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New Mock Draft 1st Round

1. Dolphins- Sedrick Ellis- I still think Dorsey is a better talent, but injuries are becoming an issue. Ellis is about just as good. They are still going to get a game changing DT just with out the possible risk. Ellis is also a little better working out of the 3-4 wich we assume is what the Dolphins will be using.

2.Rams- Jake Long- As long as the Dolphins dont take him the Rams have to. They also need some help on the DL. But OL was their biggest problem last season. They need to fix that and Jake Long is as much of a sure thing there is in this draft. He will step in right away and make a difference.

3. Falcons- Matt Ryan- Some rumors have Flacco going ahead of Ryan. That is not going to happen. No matter what the Falcons do with this pick they will have to rebuild for a couple seasons. They need to start off with a solid QB thats not going to screw them in the end.

4. Raiders- Chris Long- Its really a toss up at this point between Dorsey and Long. Long and Dorsey are sure things in my mind. Dorsey just has a bit of an injury problem. And plus as we all know Chris' dad was a HOF DE for them. I cant see them passing him up.

5. Chiefs- They trade the pick.Cincinatti trades up and draft McFadden. Call me crazy if you will. I know Cincy needs help more on defense, but they are a contender right now. Rudi Johnson looks like hes slipping. McFadden puts them over the top.

6. Jets- Glen Dorsey- They were hoping that nobody traded up but Cincy did and they cant get McFadden anymore. So they are still drooling over the fact that possibly the best DL in the draft is still there. They cant pass him up. I dont care what their DT position looks like, Dorsey is too good to pass up at 6

7. Patriots- Dominique Rodgers Cromartie- I still think drafting Keith Rivers would be the better move, but they need another CB. Cromartie is flying up draft boards. NE needs to replace Samuel. Cromartie is an emense talent and will blossom in Belichecks system wich seems to produce All-Pro CBs at a scary pace.

8. Ravens- Ryan Clady- The biggest issue was the OL. QB is another issue as well, but they have a few young options they can go with instead of drafting another 1st rounder. Clady is a safe pick and fills a huge need for the Ravens.

9. Chiefs- Chris Williams- They were hoping to get Clady here but Baltimore wasnt letting him fall. So they get Williams instead. Not bad. He will be a solid OL for years to come. They fll a big need. And in the process grab a couple more picks from the Bengals and continue with the rebuilding process.

10. Saints- Leodis McLevin- The biggest concern is the secondary. Leodis McKelvin is still a little unproven, but he had a very good combine, and he adds an electrifying return game to the mix. The Saints cant pass him up.

11. Bills- Vernon Gholston- They are shocked that he fell here. But nobody really needed a DE/LB that bad in the 1st 10 picks. The Bills have a few concerns. They could use help on the OL but nobody sticks out right now. Gholston is a hybrid. He is a phenomenal pass rusher. And will bring a missing piece to the Bills defense.

12. Broncos- Malcom Kelly- They let Walker go. Cutler is still growing he needs some more people to throw to other than Marshall. Kelly is the top WR in this class. He is almost a carbon copy of Marshall, w/o the run blocking skills. But he should help a growing Cutler turn into a Pro Bowl QB.

13. Panthers- Keith Rivers- They let Morgan go because of injury concerns still. Other than him they didnt have many solid LBs. Rivers has proven himself. It may take him awhile to adapt but eventually he will get it. They have some other pressing issues, but at this point you have to take the best player on the board.

14. Bears- Jeff Otah- We need OL. Angelo has done nothing to bring a solid OL in via FA. The line isnt going to get fixed through the draft. He needs to sign somebody. And no matter what OL is here we almost need to take them. Its going to be a sad season.

15. Lions- Phillip Merling- He is flying up draft boards. Hes no Gaines Adams, but hes still very good. The Lions need help all over the defense. I know they just signed Dwayne White last year, but it never hurts to get deep. As long as they dont draft a WR they should be okay.

