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The Steelers Quest for Ring Number 7

Sinse I have been on cbs I have given people like Solomon a hard time about his Steelers. Said they would lose or I wanted them to lose, etc. But, as I have posted at different times, I truely have the utmost respect for the Steelers. They are an elite team and for the most part always have been. They are a proud franchise. And always have been. They lead the leauge with 6 super bowl wins and rings. And if they do win today and go to the super bowl, then they will tie the Cowboys for the most super bowl appearances! Yes, a win today and a super bowl appearance will be 8 super bowls they have went to! And brother you have to respect that! Whether you like the Steelers or not, One has to respect what they have accomplished! Like it or not, they are an elite franchise.

I have kept up with the Steelers sinse Terry Bradshaw was their quarterback. When he led the team, well the Cowboys could not beat them in the super bowls. True, as all the other teams, they have had good years and bad years. But over all they have accomplished more than any other team by winning 6 super bowls. The only team thus far to be able to say that. Oh yeah you have other good teams like the Patriots that have done good the last few years, but in my books they are not in the same class as the Steelers.

Don't get me wrong here. I am a true and loyal Cowboys fan, and I am truely very proud of what my Cowboys have accomplished over the years. And I will support my Boys whether they win or not. But, I am an avid football fan to. And I firmly believe in giving credit where credit is due. And the Steelers deserve lots of credit.

Good luck to all Steelers fans on your quest for super bowl ring number 7!

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This year it was predicted that the Cowboys would be great. It was predicted that we could even go to the super bowl. Well, at least we are not 0-4! Yep we beat one team. The Texans. To be honest, the teams that beat us did not really beat us. lol. Dallas gave those games away! Mistakes and penalities. Dallas played like a bunch of school kids! No, I take that back, not even school kids play that bad! The defence don't block for Tony Romo. Heck they did not even block the other teams period! Our recievers dropped passes. Fumbles. Mistakes. Penalities. What more could go wrong? Oh yeah the field gold kicker can not even be counted on to kick a field goal! Sad but true.

We have laid the blame on several different players. Terrell Owens, Roy Williams and many others. We blamed the coaches and assistant coaches. Myself, I have to take up for the coaches. It is not all their fault. It is mainly the owners fault. Jerry Jones. Oh yes, Jerry has done this team a lot of good. Look at the billion dollar new stadium! And the giant over sized tv screen! lol. Jerry's fault is that he thinks he is a better coach than the coaches! The coaches hands are tied. They can only do so much. And you notice we never get the best top notch coaches. No, we get left overs. For what coach in his right mind is going to let the owner tell him how to run the team? None. So, in order to be a coach for the Dallas Cowboys, you got to be willing to kiss Jerry's back side and do what he says. No more, no less. But I guess some coahes love the million dollar salary they get better than their pride. For to be a coach for Dallas you first have to sell your soul to Jerry and lose your pride. And kiss Jerry's ungly back side!

Wade Phillips knows he has to some way turn this team around, despite having to kiss Jones back side. He knows that regardless who is at fault, that he will be replaced next year if we continue to have a losing season. Jerry will never admit that it is his fault the Cowboys are not super bowl contenders every year. He will not take blame on how little controll the coaches have over the team. The Dallas coaches are very limited on what they do. They have to let Jerry know of any changes before they are made. And if Jerry don't agree, then they do not get done! It don't matter that the changes will make us a much better team. Jones has the final word. So why do we even have a coach? The coaches are useless in Dallas. They are nothing more than puppets on a string! Untill Jerry finally wakes up and lets the coaches do their job, then the Cowboys will have lots of up's and downs.
Only when Jerry steps back and lets the coaches run the team will we ever get a top notch coach. Only then will we get a coach that will keep the players in line. Only then will we be one of the elite teams again. Come on Jerry! Wake your butt up! You are not a coach. You could not even be a mole on a coaches back side!

I will always be a Cowboys fan. I normally go to the teams that beat us and congratulate them on their win. And believe me, I hate going to our divisional rivals the , Giants, Eagles and Redskins to congratulate them for kicking our butts. But if they won the game, then they won the game. Yeah it is truely embarrassing to go to their boards or other boards and congratulate them for their win. I put pride aside and admit they were the better team. And in my book they deserve the reconigtion. And you can bet, I will not trash them for winning the game.

