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Blog Cabin: Oh no, Ocho.

In the news...

For the last few years, Chad Johnson has set himself apart from the crowd. Sometimes, the Cincinnati receiver drew attention for his great play on the field, but more often he made headlines for his celebratory antics and locker room comments.

“Ocho Cinco” has, without a doubt, become one of the NFL’s most polarizing figures.

One side thinks that he’s a show boat. They don’t like his gold teeth. They think his stunts are a disgrace to the game and to the players that came before him. “Act like you’ve been there before, Chad.”

The other faction, meanwhile, seems to view him as an entertainer. “He doesn’t get in to any trouble off the field (which has been a rarity for the Bengals), so why hassle the guy for a few silly stunts? That’s just who Chad Johnson is.”

I tend to fall somewhere in the middle... A few touchdown dances are fine as long as the team is winning the game and they still have a chance of making the playoffs. Dance all you want, as long as you don’t mind paying the fines.

The talking... Well, most of that I could do without. Nobody likes a whiney millionaire.

That’s why I rolled my eyes when I saw that Chad Johnson had once again demanded a trade. Why do these guys sign deals if they don’t expect to follow through on them? In 2006, Chad signed a $35.5 million deal that will run through 2010, with a team option for 2011.

Wow, Chad. That sounds terrible. How could you possibly keep dragging yourself to work every day?

The problem is that the superstar players have figured out how to hold their teams hostage, and that’s what’s happening here. Chad says he wants to be traded to a Super Bowl contender. He says that nobody lets him have any fun in Cincinnati. And, he says, he won’t show up for anything until he gets shipped out.

Good luck, Chad. Nobody wants a loud mouth, especially an expensive, malcontent loud-mouth. No owner wants all their team’s headlines to be dominated by the antics and comments of one player. Besides, you weren’t even the best receiver on your team last year.

The owners need to make a stand here. I say let him rot if he doesn't want to play. Fine him until he has no choice but to honor the contract that he signed.

From the blogosphere...

Edwardsfan99 makes a bid to become the community's first regular NASCAR power ranker. In his first edition, this member slots Carl Edwards in the top spot (shocker, I know), with Jeff Burton trailing closely behind.

With the Yankees getting off to a somewhat slow start, a few people have begun to wonder if the Yankees are in the midst of a longterm downturn. Feanor, on the other hand, tells us that there's nothing to worry about in New York.

Dbacksfan14 brings us his daily fantasy baseball roundup. Anyone in a serious league should check out this blog for the latest MLB moves and rumors.

A headless chicken festival. I don't think I need to say much more than that. Thanks colosportsfan!

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Blog Cabin: NBA challenge flags?

In the news...

Last night the Sixers defeated the Cavaliers, 90-89. The winning team breathed a sigh of relief and headed in to the locker room. The officials, meanwhile, reviewed the final few seconds and decided to call a foul against Philly.
You can’t be serious?

Both teams are put back on to the court. Devin Brown makes two free throws. Cavs win, 91-90.

So, how does something like this happen?

On the play, LeBron James drove the lane and had his shot blocked. Brown gathered the ball and was fouled on his shot attempt. It wasn't originally called, but the replays showed that he was definitely hit.

That’s the NBA for you - There are always questionable calls, and many fouls don’t get called at all. I just think that the officials picked a heck of a time to get it right. What’s gotten in to them?

In any case, bringing the players back out of the locker room is crazy. It should never be done. In fact, the whole system begs for improvement.

Don’t get me wrong, I know that there are no challenge flags in the basketball, and that reviewing things at the end of each quarter was supposed to be the NBA’s way of avoiding controversy. But , with scenarios like this, I’m not so sure it’s having the desired affect.

Personally, I don't know how they missed the call in the first place, but referees are human (at least that’s what I’ve been told) and can’t get every call right.

Somehow, I doubt that the Sixers are taking much solace in that fact. Imagine being the guy standing by the schedule with a bottle of Liquid Paper after having that win snatched away. I think “demoralizing” pretty much sums it up.

From the blogosphere...

Buckeye22 checks in with his week-three baseball rankings. I'm starting to feel pretty bad for EKay; that's three polls in a row that have placed Matt Chico and the Nationals in dead last.

HALOS02 has watched the Angels catching staff closely for many years. He's seen Bob Boone, the Molina brothers and now to Mike Napoli and Jeff Mathis. His opinion? Read and see.

The NBA playoffs are on their way, and dukefan7 has his Eastern Conference predictions.

