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Blog Cabin: Tear down the Knicks


Tear them down to the ground.

While hiring former Pacers CEO Donnie Walsh was a good first step, the Knicks clearly have a long way to go. Obviously, Isiah has to be fired, but what I’m suggesting here is a complete overhaul... and when I say complete, I mean everyone.

The Knicks organization needs to quickly distance itself from this era of losing. To do that, I think that they have to completely demolish the culture it thrived in. Trade everyone. Get rid of every last player. I know... it sounds crazy, but in reality, none of those players are irreplaceable. Jamal Crawford has played great lately, but even he's expendable.

I know it will never happen, but I think that it would be the only way to make the extreme type of statement that needs to be made in New York. They need a fresh start.

From the Blogosphere...

CowboyB has his thoughts about the NFL's proposed rule changes for the 2008 season. This member likes the new rule that would require a receiver to come down in bounds, even if being pushed by a defender, but he's not so sure that the proposed "no-hair policy" is a good idea.

In his first attempt at a blog, E2EK1EL hits a home run with his MLB overview. Is the NL West actually the best division in baseball? Take a look...

Refusing to stick all the loaded lineups at the top of the list, lilman_bigskill gives us his version of MLB Power Rankings, which may be a little different then you would find elsewhere. The Kansas City Royals at No. 4?!

Dookisevil is having problems with her keyboard, but she still manages to give the Community a blog... about her broken keyboard. It's a little disheveled, but I think it came out OK.

In The Fantasy Life, Dave Richard gets a head start on his 2008 player projections, starting with Laurence Maroney. Dave also tells the us how he goes about determining his projections, so anybody who plays fantasy football (everybody) might want to check this out.
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Blog Cabin: Pitying April Fools

In the news...

Not many people know this, but April Fools Day was actually created for, and by, one man. Surprisingly, this man observes April Fools as a day of rest and contemplation. It’s his day to take a break from the hectic pace of pity-dispensing.

I’m speaking, of course, of Mr. T.

You see, April Fools is the one day that T takes off each year. Why do you think that there are so many fools running around acting foolish today? Because nobody is around to pity them -- that’s why.

That being said, we all need Mr. T to hurry back from his hiatus, because there are plenty of fools in the sports world that require a good old-fashioned dose of Mister’s pity.

The following fools will be at the top of the list.

1. Mark Buehrle. The White Sox hurler is in need of a serious pitying after lasting just 1 2/3 innings on Opening Day. Buerhle gave up 7 earned runs in his short outing, leaving him with a very pitiful 37.80 ERA.

2. Colt Brennan. This fool’s stock has been in a downward spiral since Hawaii was demolished by Georgia in the 2008 Sugar Bowl. If that wasn’t enough, it was announced today that Brennan would undergo hip surgery next week to repair a torn labral. At this point, Colt will be lucky if he gets picked in the sixth round, a place usually reserved for pitiless quarterbacks like Tom Brady.

3. Cubs Fans. If anyone deserves a little bite of Mr. T’s pity sandwich, it is the North Siders. Not only have they not won a World Series in 100 years, now ownership wants to sell the naming rights to Wrigley Field. Additionally, management is, once again, fighting with fans that get a free view from the adjacent rooftops. Ease up, Chicago. Mr. T can only spend so much time in one place.

4. The Sutton family. Eddie needs pity for his obvious foolishness and tomfoolery. Sean, on the other hand, only made Mr. T’s list after being fired today by Oklahoma State. Sean Sutton's two-year tenure ended following a dismal 17-16 season that concluded with an NIT loss to Southern Illinois.

5. Stephen Ross. This foolhardy New York real estate mogul is spending $550 million to buy 50 percent of the Miami Dolphins. Now that deserves some pity. The Dolphins may be the worst team in the NFL again this year, and only a best-case scenario would have them as a playoff team in the next three seasons. Do you know how many gold chains Mr. T could have bought with that kind of loot?! Neither does Mr. T, but that doesn’t matter. What matters is that the pity train is on it’s way, Mr. Ross, because everyone knows that T ain't getting on no plane!

From the blogosphere...

Even though the UCLA Bruins are still in the midst of an NCAA Championship hunt, Arizona fan naterb is already looking towards the Pac-10 offseason. Check out his blog to see what changes he expects.

DetBlueDemon delves into the cursed history of the above mentioned Chicago Cubs. This optimistic fan thinks that his boys are about to write the storybook ending that is long overdue.

While most baseball fans are content to follow the first week of MLB, nynasty is getting amped up for AAA Opening Day. Ladies and gentleman, your 2008 Scranton Yankees.

