Posted on: January 30, 2008 9:39 am

Vols vs Tide

There were a bunch of plus and minuses in this game and overall we played pretty well.  I have seen some people complain about the fouls but I didnt think it was that bad.  I mean they were bad but it was both ways so I will just shoot that down before anything gets brought up over that (Vols 23 PF Tide 19 PF)

Tennessee looked great on the boards!!! We ussually get dominated on the boards and lose the edge anywhere from 5-15 and it was encouraging that we won that battle as well as the offensive rebounding battle (NINETEEN offensive boards!!)

Our FT shooting was MUCH MUCH better.  We shot 67% (that is better than our 40% we seem to shoot as of late) but if Jordan Howell had made both FTs with 3 seconds left it would have been 75% and if he wouldnt have even shot them it would have been 73 (I say that because there were 3 seconds left in the game and we were up by 7.

Lofton, T.Smith, and J.Smith both played more minutes than I am use to seeing them play but they responded in a big way combining for 62 points 5 steals (all J.Smith) 8 assists and 19 rebounds.  The only negative I see from the three of them is that T.Smith had FIVE turnovers which he has to work on.  They also combined on 9-16 3pt FGs (56%), 21-37 on FGs (56%) and 11-12 on FTs (91%)

Prince in my mind did not play great at all.  The first half he played about 6 minutes and had 4 TOs.  I dont get to watch most of the games but I hope he plays better than that the rest of the year. 

If we play like this again we will most likely not win that game.  23 turnovers is not going to help us win @ Memphis, @ Vandy, vs Florida, @ Florida.  Sorry but I am not including Miss. St. yet because I am not sold on them.  That is still a team that lost AT HOME to Southern Ill. by 14. 

Alabama played better than their record last night (coupled with the 23 TOS by Tennessee) but Gee I believe played out of his mind in the 2nd half.  I think for about 15 minutes of actual time (not game time maybe 7 minutes of that) I swear he scored like 20 points and had 5 rebounds and that is the only Alabama player I remember being mentioned in that time slot.

Good Game Alabama and Glad Tennessee came out with a win.  18-2 and on to Miss. St.

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