Are there things that anger you for no conceivable reason? Well, if there are, than doakTriton invites you to share what those things are.
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Blog Cabin:

In the news...

Turns out I was right about the Boston shirt debacle. Not only was there a Red Sox jersey buried beneath the new Yankee Stadium, but Hank Steinbrenner was actually crazy enough to go in and get it. What happened to the “mighty” Yankees? Is the New York psyche really so fragile nowadays?

Now that they have the cursed jersey, the Yankees are considering pressing charges against Gino Castignoli, the construction worker that left it there. Of course, I have no idea what those charges could possibly be. There couldn’t possibly be a “no-jersey-burying” law on the books.

Steinbrenner also suggested that other workers “kick the crap” out of Castignoli. Classy move, Hank. It’s good to know you’re carrying on in the rational and good-natured spirit that the Steinbrenner name is known for.

A trial would be fun to see, though, and it would certainly add a new element to what is already the best rivalry in sports. I can see it now, fans of both factions lined up outside the courthouse. There would be hundreds of rabid fans decked out in team gear, and screaming the baseball-related obscenities you can normally only hear when you watch these two teams face-off in person.

Unfortunately, the trial would take place in New York, where the Yankees and their management hold sway. (Any judge looking for some season tickets?) Now that I think about it, I wonder what kind of Gestapo tactics the Yankee brass used to pinpoint that buried shirt the way that they did.

I guess the old adage still holds true... The Yankees always get what they want.

From the blogosphere...

Who will be next season's college basketball player of the year? Badgers Ballers says that Tyler Hansbrough will come back to school and land the honor next year. See who else will be in the running.

As always, WarpedMind gives us a break down of the Minnesota Wild's latest action. All hockey fans should give this one a read.

Despite the Pistons aging lineup, The Big B says that the team's future looks brighter than ever. Find out which young players will be ready to step up in the coming years.

Not knowing which direction the sun rises, incompetent cashiers and lost luggage. Cmc18v brings us nine tales of idiocy from the real world. I don't understand the pizza one, though. Six slices seems like a lot.
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Blog Cabin: New York Yankees cursed by T-shirt?

In the news...

The New York Post is reporting that two construction workers added their own “special ingredient” while pouring concrete slabs for the new Yankee Stadium. The two men, both Boston fans, laid a Red Sox T-shirt into the mix that would eventually become the floor of the visitor’s clubhouse.

Some people are already saying that the story is a hoax, but I’m inclined to believe it. I have no doubt that two Boston fans would smuggle in a cursed talisman to bury with the foundation of their most hated rival. I mean, wouldn’t you?

I guess there would always be a chance that you would end up in a concrete block yourself if any of the Yankee-fans working on the site had found you with the shirt, but I still think it’s a chance you’ve got to take.

With one small endeavor, those two have sealed their immortality. Baseball is a game of superstition, after all, and if this new curse takes, these two will probably get statues right in the middle Quincy Market.

There’s only one problem I can see with their plan... they buried it in the worst possible part of the stadium. The visitor’s clubhouse? That’s the only part of the stadium that doesn’t usually belong to the Yankees. Maybe, as Red Sox fans, that’s the only part of the stadium they were allowed to build.

Either way, it could turn out to be a genius move. If they had left that shirt anywhere else, I think the Steinbrenner clan would have immediately sent in the goons with the backhoes. I still wouldn’t put it past them. If anyone lives in the area of the new stadium, keep watch for a late-night shoveling crew.

How funny would that be, T-shirt grave-robbers with picks and flashlights!? Better yet, what if they wore those miner hats with the lights on top? That would be priceless.

Well, I guess the hilarity of the situation would depend on your point of view. If Yankee ownership did decide to dig up the floor, New York fans might liken it to Indiana Jones supervising the dig for the lost arc.

Just the fact that this story could happen is the reason that I love baseball. When not controlled by steroids, this game is under the watch of sometimes cruel, but often comical cosmic forces. Yep, those baseball gods may have planted another great storyline along with that shirt.

From the blogosphere...

As usual, PAOLO has the community covered for all things related to South Florida sports. Today, this member gives us a great recap of the latest Marlins game. If I didn't know better, I'd say this guy wants a job in the business.

"What are the best rock concerts you've been to?" That's the question Rimjack is asking in his latest blog, and he gives you a few of his own for good measure. U2, Mettalica, Kansas and Tom Petty - sounds pretty solid to me.