Duke fan tummydoc2000 gives the Community his thoughts on the transfer of sometimes-spectacular freshman Taylor King.

If you're going out to a game any time soon, make sure to check out this recipe for grilled pizza, posted by Morpheus^SFH^E*.
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Blog Cabin: March Meaningless

In the news...

After watching all four No. 1 seeds ascend to the Final Four, I got to thinking about the problems with March Madness. To me, the major issue is the number of teams allowed in. 64 is way too many.

What’s the point of sending teams that have no chance to win the thing?

I know that this may not be the popular sentiment, but I think half of the NCAA Tournament is a total waste of time. Why half? Because, since the tournament expanded to 64, no team higher than an No. 8 seed has ever won the title.

Obviously, this would mean that, by going back to a 32-team bracket, every game would be much more exciting. Wouldn't it be great if every team had a legitimate shot?

I’ve argued this point for years, and I keep hearing the same responses: “It’s exciting because anything can happen!” or “LSU was a No. 11 seed, and made it all the way to the Final Four.” or “It’s great exposure for small schools.”

My response: So what if LSU made it to the Final Four. They didn’t win anything. And, clearly, anything can’t happen, because no team seeded higher than an 8 has ever won the championship.

Furthermore, I don’t care if small schools get exposure. They can get in if they play well enough and recruit well enough. Why do they even need exposure, anyway? Davidson is charging students over $40,000 a year. That school could probably cut all it’s sports teams without having any impact on the bottom line. Colleges are businesses, don’t forget, and the NCAA Tournament is just free advertising.

Don’t get me wrong, I liked watching Davidson make a run as much as anybody, but I always knew they couldn’t win the title. If you thought they could, you were lying to yourself.

From the Blogosphere...

Like our own Eric Kay, UWDawgs91 attended Opening Day at Nationals Park. Both had some good, and bad, things to say about Washington's new venue.

HavokHawk has spent this quiet time before the NFL Draft pondering how recent moves will affect his Seahawks in the upcoming season. He's worried.

Who will win the World Series? Deedsy404 thinks it will be the Chicago Cubs. He is a Cubs fan... but I think that might make it more hilarious. Other than that, this member gives the Community a great blog, full of much more realistic MLB predictions.

In honor of Opening Day baseball, DDriver80 gives us a full break down of the Toronto Blue Jays. He's not calling a Series win, but he does let us know that team could be as good as it has been since back-to-back appearances in the early 1990's.

Banned Poster gives us the first of, what will be, a weekly series of baseball power rankings. At the top of the heap - the New York Yankees. Dead last - my Florida Marlins. No argument on that one.
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Blog Cabin: Pacman fervor

In the news....

The Dallas Cowboys are trying to grab Adam "Pacman" Jones from the Tennessee Titans. Awesome. Another misguided soul is exactly what that team needs. Just imagine if they were able to land both Jones and Chad Johnson. Forget about the games, these guys would have more dysfunction than a Jerry Springer marathon.

Sure, Jones can still be an impact player, and could even help put them over the hump, but is it worth the locker room turmoil? To me, mixing Jones in with Tank Johnson and Terrell Owens sounds like a perfect recipe for disaster. I mean, the Dallas press is going to have  to hire more people just to follow these guys around. My suggestion: Just park the news van in the middle of Dallas, get out and listen for gunshots, ambulance sirens and that low, ugly rumbling sound created when two giant egos collide.

I know, Jerry Jones likes taking chances on great players that might not know how to behave off the field, and sometimes, it does work. Look at Michael Irvin and Leon Lett in the 90s. Well, maybe not Lett.

The problem is that these athletes, like it or not, are always in the public eye. They don't get to hide out in a strip club without being noticed. Of course, it also doesn't help if you roll up with a huge entourage and start throwing Benjamins around like it’s your job. That's especially true if you plan on taking the money back from the strippers at the end of the night. What? Why would you even THINK that could happen? I know that the "ladies" in music videos don't usually jump all over the money that rappers rain down, but these are real strippers. Their JOB is to jump all over money that guys throw at them.

Alright, enough about strippers and back to whether Pacman can actually still play after a year off. I think he will be a little rusty, but should still be a quality cornerback in the NFL.

So that brings us to the terms of the deal. The Titans want something back for Jones, a former first-round choice. The Cowboys need to rework the contract so, if he is a bust, he's only signed for one year, and can quickly go back to causing trouble off the field.

If I was Jerry Jones, I'd send a fifth-round pick to Tennessee and see how that goes over. Otherwise, Pacman will be reinstated and not playing - now that would be a waste of time and money. I say, take what you can get , Tennessee, and let Pacman chase ghosts (or strippers) in Dallas.