But I will stand behind my Cowboys and I do believe that we will once again go to the playoffs this year. It is not over till the fat lady sings.

Go Cowboys.

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2010 Weekly NFL Picks Contest

Football season is finally here! And I myself is certainly glad. It is a whole new year and anything can happen. We are going to have a contest here this year. In order to be eligible, you must post your weekly picks. Each week we will post that weeks picks. You must post it there. The picks must be posted before the first game/games is to be played. We will pay a first, second and third place prize. Everyone is invited to play. We would love to see fans from all teams getting involved.This year I will be paying the prize money out of my own pocket so there is no fee to members of our group. Sinse I am sponsering the contest, I will not collect any prize money. If by any chance I have the most winning picks, first place will then go to second place winner, second place will go to third place winner and third place will go to forth place winner. Prize money will be paid out by the first week of Febuary, 2011.

In order to be in the contest you must be a member of the "Sports Bar" Group. To join the group  and get in the weekly picks contest please go to

All weekly picks must be posted in the "Sports Bar" group under the correct week. If you want in the contest then please jump in and post your picks. It don't cost you anything. If you posted picks in other groups or on other boards and want them counted on your score, first post us a link so we can go and verify your post and then copy and paste them in the correct  weeks picks. It is easy as that!

Prize payouts

First place = $75.00

Second place = $50.00

Third place = $25.00

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Football Season is Here!

Football season is upon us! When regular season starts we will post the weekly picks for everyone. We hope to see everyone post their picks there also. I am thinking of making it some kind of contest where at the end of the regular season the person with the most wins will win a cash prize. I will get with NFL-Solomon to see how we want to set it up. We  may try to set it up so that we have a second and third place cash prize also. Anyone who thinks they may be interested in this, please let us know by posting it here!  We would love to have fans from all teams get involved in this.

In order to be in the contest you must be a member of the group the "Sports Bar". Click below to go there.

We would love to have lots of fans take part in this. If not a member, go to the above link and post your comments in the

Welcome to All New Members post.
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Week 8 Picks

This is my picks for week eight. I do not play the spread as I have never gotten into that. Maybe next year I might give it a try.

Week 8 Picks
Seahawks 2-4 @ Cowboys 4-2 Cowboys hot after beat the Falcons at home. I don't think the Seahawks can handle Dallas. Dallas wins by 12.

Texans 4-3 @ Bills 3-4 I think the Bills at home should win this one. Bills win by 7.

Rams 0-7 @ Lions 1-5 Really a hard game to decipher here. Neither team should come out a winner. But there has to be one here. I am going against my better judgement here and say the Rams finally win. Rams win by 3.

Broncos 6-0 @ Ravens 3-3 I think the Broncos will have to play hard ball here. I think this will be the weekly upset. I'll pick the Ravens to win this game by 6.

Giants 5-2 @ Eagles 4-2 Does the Giants lose another? Which Giants team will show up? I think the Eagles will upset the Giants here. Eagles win by 3.

Dolphins 2-4 @ Jets 4-3 Jets should win this game. But will they? I'll go with the Jets for the win by 10.

Browns 1-6 @ Bears 3-3 Bears win another. Bears by 14.

49ers 3-3 @ Colts 6-0 Colts win this game by 17.

Jaguars 3-3 @ Titans 0-6 Titans win their first! Titans win by 14.

Raiders 2-5 @ Chargers 3-3 Chargers win by 14.

Vikings 6-1 @ Packers 4-2 Vikings should win, but I will go with the Packers to win this meeting. Packers win by 7.

Panthers 2-4 @ Cardinals 4-2 Cards go 5-2 for the win by 10.

Falcons 4-2 @ Saints 6-0 Saints win their 7th straight. Saints by 21.
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Sports in the News

July 11, 5:45 PM (ET)

BOSTON (AP) - A convicted bank robber who says he had to panhandle to repay a debt to New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady has had his debt erased by a local businessman.