HawksMan51 gives us his thoughts on the Seahawks upcoming draft. This member thinks that going quarterback in round one and tight end in round two is Seattle's best bet.
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Blog Cabin: Ten more years for Joe Paterno

In the news...

The year is 1965. American troops arrive in Vietnam, Malcolm X is assassinated in Harlem, The Sound of Music premiers on the big screen and Soviet cosmonauts perform the first space walk. Oh yeah... and Joe Paterno becomes head coach at Penn State.

It’s been a long run for the 81-year-old JoePa, and he recently “joked” that he could only coach for 10 more seasons. Somehow, I think that most of us know he’s not joking.

This week, both Paterno and school officials agreed to put off talk of a contract extension until the conclusion of the 2008 season. A statement released by Penn State President Graham Spanier said that offering Paterno an extension before the season “would have little practicality given Coach Paterno's seniority.”

(Read as “Are you kidding? This guy could croak at any moment!?”)

That statement also addressed plans for JoePa’s succession. But, really, who can blame them for wanting to be prepared for such an event? No matter what happens, I can’t see the college getting rid of Joe.

Unlike the feelings I expressed about Brett Favre yesterday, I think that Paterno has the right to stay as long as he wants. I know that old Joe probably doesn’t do as much hands-on coaching as he did back when Lyndon Johnson was in office, but the guy is an institution. And, unlike Favre, he’s never expressed a desire to walk away.

In this case, I’ve got nothing wrong with the guy sticking around until the end. For all I care, he can take his last breath right there on the sideline if he wants to. And if he does, I hope that they prop him up on the bench until the game ends and then carry his body through the streets of State College.

MaxKDate turned in a great blog about OJ Mayo going Pro, and the utter impossibility of the Clippers doing any worse with their lottery picks. Basketball fans shouldn't miss this one.

I'm not sure why, but Haweye wants to talk about sports injuries, and he's had a bunch. Share your story of pain.

Want to talk politics? Wizkid64's got some beef with congress, and it might affect your taxes.

Stevieb thinks that the NFL the combine is pointless. "Does running a 4.2 with no pads on mean anything?? Does benching 225 lbs mean anything??" Umm.. No. But do you have a phone number for that kid that ran a 4.2? I think I might become his agent.

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Blog Cabin:

                                     Anybody home?


OK, Brett. Enough is enough. Nobody told you that you had to retire. That was your decision, and it was a choice you made after flip-flopping back and forth for three years.

Oddly enough, after last season, I think that most of us actually expected you to stay around for one more go. You make absolutely no sense. The years when you should retire; you come back. The year when you should keep playing; you take off... and then come back... maybe. You’ve actually called press conferences to tell people that you haven’t made a decision.

You are becoming a punch line, Brett; a metaphor for bad decision making. Instead of talking about all your accomplishments on the gridiron, your name will now be associated with wishy-washiness.

Politicians will utter things like, “Don’t vote for my opponent, his record shows that he is the Brett Favre of military spending.”

Your coworkers will say, “I can’t decide if I’d rather to go to Applebee’s or Chili’s for lunch. I guess I’m feeling kind of Brett Farvey today.”

Your buddy will remark, “Yeah, the new girl that I was dating was really cool, but then she decided to get back with her ex-boyfriend. She totally Favred me over, bro.”

Is this really how one of the greatest quarterbacks ever to play wants to be remembered. The Packers aren’t going to get you any more help, and if you couldn’t get it done last year, you’re not going to win the Super Bowl this year either.

Don’t do it Brett. Knock off all this Farveishness.

Instant replay in baseball? It's been talked about before, and mq22 has brought it up again. It seems a suspect number of "bad" calls have been costing his underdog Rays wins against the marquee teams.

Ca_boy69 wants to be Matt Leinart. So do we all. The guy just has to start confiscating cameras and cell phones at the door.

Soccer power rankings. I never thought I'd see the day, but it just goes to show how diverse these boards are. Check out ImbackTOOfly's blog... if that's what you're in to.

After following Brian Urlacher's entire career as a Bear, Chi2Az81 says that it's time for their defensive captain to pass the torch. The old Urlacher would never squabble over money.

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Blog Cabin: Buckner returns



Something happened today that, honestly, I didn’t think I would ever see. Bill Buckner returned to Fenway Park to toss out the ceremonial first pitch.

Not only did he return, but he was greeted with a standing ovation. I guess winning two World Series rings in four years is enough to soften even the harshest of fans.

As for Buckner, he looked emotional and not at all comfortable to be there. I’m guessing that he was aware of the prevailing sentiment in the stadium – pity. (No, I’m not about to bring back Mr. T.)