From the blogosphere...

DragonRider23 tells baseball fans not to sleep on the Baltimore Orioles. Don't sleep on them finishing in fourth place, that is. It's a good blog, but a sad, sad statement.

What are the top ten Division I football programs? Graystork has the answers, broken down by bowl winning percentage.

The results have been released for the Sweet 16 round of Member Mayhem. Check out the official blog for grading, or the special Message Board to cast your votes.

The most wonderful time of the year... No, I'm not talking about Christmas. Kenwo42 says that right now is the best time to be a sports fan. Look at the choices: March Madness, the NFL Draft, the NBA and NHL playoffs coming up, the start of baseball and, of course, WWE Wrestlemania. Yep, you read that right. Believe it or not, this user breaks down all the matches.

Banned Poster has his thoughts on the San Francisco Giants upcoming season. The basic idea... well, I wouldn't put money on them...ever.
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Blog Cabin: Kindergarten cage fighters

News on top, blogs on the bottom...

In the news...

"In the red corner, weighing in at 47 pounds and 3 ounces; "Terrible" Timmy Jones!!! And in the blue corner, weighing in at 49 pounds 2 ounces; the Super-Light, Mini-Flyweight Champion of the Wooooorld, Zack "The leg-hold maniac" Aaaaaaanderson!!!"

Don't laugh. This is a lot more likely than you think.

If you're not sure what I'm talking about, a story came out today concerning a children's mixed martial arts school in Missouri. At the school, kids as young as 6 are taught UFC-style fighting techniques. Although the parents and instructor are all saying the right things, I can't help but think that this is a horrible idea.

Now, I think that kids, especially boys, should know how to defend themselves. After all, kids do get in fights, and unless someone is seriously hurt, I think there should be no need for lawsuits or police involvement. I also believe that the government should let parents raise their children. Obviously, I would never condone beating children, but there's nothing wrong with spanking. Finally, I like to watch MMA. Until it's against the law, there's nothing wrong with two adults beating each other to a pulp for money. That's the decision they've made, and they get paid pretty well to do it.

That being said, children's cage fighting is a little ridiculous. What? Were karate lessons and wrestling not good enough? What's the purpose of teaching a child to apply the rear naked choke? Or to twist somebody's arm until it will break if they don't submit? These are children, and I promise you, some of them will not have the discipline or understanding to keep these moves in the ring... or octagon... or wherever prepubescent fighters slug it out.

No wonder there are so many laws. No wonder people get arrested for spanking their kids. It's hard to give parents the benefit of the doubt after you hear about things like this. What a group these parents must be. One guy even has his little girl in there throwing down. It's disgusting.

Doctors were, of course, alarmed by this news. Young joints are not meant for the constant tweaking, twisting and pressure that this kind of fighting demands. It reminds me of the "I-would-have-gone-pro,-but..." baseball dad. The one that teaches his kid how to throw a curve ball at age 10, and inevitably causes his kid to have arm problems by freshman year.

Fortunately, I would expect Missouri (the only state that actually allows youth fights) to outlaw this practice soon, thus protecting young people's joints and faces from the bad decisions of their idiot parents.

Wow. How does it come to this?

From the blogosphere...

If you're tired of the predictability in television and movies, Sunnysidez86 urges you to check out a show called Deathnote. The plot: A very smart kid is fed up with the world. He hates that the corrupt thrive while good and innocent people suffer. One day, he finds a mysterious notebook that allows him to, by simply writing down a name, kill anyone on the planet. The kicker - it's Japanese animation. Tough sell, Sunny.

Good_man987 brings us the Sweet 16 money lines, but also gives out some pretty interesting facts about the remaining teams. Did you know that Davidson's Stephen Curry is the only player in NCAA tournament history to score 30 points in his first three tournament games?

MiamiHuskerFan has gotta get some things off his chest. Today, those things involve underrated point guards that time forgot.

Golf is a load of crap!
Shut your yap tells golfers to shut their trap. (What's with all the rhyming?) Anyway, this member tells professional golfers to stop complaining about noise on the course. Obviously, this guy is no golfer.

Tigers fan jcnickel says that Detroit isn't going anywhere this year. OK...as soon as we find out what this guy is smoking, I want some. The Tigers are one of, if not THE best team in baseball, and besides Cleveland, they should face no opposition in the AL Central.

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Blog Cabin: Boycotting Beijing

In the news...

When Beijing was selected to host the Olympics, a lot of us guessed that there would be problems...turns out we were right. France and Belgium have both threatened to pull out of the Olympics amidst concern over a bloody uprising in Tibet. Can we just free those guys already?