Dennis Paiva was ordered by a court to pay $4,000 after selling Brady's expensive flower boxes for scrap metal, mistakenly believing they'd been put behind Brady's Boston condominium as trash in May 2008.

Dan Greenwald, the owner of a Burlington ad agency, said he decided to pay the restitution after reading about Paiva's plight in the Boston Herald on Friday.

Greenwald said it seemed as if Paiva, who says he can't work because of recent surgery, got "the rawest of raw deals."

The 61-year-old Paiva said Greenwald's gift was like "a dream come true."
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The Cowboys

Below is a quote from

Mickey Spagnola Columnist
July 7, 2009 5:17 PM
No matter where you go in this vast country or who you see, they all want to know:

So how are the Cowboys going to do this season?

The universal $64,000 question.

I mean, come on, it didn't matter where I was over the past two glorious weeks, be it cruising through the Inside Passage of Alaska, walking the streets of Anchorage or in Bears Country at a reception overlooking the Chicago River just off Wacker Drive.

So how are the Cowboys going to do?

And they meant business, too. They wanted to know right now, before they even practiced one time in pads. Before any of these draft choices offer a hint about whether they can contribute this year. Before the first preseason game is played, and certainly before we actually have a chance to see what guys such as Keith Brooking, Igor Olshansky and Gerald Sensabaugh actually have.

You'd have thought the topic of the day back that last week in June would have been the death of Michael Jackson, having passed away at some point when we were in Skagway, Alaska, that Thursday, or maybe it was while retracing our steps heading out of the Lynn Canal and making the turn for Glacier Bay National Park. Time tends to stand still on vacation.

Or take this past Saturday when the news broke of Steve McNair being shot and killed in Nashville while the rains fell in Chicago, briefly stalling out the annual Taste of Chicago ritual in Grant Park. Surely that was worth discussing.

But noooo, more times than not the talk turned to the Cowboys, the 9-7, 9-7, 13-3 and 9-7 Cowboys over the past four years under the coaching jurisdictions of Bill Parcells and Wade Phillips; with Drew Bledsoe or Tony Romo at quarterback; and with or without the self-appointed Sacrificial Lamb.

I mean, really, you think you can get away, and then somewhere in the middle of the Pacific Ocean you run into a guy from Amarillo and then Arlington (that's Texas) and Austin and Corpus Christi, too, reminding you of just how big the state of Texas is, although the good folks of the great state of Alaska, where I do think you can see Russia from there, like to remind you the state of Texas geographically fits nicely - with room to spare - inside their scenic state.

So typically my answer was, "Better than most think."

And that's "better" in a different way, one that won't require scoring 30 points a game to assure themselves of a victory. Did you realize that the Cowboys went 13-3 in 2007 despite giving up 23 points or more in seven of their 16 games, and managing to win all but two of them?

Did you realize the Cowboys went 9-7 in 2008 despite giving up at least 22 points in nine of their 16 games but this time winning only three of those games?

You also should remember the Cowboys never scored more than 14 points in any of the three games Tony Romo missed with the fractured finger, winning just one of those.

And though most choose to forget, as I was wont to point out to my Arizona-based relatives, in that one game in Glendale, Ariz., the Cowboys lost Felix Jones for the season, Mat McBriar for the season, Romo for the next three games, Anthony Spencer for the next two games, were already without Terence Newman, Kyle Kosier, Roy Williams and Pat Watkins, and then on top of all that, lost the game, too.

Just the facts.

Play better defense, improve on special teams and maybe you won't have to average 23 points a game to win. Hey, I see where Pittsburgh won a Super Bowl averaging just 21.6 points a game - one less than the Cowboys. And get this, the Steelers didn't have any receiver with more than seven touchdown catches, nor did they rush for more yards than the Cowboys. Also, their quarterbacks threw 10 fewer touchdown passes and actually had 381 fewer yards passing.

But then all they had to score was 14 points a game to win since their defense only gave up an average of 13.9 a game, and, as importantly, they only turned the ball over 25 times, eight fewer than the Cowboys.