16. Cardinals- Jonathan Stewart- Edge is not the same runner he was 3 years ago. They need somebody that is going to replace him. Stewart is the 2nd best RB in the draft. They have a little extra money after restructuring Fitz's contract. So it makes sense.

17. Vikings- Brian Brohm- Yes they have some more pressing issues in the secondary, but would you really trust Tavaris Jackson with a playoff potential team? I wouldnt. Brian Brohm is a pure passer and a game manager. He will keep the Vikings in games, as well as not throw costly INTs that take them out of games. Maybe we will see a Derek Anderson type reaction out of Jackson, but i doubt it.

18. Texans- Felix Jones- Despite some saying hes out of the 1st round, on talent alone hes at least the 3rd best RB in this class. Hes got a world of talent. Remember coming out of  H.S. he was rated higher than McFadden. Hes got blazing speed and will be a great RB for years to come. The Texans are only missing a steady running game on offense. This team could be sniffing playoffs if Jones produces.

19. Eagles- Devin Thomas- Ive heard things like the Eagles wont take a WR in the 1st round because they never have. Well what they have been doing hasnt been working. So its time for a change. Thomas needs to be coached up a little bit before he taps into his potential in the NFL. Eagles will have to be patient as it may take a month or two for him to get in rythm.

20. Buccaneers- Derrick Harvey- They really dont have many solid DEs anymore. A LB like Connor is also a possibility, but Harvey is a better player. This team will be even better this season.

21. Redskins- Mario Manningham- I stand by my 1st mock draft with this one. They still need another WR opposite Santana Moss. Manningham is going to be much more consistent than anybody else they have. Hes got the size, speed and hands to make him a top WR in a few years.

22. Cowboys- Dan Connor- When playng the 3-4 an abundance of LBs is a must. They have some solid ones. So here they beef up and add another solid one. Connor will be the next Penn St. LB to make it big in the pros. Its amazing how many LBs they produce.

23. Steelers- Aqib Talib- Hes just as talented as Cromartie and McKelvin. He just doesnt have the work ethic that those guys have. That will change when he comes to Pitt. His real talents will be brought out. With all the spread offenses we are seeing, having solid CBs is a must in todays game.

24. Titans- DeSean Jackson- Is there any question they need to draft a WR. VY has nobody to throw to. Yea Crumpler helps, but he hasnt been able to stay healthy so your not sure what you can get out of him. Jackson has blazing speed the things him and VY can do will become scary. He also adds more in the return game then they have.

25. Seahawks- Reshard Mendenhall- I thought they would try and trade up for McFadden, but they want to stick with Alexander for one more season. So they take a cheaper less talented route at getting a new RB. Mendenhall is still very good, just not McFadden good. He will add some relief to Alexander as well.

26. Jaguars- Mike Jenkins- After getting torched by Brady in the playoffs its clear they could use another CB. Mike Jenkins fell a bit because alot of the mid round teams didnt need a CB. But hes still a top 15 talent. And should help out right away in Jacksonville.

27. Chargers- Brendan Albert- Top G in this class. They could use some more protection for Rivers and LT. This team doesnt need much.

28. Cowboys- Limas Sweed- Patrick Crayton is an ok 2nd option. But they need somebody to take the double teams off of Owens. Crayton doesnt do that. Sweed has the size and speed to get it done. He will give Romo more options and hopefully help him avoid another 2nd half slump.

29. 49ers- Calais Campbell- They are hurting all over. Adding a solid pass rusher is a decent start. Getting rid of their 1st round pick was a mistake they clearly could use that pick now.

30. Packers- Sam Baker- With Favre leaving they need to give Aaron Rodgers as much time to throw as possible. Limit his mistakes. He will have a growing period. But adding more OL is a must. Baker is puzzling. Some have him as a high 1st rounder and some have him as a 2nd rounder. Hes somewhere in between to me.

31. Giants- Quentin Groves- They lost a few LBs. They cant pull a Bears and Steelers and not do anything to improve after a SB win or appearence. No matter what you do you need to improve every year other wise you will do what the Steelers and Bears did in their respective SB appearences.