I'm not saying that any nation is perfect, but China has some issues that make other world powers look like a Utopia. In the last year alone, China has also faced international exposure for human-trafficking, brick-kiln slavery and a general lack of human rights. Personally, I'm glad that a few countries aren't content to turn a blind eye.

It would be easy enough to ignore the situation. Heck, that's what our president said that he would do. After all, the problems won't be evident by watching on television, or probably even by attending in person. I'm sure that the Olympic venues will be immaculate, there will be fuzzy Chinese mascots running everywhere, and tourists will be able to visit local attractions and pick up trinkets for their friends back home. Oh yeah...there will also be amazing feats of athleticism, and people with no professional sports future will walk away heroes because of some new gold or silver bling.

Through all the recent trouble, the Olympic Committee has tried to maintain that the Olympics have nothing to do with politics. Are you kidding me? Have these guys ever watched the Olympics?! The entire theme of the event is, "my country is better than your country."

It's great for patriotism. I think that's why American interest has dropped off since the end of the Cold War. Think about it, if you're old enough. No matter what happened, we just wanted to beat those Soviet commies in the medal count. Let's face it, since that political background went out the window, things have been a lot less entertaining.

Today's Games may be much more about economics, but the fact is, the Olympics have always been intertwined with politics:

  • 1936: Jesse Owens stuck it to Hitler and his superior Aryan athletes.
  • 1956: Egypt, Iraq, and Lebanon boycotted in protest of the Israeli invasion of Egypt. The Netherlands, Spain and Switzerland boycotted in protest of the Soviet Union's invasion of Budapest, Hungary.
  • 1968: Tommie Smith and John Carlos place 1st and 3rd in the 200m. On the medal stand, the two unite in a black panther solute. The second place finisher, a white Australian, wears a patch on his chest in support of the Olympic Project for Human Rights. The OPHR is a group of black athletes boycotting the 1968 Games due to apartheid in South Africa.
  • 1972: Israeli Olympians are taken hostage and killed by Palestinian terrorists.
  • 1976: Boycotts were held by 26 African countries because New Zealand's rugby team toured South Africa. Taiwan was not allowed to compete because Canada would not recognize them as the Republic of China.
  • 1980: Moscow's 1980 Summer Olympics had the largest boycott in Olympic history. The boycott included the USA and 61 other countries, and was in response to the USSR's invasion of Afghanistan.
  • 1984: In retaliation of the 1980 boycott, the USSR, East Germany, Cuba and 14 other countries boycotted the 1984 Olympics in Los Angeles.
Yeah, sure. The Olympics have nothing to do with politics.

In the end, I don't expect much response from the United States. After all, the Olympics are an international wee wee contest, and in most events of this kind, the U.S. is reluctant to give up it's turn at the pot. Still, I think that a boycott by Belgium could make a difference. While not a world superpower, their absence would be noticed, and would provide a talking point for the media, athletes and politicians.

Great job, Belgians. Let's try not to waffle on this one.

From the blogosphere...

Flygirl gives us another personal hockey experience in her blog Stories from a Lil Roosta. In this one, we get to hear about her run-in with Don Koharski, "the NHL's most hated referee."

Would Mike Ditka coach a team of the all-time greats in Chicago Bears history. Chi-town0023 doesn't think so. But don't worry, Ditka still gets the nod at tight end. Check out the rest of the team.

Giga pleaz gives us three reasons why "KoMe" Bryant should not win the NBA MVP. Well, what do you know? One of these is the same reason that I posted in yesterday's Blog Cabin. I'm not claiming genius status, though. It should be fairly obvious.

Expecting too much in life is human nature. Accomplishing more than you expected to is human effort. (Not bad...I may actually be quotable.) Sick of his dead-end job, MiamiHuskerFan is wondering if he should be looking for more in life. Why don't we give him a little advice. Or at the very least...misery loves company!

dpaymets wants to talk movies. In his latest blog, this member tells us about his recent viewings of Ratatouille, The Incredibles and the newest installment of John Adams.
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College football casts Spaceballs

On the college football board, hetuck1 started a thread to cast the movie Spaceballs using characters from around the game. Here are the probables so far. Who would you add? Who would you change? Click Here for the thread.

