Posted on: March 24, 2008 6:25 pm
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I'm taking over!

Well, I'm not exactly taking over, but you will be seeing me here a lot more often. This Blog Cabin will, among other things, house the afternoon blog round-up formerly known as Blog Day Afternoon. I'll try to keep things in the same style that Shuless Joe and EKay used when they were running things.


What's going on...
So. What's the oddest thing I've found during my first day on the job? Urinal sliding. This one comes from the baseball message board. I'm not sure why anyone, inebriated or not, would voluntarily Slip 'n Slide through a salty trough of beer and urine, but if you do find a guy that will do it, I guarantee you he would be the life of the party EVERY weekend. That is, until he's covered in human waste, of course...after that you probably just want him out of your house.

In the news? Scientists are saying that San Francisco is at risk for a major earthquake...  Ya think? I hope that nobody calls these guys geniuses when that town gets shaken up in a few years. I mean, predicting an earthquake in California is like predicting a child-endangerment charge for Jamie Lynn Spears. It's only a matter of time.

Also, broadening on EKay's child-fighting blog from earlier today, my dead body would be worth about $3,300! Couple that with my life-insurance policy, and it's a miracle my family hasn't knocked me off already. (I've got my eye on you, grandma.) Don't think they won't do it, either. Check out what happened to this guy. They almost got him!

In any case, see how much your cadaver would be worth, with this little time-wasting website. My other stats: I can take down 26 children, name 65 countries, would probably die on the moon (14%), but might survive a zombie apocalypse (65%).

From the blogosphere...

Warped mind is mouthing off about the Minnesota Wild, and he wants you peons to listen! The premise: It's been an unpredictable season, the boys still look like they're playoff-bound.

For thoughts on March Madness from a more West Virginia-ish perspective, take a look at bazz34's blog.

Say what you want about UCLA, they're still dancing. Rjucla says that, "Despite any of the officiating in the game, it wasn't a fluke or an accident that UCLA came back from 10 down on Texas A&M." This user reminds us of all the hurdles that the Bruins have already overcome.

I'm not sure if this is original content, but imtifer1974 has posted a pretty funny "article" about the NIT. An excerpt: "Whether you are 7 years old or 70, male or female, or just happen to be in the neighborhood, we at the NIT would love for you to play in our tournament," said Chairman C.M. Newton, adding that last-minute entrants would only have to pay half of the NIT's customary $150 entry fee. "The NIT's a really fun, no-pressure tournament. Nobody cares that much, and the skill level isn't that high, so even if you haven't picked up a ball in years you'll fit right in."

Finally, Cavs fan buckeyes1005 is starting to get a little worried about his team. Why hasn't LeBron come to the rescue? What's going on with Ben Wallace's back? There's plenty of concern to go around in this member's blog.
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