wants a loud mouth, especially an expensive, malcontent loud-mouth. No owner wants all their team’s headlines to be dominated by the antics and comments of one player. Besides, you weren’t even the best receiver on your team last year.

The owners need to make a stand here. I say let him rot if he doesn't want to play. Fine him until he has no choice but to honor the contract that he signed.

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Edwardsfan99 makes a bid to become the community's first regular NASCAR power ranker. In his first edition, this member slots Carl Edwards in the top spot (shocker, I know), with Jeff Burton trailing closely behind.

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A headless chicken festival. I don't think I need to say much more than that. Thanks colosportsfan!

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