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NFL Mock Draft 2nd round

32. Dolphins- Jeff Otah T, Pitt- With Williams gone Otah is the next best OL. Wich is what they need. Parcells is going to start the rebuild process in the trenches. Hell give Beck and Clemon a chance. To do that they need more protection then they got last year.

33. Rams- Terrel Thomas CB, USC- After adding a great pass blocker in the 1st round they need to go back and find a solid position player. The secondary is decent but can use some improvment. While Thomas isnt as good as the CBs taken in the 1st round hes still solid. His 40 time is something that may drop his stock a little bit (4.50)

34.Raiders -Limas Sweed WR, Texas- In the 1st round they added a main stay kid at DE. Assuming JaMarcus Russell is the starter next season he needs somebody better than Porter and Curry to throw to. Limas Sweed is a big WR. His 40 time is solid for being 6'5 (4.50). Hes coming off a torn ACL so hes gonna need a little time to really hit his stride.

35.Chiefs- Carl Nicks T, Nebraska- Crolye shows promise. But he will never pan out unless he gets more protection. OL is a big need. After Long went in the 1st round there was no OL worth drafting at 3. Here they get a solid one.

36.Jets- Sam Baker T, USC- It never hurts to add some extra protecton on the line. Sam Baker could be a 1st rounder it all depends on how he does at the combine. Regardless of what round he goes he will be a good OL for years to come.

37.Falcons- Reggie Smith DB, Oklahoma- They took what they hope to be their franchise QB in the 1st round. Adding a WR here would make sense also, but id go after something on the defensive side of the ball. Smith is a hybrid DB. He can play either S or CB.

38.Ravens- Devin Thomas WR, MSU- Some people are really high on this kid and others are not. Im somewhere in the middle. His 40 time hasnt been posted but hes a big body WR (6'2). Hes got potential. Mason had a solid bounce back season but Clayton took a huge step back. This was supposed to be his break out year and he did terrible. If they want any of these QBs to suceed they need somebody to throw to.

39.49ers - Gosder Chelius T, B.C.- Alez Smith is never going to fill out unless he has time to throw. He has the speed to make things happen on his own but its not enough right now. Chelius is a possible 1st rounder. Right now hes sitting on the fence. If he really impresses at the combine he will shoot up into the 1st round.

40.Saints- Tavares Gooden OLB, Miami- Really the only help they need is on defense. They added secondary help in the 1st round. Now its time to get some solidity at the LB position. Gooden runs a 4.55 40 time and is 6'2. Hes got the skill set to be a great LB.

41. Bills- Quentin Groves DE, Auburn- They added the offensive weapon with Jackson. Now its time to add some depth to the D line. Quentin Groves is considered a 1st round talent by some. It really depends what he does at the combine and who is really hurting for a DE. Either way he should be a soild player.

42. Broncos- Dominique Rodgers Cromartie CB, TSU- This kid is flying up draft boards. Hes got a great skill set. Hes 6'1 and runs a 4.47, 40. The Broncos have 2 great CBs in Bailey and Bly. But after those 2 it dips off. With all the spread offenses were seeing lately an abundance of solid CBs is a must.

43. Panthers- Chad Henne QB, Michigan- Big guy with a rocket arm. As long as he can stay healthy he is pinpoint accurate. He had a bad senior season due to a dislocated throwing shoulder. I know they just gave David Carr that contract to back up Delhomme, but he couldnt even do that last season. They need to add another QB that can get the ball to Steve Smith down field.

44. Bears - Joe Flacco QB, Deleware- I got the chance to watch this kid play in the D-II playoffs. Hes very good. Some guys even have him going in the 1st round at some point. There is a chance that it could just be all hype, but thats not likely. Its obvious we need another QB. With Henne off the board Flacco is the best out there and he will not last to the 3rd round. OL and RB can be adressed later or in FA.

45.Lions-  Anthony Collins T, Kansas- They drafted Brohm now they need to give him some added protection. They cant let him turn into Kitna and Harrington. They cant do anything with no protection. Adding Collins is a step in the right direction. I still think drafting Calvin Johnson over Joe Thomas was a mistake.