They weren’t cheering because they respected him as a player; they were cheering because they felt bad for him, or more accurately, bad for how they had treated him in the past. For those who don’t know - When Bill retired, he moved his family to Idaho, and I guarantee you, it’s not because he loved potatoes.

He left because that one ill-timed error had erased his 22-year career, and probably overshadowed his entire life. It was a good career, too. As a player, Buckner racked up 2,700 hits, 500 doubles, 1,200 RBI and a .289 batting average. He played many different positions, and averaged less than 7 errors per year. Nowadays, Buckner’s numbers aren’t so different from those amassed by some players in the Hall of Fame.

In any case, the Red Sox finally made the right move today, and hopefully the Cubs will take notice. Steve Bartman bobble-head night, anyone?

From the Blogosphere...

Takman_777 gives the community a pretty incredible NBA playoff preview. Check out some great detailed analysis.

Colorado baseball fans were anxious for the season to begin, but the team has obviously gotten off to a Rockie start. (I know, that was bad.) Texans101 gives us a few areas the team needs to improve.

With all the controversy surrounding the Beijing Olympics, one has to question the planning committee's thinking. Why have the games in China? MiamiHuskerFan wonders if the decision was an intentional move to draw attention back to the games.

Do we place the blame on Calipari or on bad free throw shooting? See what dolphinollie says.
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Blog Cabin: Why watch the Masters?

A cut above...

Real golf fans can get hooked on almost any tournament. The casual fan, meanwhile, might spend a couple lazy weekends each year watching the best in the world compete in the final two rounds of the major championships. The Masters; now that brings the big crowd.

It’s a mixture of great golf and over-the-top historical pageantry. It’s a bizarre juxtaposition of soft music and soft voices laid over thunderous emotional peaks, and a palpable tension which surrounds every shot. If the storyline is right, I think that anyone can appreciate the greatest tournament in golf... and the storyline is almost always right.

No matter what happens, there will be a reason to watch. Here are a few scenarios to look for.

Tiger dominates. He’s done it before, and everyone knows that he’s always capable of doing it again. You would think that this scenario would decrease the tension, but that’s not necessarily the case. When Tiger tees off, he’s not just playing against the field, he’s playing against history. What records can he break? Just how good can he be? Love him or hate him, it’s utterly amazing to watch Tiger when he’s at his best.

Tiger wins close.
This may be the most exiting option, and maybe the most probable. Watching Eldrick do what he always does is still just as captivating as ever. One of two guys will play their way into contention, only to buckle as the No. 1 player in the world hits clutch shot after clutch shot down the stretch. Galleries will explode after every shot. There will be fist pumps. Players will grip and rip, trying to cut the corners, trying to reach that par 5 in two shots.

A second-tier player wins. Next to Woods, every other great player should be considered second-tier. If Mickelson, Vijay, Furyk or DiMarco were to earn a green jacket, it would be a great day for all the Woods-haters. The people who like to tell themselves that Tiger is beatable love the rare occasions when the great one struggles... and by struggles, I mean he finishes third. This option is a little anticlimactic, but makes for a long day of interesting golf.

The “Tin Cup” scenario. It’s really not something you'll have to consider until the second half of the third round. I know that the "no-name winner" is a lot more prevalent at the open championships, but there’s always a chance for one of these little-known guys to have a great weekend at the Masters. (Just ask last year’s winner, Zach Johnson.) If one of these underdogs is near the top on day three, you can feel the buzz through your television set. Announcers are trying to figure out exactly who the leader is, eventually calling his mom for all kinds of obscure info. “When he was young, he used to bring a sand wedge to the beach to practice his bunker shots. One day, he chipped in to a dolphin's blow hole, and was arrested. The dolphin survived, though, and he was released from jail.”

From the blogosphere...

Tummydoc2000 tells us why he hates the NBA. Basically, it's because there's no defense (see the Denver Nuggets).

Taking a page out of Shuless Joe's book, The Big B has decided to create his own "Member Mayhem" essay contest. This one is for the NBA playoffs. Check out Mind of The Big B to enter.

BigpapiandManny comes in with his MLB Power Rankings. The Red Sox still hold the top spot, but the Blue Jays have jumped up nine places to the No. 2 position.

Not able to watch the NCAA Championship game? Don't worry, dantheman4250 has already started his game blog.

With tennis action complete in Miami, BlueCollarIT gives us his player grades for the tournament.
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