Anyway, since returning I checked around on a few different sites for 2009 NFL team odds, you know, just who the gambling people already are favoring only three days past The Fourth. The results are still surprising, and I'm guessing especially to those around here who seem to think the Cowboys will be returning to the 6-10 of Parcells' second season in Dallas when a few weeks into training camp they ran off Quincy Carter, the same Quincy Carter who subsequently now has worn out his welcome in New York (Jets), Montreal, Shreveport, Kansas City and now I see Abilene, Texas, of all places.

Here seems to be the consensus: The Cowboys' odds rank consistently in the top three to win the NFC and in the top six or seven to win the Super Bowl. That does not smell of 6-10.

Let's see, VegasInsider has the Cowboys third in the NFC at 6/1, behind the Giants (9/2) and Eagles (11/2). So, close. And when it comes to winning the Super Bowl, they have the Cowboys at 11-1, tied for fourth behind New England (4/1), Pittsburgh (15/2) and the Giants (9/1) but side by side with Philadelphia and Indianapolis.

Then there is the National Sports Advisors. In the NFC, again it's tight, with the Giants at 4/1, Eagles at 9/2 and the Cowboys at 11/2. A site named Touthouse has the Cowboys tied for the fourth best odds of winning the Super Bowl at 12/1, behind New England (9/2), Pittsburgh (9/1) and the Giants (10/1).

They were in about the same position at Bookmakers, listed at 12/1 to win the Super Bowl, tied with Philly and San Diego, but behind New England (4/1), Pittsburgh (8/1) and the Colts (11/1). And on The Spread, they were fifth at 14-1, behind the usual New England (9/2), Pittsburgh (9/1), Giants (10/1) and Indianapolis (12/1).

So all pretty consistent, but nothing like the 20/1 or 50/1 odds where some teams were listed.

The point being, and certainly I'm not touting any betting service nor do I think this is a healthy activity to participate in, but these people set these odds for a living, so either they know something a whole lot of people don't or, and this is always very possible, they are banking on the many Cowboys fans all over this world to put their money where their hearts are.

We'll see in due time if better becomes good enough.

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Steve McNair

Professional career

Houston Oilers

With the third pick in the 1995 NFL Draft the Oilers and new head coach Jeff Fisher selected McNair, who signed a seven-year contract. McNair did not see his first action until the last two series of the fourth quarter in a November game versus the Cleveland Browns. Late in the season, he also appeared briefly against the Detroit Lions and New York Jets. Meanwhile, starting quarterback Chris Chandler finished as the AFC's fourth-best passer. In 1996, McNair remained a backup to Chandler until starting a game in December against the Jacksonville Jaguars.

McNair's first season as the Oilers' starter in 1997 resulted in an 8–8 record for the team, which played its home games at the Liberty Bowl in Memphis, Tennessee. McNair's 2,665 passing yards were the most for the Oilers since Warren Moon in 1993, and his 13 interceptions were the fewest for a single season in franchise history. He also led the team in rushing touchdowns with eight and ranked second behind running back Eddie George with 674 yards on the ground, the third-highest total for a quarterback in NFL history.

Tennessee Titans

In 1998, McNair set career passing highs with 492 attempts, 289 completions, 3,228 yards and 15 touchdowns for the Oilers, now competing in Nashville. He also cut his interceptions to 10, helping his quarterback rating climb to 80.1.

The Oilers officially changed their name to Tennesee Titans for the 1999 season as they debuted a new stadium, the Coliseum. Early in the 1999 season, McNair was diagnosed with an inflamed disk following Tennessee's 36–35 win over the Cincinnati Bengals, and needed surgery. In his place stepped Neil O'Donnell, a veteran who had guided the Pittsburgh Steelers to the Super Bowl four years earlier. During the next five games, O'Donnell led the Titans to a 4–1 record. McNair returned against the St. Louis Rams, and with McNair starting, Tennessee won seven of its last nine games, good for a record of 13–3 and second place in the AFC Central.