46. Benglas- Justin King CB, Penn St.- We all know how bad the defense is. They added the pass rusher they need in the 1st round. Here they grab a guy with blazing speed who wont really get burnt all that often. He also brings more to the special teams area.

47. Vikings- Lawrence Jackson DE, USC- With Udeze out for who knows how long, they need to fill a void. Udeze never really filled into his potential. Hopefully Lawrence Jackson can. Hes a good pass rusher and will help out their bad secondary by giving the QB less time in the pocket. Now only if Erasmus James could produce.

48. Falcons- Mike McGlynn T, Pitt- Theyre taking a step in the right direction. They need to draft smart with these 3 picks. They need to give Ryan more protection in the pocket. While McGlynn isnt the best OL hes still the best out there.

49. Eagles- Phillip Merling DE, Clemson- Jevon Kearse is getting on his last legs. They added the steady WR they needed in the 1st round. Here they add a solid pass rusher who has good speed for a guy his size (6'5, 4.7 40).

50. Cardinals- Jamaal Charles RB, Texas- Edge is getting to the end of his career. J.J. Arrington isnt a viable replacement. Jamaal Charles gives them some big play ability at the RB position that they havent had for awhile.

51. Redskins- Oniel Cousins G, UTEP- The top G in this class. They added the posession receiver they needed with their 1st round pick. They see Campbell as their future. It doesnt hurt to add more depth to their OL. The defense was good enough last year. They just need to revamp the offense.

52. Buccaneers- Curtis Lofton LB, Oklahoma- Derrick Brooks is almost done. They need to find somebody to replace him. I know they just added Cato June, but Lofton has the possibility of becoming a MLB wich is what they are going to need when Brooks does retire.

53. Steelers- Geno Hayes LB, FSU- With no OL standing out right now they add a little more depth to the defense. Geno Hayes was a highly coveted prospect coming out of H.S. He never really live up to his potential. But hes still solid.

54. Titans- Pat Sims DT, Auburn- They may be losing a couple D lineman to FA. Sims is an insurance policy. Plus hes a pretty talented DT. At 6'4 315 he will be a solid run stopper.

55. Seahawks- John Greco G, Toledo- The line has never been the same since Hutchinson left. While Greco doesnt give them the T theyve been missing he still gives them another body on the OL.

56. Browns- Dre Moore DT, Maryland- Ted Washington is done. The offense made some nice strides last season. They still need to upgrade the defense. And that starts with upgrading the D line.

57. Dolphins- Xavier Adibi LB, Va. Tech- They cut Zach Thomas. So they need to fill that LB spot. While Adibi isnt a clear cut MLB he can be groomed into one. He has the experience. He was a 4 year starter at Va. Tech. He will come in right away and do good things.

58. Jaguars- Tony Hills T, Texas- Adding more beef on the line never hurt anybody. We all know that Garrard doesnt make many mistakes. If you can give him a little more time to throw the ball, he can turn into a QB that can make plays not just manage the game.

59. Colts- Robert Felton G, Arkansas- Their main weakness last year was the line. Manning was rushed all season long. A big part of that was Tony Ugoh being hurt. But Manning had his worst season in a long time. They need to add more capable bodies on the line that will give Manning more time.

60. Packers- Phillip Wheeler LB, Ga. Tech- Hawk and Barnett are great. But they are missing that 3rd guy. Adding Wheeler will give them more depth to an already deep defense. And possibly give them that 3rd LB theyve been missing for quite some time.

61. Cowboys- Chris Johnson RB, ECU- Kid's stock is soaring. Hes blazing fast. 4.29 40. With Jones most likely leaving they need to get a new 2nd RB. Johnson will be a great change of pace from Barber. They are 2 completley different types of runners.

62. Giants- Jonathan Hefney S, Tenn.- Gibril Wilson is all but gone. They need to find somebody to replace him. Theyre not real strong at this position to begin with. Hefney isnt at the talent level of Kenny Phillips but hes still the 2nd best S in the draft.