Lonestar.......Jim Tressel
Barf.......Charlie Weis
Princess Vespa.......Bonnie Bernstein
Prince Valium.......Jim Tressel
Dark Helmet.......Nick Saban or
Steve Spurrier
The President.......Pete Carroll
Yogurt.......Joe Paterno
Pizza The Hut.......Mark Mangino
Alien monster.......Rich Rodriguez
Bearded lady.......Mike Hart

In the news: A copy of Jose Canseco's upcoming book, Vindicated: Big Names, Big Liars, and The Battle to Save Baseball, was leaked to a freelance writer in Massachusetts. The writer says that, in the book, Canseco talks about introducing A-Rod to a steroid supplier and also accuses A-Rod of pursuing his wife.

Big surprise here. A-Rod is the next home run king, and any mention of him would obviously bring the most attention (and money) to Jose's book. The only problem is that most of Jose's first book seems to be true. So, where do we stand?

Jose obviously doesn't want to "save" baseball. Whether you love or hate A-Rod, he was, up to this point, a clean player. Thus, his career would have, in all likelihood, erased much of the smudge made by the steroid era. Canseco is obviously in it for the cash, but that doesn't make it untrue.

Great job Canseco. Way to insure that the game stays ruined for generations to come. Can't we just make a deal with this guy? He gets an open invitation to all reality TV shows, and in return, he can never talk publicly or write about baseball again. Seems fair to me.

From the blogosphere....

Another Minnesota Wild fan, Robtangle, is talking about his team's "ferris wheel" performance down the stretch. He's justifiably worried that, if this keeps up, the team has little chance of winning a seven-game series, and may not even make the playoffs.

Hunter21 says that this is the year that Kobe finally gets the MVP nod. Hold on a sec. Didn't the Lakers only get good once Pau Gasol got there?

"Why limit the Madness to March?" That's the question Redbird poses as he makes his argument for a playoff system in college football.

Ca_boy69's blog is the place to go for all your Oakland Raiders needs. This member put out two nice blogs today; one with a depth chart and draft needs, and one about Oakland's rumor mill.

Finally, dgmichel shows us unique putter. Calm down, it's not what you think. Although, it does have something to do with wood. I bet I have you a little curious now, huh?
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I'm taking over!

Well, I'm not exactly taking over, but you will be seeing me here a lot more often. This Blog Cabin will, among other things, house the afternoon blog round-up formerly known as Blog Day Afternoon. I'll try to keep things in the same style that Shuless Joe and EKay used when they were running things.


What's going on...
So. What's the oddest thing I've found during my first day on the job? Urinal sliding. This one comes from the baseball message board. I'm not sure why anyone, inebriated or not, would voluntarily Slip 'n Slide through a salty trough of beer and urine, but if you do find a guy that will do it, I guarantee you he would be the life of the party EVERY weekend. That is, until he's covered in human waste, of course...after that you probably just want him out of your house.

In the news? Scientists are saying that San Francisco is at risk for a major earthquake...  Ya think? I hope that nobody calls these guys geniuses when that town gets shaken up in a few years. I mean, predicting an earthquake in California is like predicting a child-endangerment charge for Jamie Lynn Spears. It's only a matter of time.

Also, broadening on EKay's child-fighting blog from earlier today, my dead body would be worth about $3,300! Couple that with my life-insurance policy, and it's a miracle my family hasn't knocked me off already. (I've got my eye on you, grandma.) Don't think they won't do it, either. Check out what happened to this guy. They almost got him!

In any case, see how much your cadaver would be worth, with this little time-wasting website. My other stats: I can take down 26 children, name 65 countries, would probably die on the moon (14%), but might survive a zombie apocalypse (65%).

From the blogosphere...

Warped mind is mouthing off about the Minnesota Wild, and he wants you peons to listen! The premise: It's been an unpredictable season, the boys still look like they're playoff-bound.

For thoughts on March Madness from a more West Virginia-ish perspective, take a look at bazz34's blog.

Say what you want about UCLA, they're still dancing. Rjucla says that, "Despite any of the officiating in the game, it wasn't a fluke or an accident that UCLA came back from 10 down on Texas A&M." This user reminds us of all the hurdles that the Bruins have already overcome.

I'm not sure if this is original content, but imtifer1974 has posted a pretty funny "article" about the NIT. An excerpt: "Whether you are 7 years old or 70, male or female, or just happen to be in the neighborhood, we at the NIT would love for you to play in our tournament," said Chairman C.M. Newton, adding that last-minute entrants would only have to pay half of the NIT's customary $150 entry fee. "The NIT's a really fun, no-pressure tournament. Nobody cares that much, and the skill level isn't that high, so even if you haven't picked up a ball in years you'll fit right in."

Finally, Cavs fan buckeyes1005 is starting to get a little worried about his team. Why hasn't LeBron come to the rescue? What's going on with Ben Wallace's back? There's plenty of concern to go around in this member's blog.
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