Tennessee opened the playoffs at home against the Buffalo Bills in a Wild Card game, winning on the "Music City Miracle" and eventually advancing to Super Bowl XXXIV in a re-match with the Rams. On the final play of the game, a McNair pass to Kevin Dyson was complete, but Dyson was unable to break the plane of the goal line, giving the Rams the win. McNair signed a new six-year contract after the season worth $47 million.

Following a 13–3 season in 2000 that ended in a playoff loss to the Baltimore Ravens, the 28-year-old McNair put together his most productive year as a pro. McNair registered career passing highs in yards (3,350), completions (264), touchdowns  and quarterback rating (90.2). He was also the team's most effective rusher, tying George for the club lead with five scores. Named to the Pro Bowl for the first time, McNair sat out the game due to a shoulder injury.

After another playoff loss in 2002, McNair was arrested for DUI and illegal gun possession in May 2003. His blood alcohol was above 0.10, and a 9-mm handgun had been sitting in the front of the car.

In December of the 2003 season, an injured calf and ankle kept McNair on the sidelines for two games. Still he finished with the best numbers of his career, including 24 touchdown passes and a quarterback rating of 100.4. The Titans ended at 12–4, the same record as the Colts, but Indianapolis took the AFC South by virtue of its two victories over Tennessee. McNair and Colts quarterback Peyton Manning were named co-NFL MVPs following the season, which ended in a playoff loss to the New England Patriots for the Titans.

McNair missed the 2004 season's fourth game with a bruised sternum, an injury suffered the previous week against Jacksonville, and played in only five more games that season.

Baltimore Ravens

Following the 2005 season, on April 30, 2006, the Titans allowed McNair and his agent, Bus Cook to speak with the Ravens to try to work out a deal. On May 1, 2006, the Baltimore Sun reported that the Baltimore Ravens might wait for McNair to be released by the Titans during free agency.[citation needed] Speculation was that the Titans might hold onto McNair until the week before training camp in late July if the Ravens didn't come up with a satisfactory trade offer for McNair according to a league source. However, on June 7, 2006, the two teams worked out a deal to send McNair to the Ravens for a 4th-round pick in the 2007 NFL Draft. On June 8, McNair flew to Baltimore, passed a physical, and was announced as the newest member of the Ravens.

The 2006 season saw McNair start each game for the Ravens, missing only portions of two games, helping Baltimore to a 13–3 record and an AFC North Championship. McNair started at quarterback in his first playoff game as a Raven when his team played against the Colts on January 13, 2007. The Ravens lost 15–6.

On May 9, 2007 McNair was a passenger in a car that was pulled over for suspicion of drunk driving. Both the driver of the vehicle, who is his brother-in-law, and McNair were arrested for driving under the influence. Under Tennessee law, one can still be arrested for DUI even if you are a passenger in your own car and the driver is found to be under the influence. McNair owns the pick-up truck involved and was charged with DUI by consent. The Charges were dropped on July 10, 2007.

In 2007, McNair did not play in Week 2 against the Jets which the Ravens won 20–13. He also did not play the full game in Week 3, however, the game was won by the Ravens, 26–23. McNair missed 9 more games during the rest of the season, including getting pulled after taking many hits by Steelers' linebacker James Harrison in Week 9, and fumbling the ball twice.

After 13 seasons in the NFL, McNair announced his retirement in April 2008.

Personal life

McNair married Mechelle on June 21, 1997, and had four sons: Steve Junior, Steven, Tyler, and Trenton.[11] Steve Jr. is a wide receiver at Oak Grove High School in Hattiesburg, Mississippi, the school at which Brett Favre regularly works out during the off-season. Steve Jr. is scheduled to graduate in 2010 and has received offers from Mississippi State, Southern Miss, West Virginia, and Tulsa.[12] Prior to his death, McNair opened a restaurant named Gridiron9 in Nashville on June 19,


On July 4, 2009, McNair was found dead of a single gunshot wound to the head, along with a female victim whom police did not immediately identify but confirmed not to be McNair's wife. The condominium was one which McNair frequented, in downtown Nashville, Tennessee.Nashville police spokesman Don Aaron confirmed that police were called to a residence and found McNair and the woman shot to death inside.Titans owner Bud Adams released a statement regarding McNair2009.
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