63. Patriots- Jack Ikegwuonu CB, Wisconsin- With the possibility of losing Asante Samuel they need a replacement. Ike was a very good CB at UW. Hes very fast. And has the knowledge needed to play the position. Belicheck will teach him well and in a few years he will probably be just like Samuel is right now.

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Worst to first.


Okay every year in the NFL we see one team go from being last place in their division they year before to either winning it the next year or making the playoffs. Some recent examples:

03' Falcons went 5-11.       04'- 11-5 winning the division.

03' Chargers went 4-12.    04'- 12-4 winning the division.

04' Bears went 5-11.      &nbs p;   05'- 11-5 winning the division.

04" Bucs went 5-11.      &nbs p;    05'-11-5 winning the division.

05' Eagles went 6-10      &n bsp;  06'- 10-6 winning the division.

05' Saints went 3-13.      &nbs p;  06'-  10-6 winning the division.

06' Bucs went 4-12.      &nbs p;    07'-   9-7 winning the division.

This year the last place teams are: Eagles 8-8. Bears 7-9. Falcons 4-12. Rams 3-13. Dolphins 1-15. Ravens 5-11. Texans 8-8. Chiefs 4-12.

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Mock Draft #1

1. Dolphins- Sedrick Ellis- With all the problems Dorsey has been having with his leg lately i dont think Parcells will wanna take any chances. He needs to hit a HR with this pick and he wont do it with a guy who is banged up.

2. Rams- Jake Long- The line is terrible. It was the #1 reason for their struggles this season. Bulger was sacked way too many times and thats why he got hurt so much. Jake Long is a sure thing. He will fill a huge void on the line for the Rams.

3. Atlanta- Matt Ryan- Personally i think Brian Brohm will be the better QB. But Matt Ryan has all the hype right now. If Petrino had stayed you would see Brohm not Ryan going here.

4. Raiders- Chris Long. I think they will take a long look at Sedrick Ellis but decide to go with Long anyway. Sapp is getting old and Ellis wouldnt be a bad pick either. But its Al Davis so who knows that theyll do.

5. Chiefs- Glen Dorsey- They wont get scared off. Not at #5. Hes got the talent to be #1 but now his leg is in question again. So he slips a little bit. If he can get the injury straightened out quick he will be an impact DT for years to come.

6. Jets- Darren McFadden- Thomas Jones did nothing. Washington is nothing more than a backup. Mangini will be salivating when he sees that McFadden is still on the board. He gives them the huge playmaker that they've been missing since they traded Santana Moss.

7. Patriots- Keith Rivers- Gholston is the better talent, but NE needs another LB. Rivers is dependable. He will be a good pro for along time. Plus sitting a year behind guys like Bruschi, Seau and Vrabel will give this guy so much knowledge about the position. He could turn into an All-Pro very soon.

8. Baltimore- Ryan Clady- The defense doesnt need to be touched. I think they wanna give Smith and Boller the shot at QB this season so Brohm is out of the question. The line was bad last year. Clady is very good. A little raw. But guys like Ogden will teach him well in Baltmore.

9. Cincinatti- Vernon Gholtson- The defense is abismal. They need a good pass rusher so the secondary doesnt keep getting torched every game. Gholston fills that spot very well.

10. Saints- Aliq Talib- I still think that Talib is the best CB talent in the draft. Some say Jenkins and Cason are better. But Talib was labled the best coming into the season as a Jr. and i still think that holds true. They need help in the secondary so it makes sense.

11. Bills- Mike Jenkins CB- After some consideration ive seen that Desean Jackson isnt the receiver i thought he would be. This may be a tad high for Jenkins, but the Bills need some secondary help. Jenkins should come in right away and play well.

12. Broncos- Felix Jones- Travis Henry has problems. Hes got decent talent. But he was even inconsistent last year. Any RB can succeed in this offense. Throw a guy like Jones who has crazy talent in the mix and they can do wonders.

13. Panthers- Derick Harvey- This team has so much talent every year they just havent been able to finish the season. Injuries are a big part of it. They need another solid DE. Harvey is the best player out there right now.

14. Bears- Heres the dillemma. You need to fill 2 positions. Both wich are available right now. QB and S. Kenny Phillips- While i really like Brohm i tihnk we need to fill the huge gap at S before we adress the QB position. We could draft a guy like Brennan or Henne later. But Phillips is an emense talent at S. The only good S in this draft really. Hes a Sean Taylor type player. Body of a LB speed of a S.

15. Lions- Brian Brohm- Its almost amazing that he falls this far. Kitna lost a little respect from the coaches at the end of last year. Stanton is a walking glass piece. They need a good steady QB to right the ship.

16. Cardinals- Antoine Cason- Antrell Rolle finally made strides. But they still could use a guy opposite him. Cason had 10 INTs last season. Hes got the talent and the mind set to be a shut down corner someday.

17. Minnesotta- Desean Jackson- They want Tavares Jackson to pan out. Well thats a little hard to do when all his receivers are terrible. They dont really have any speedy receivers just a bunch of posession guys really. Tavares can throw the deep ball, give him a speedster like Desean and he can make things happen. Plus his upside is what he brings to the return game as well.

18. Houston- Jonathan Stewart- Ahman Green is terrible. Schaub didnt do bad.The defense is actually pretty good. The biggest need is a consistent RB. Stewart is the epitome of that.

19. Eagles- Malcom Kelly- McNabb hasnt had a good WR since T.O. Kelly has good combo of size and speed. He should bring some stability to the Eagles offense.

20. Bucs- Sam Baker- They have a couple solid RBs. The defense is good. Add another solid OL to fill out.

21. Redskins- Mario Manningham- Santana Moss is inconsistent. Randle El was a bad investment. They dont have a posession recevier other than Cooley. Manningham can be a downfield threat or he can go over the middle and get it done. Hes a perfect fit for them and a young developing QB in Campbell.

22. Cowboys- Chris Williams OT- They dont NEED much. Romo's protection kind of faltered torward the end of the season. It never hurts to add another OL.

23. Steelers- Kentwan Balmer- The defense didnt look really good down the stretch. Balmer is a good run stuffing DT.  They have a good defense as is, add some more depth.

24. Titans- James Hardy- Tall, athletic, speedster. VY needs somebody to throw to. While Hardy isnt as good as guys like Manningham and Jackson hes stil pretty good. He can turn out to be a monster as long as he progresses right.

25. Seahawks- They need to trade up and draft McFadden, but if they dont- Rashard Mendenhall- They need a RB. Alexander is done that was proven last year. Mendenhall is still a little bit of a ? but at this point hes the best RB prospect out there.

26. Jaguars- Early Doucet- Coming out of HS he was labeled as the second coming. At LSU hes never lived up to the hype. Injuries are mostly to blame. But hes still an immense talent. Nobody ever really taught him how to use his blazing speed and size the right way. Hell be coming into a debocled WR core in J'ville. Maybe he can finally be the 1st round WR that turns out for them.

27. Chargers- Leodis Mckelvin- Jammer and Cromartie are beasts. It doesnt hurt to add another solid CB in case on goes down. McKelvin is a little bit of a toss up but at this point hes a good pick.

28. Cowboys- Dan Connor- They could use a soilid ILB. Dan Connor is yet another Penn St. LB product. He will be a solid LB for years to come. He will benefit greatley from a year learning under Zach Thomas.

29. 49ers- Calais Campbell- At the begining of the year he was a top 10 prospect. Hes fallen some but hes still got the talent. They need help all over. But having a solid pass rusher is a good start.

30. Packers- Fred Davis- Ruvel Martin is ok. Fred Davis is a good athletic TE. They need more and more weapons on offense to help Rodgers when Favre steps down. Davis should turn out to be an awsome TE.

31 Giants- Tyson Jackson- A top 10 prospect to start the season. Hes still got the talent, he just needs the coaching to learn how to use it all. Couhglin is good at that. Also its another insucrance policy in case Strahan does step down.

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