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Posted on: August 24, 2008 6:55 pm

Kobe Bryant Is Back On Top!!!!!!

Several years ago Kobe Bryant was accused of rape by a maid who worked at a hotel he was staying at. This was the beginning of a down fall for Kobe who many considered to have a squeaky clean image. Where not going to go into all of this, but many of his fans turned there back on him. However millions stood behind him and still supported there favorite player and now we are vindicated.

What a year it has been for Kobe it did not start on a good note. Kobe was upset at the Lakers front office and rightfully so over the way they where mishandling the team since the departure of Shaq. This caused those who hate or just dislike him to call him selfish and wrong to call out the front office. It turned out his complaining lead to some big moves.

All Laker fans know what these big moves where trading for Ariza and Mitch hanging on to Bynum to start. Mitch turned out he was right over keeping Bynum as he now looks to a big piece to our puzzle in the future. Then when Bynum went down and the season was on the ropes he pulled of the Gasol trade. This propelled the Lakers on to the NBA Finals eventually and also Kobe Bryant to his best year ever. Kobe Bryant got his first MVP finally and proved to many that he could be a team player.

Then comes the Olympics you can call it the cherry on the top. Now firsts things first I don't want to hear ever again that Kobe Bryant is all about himself or not a team player. Kobe Bryant showed not only on the court, but off the court. Let's start with the off the court leadership and team player activities.

First of all Kobe Bryant and many of the other US Basketball players showed there patriotism and support to there fellow American athletes by showing up at other events during there free time. Kobe and LeBron where all over the place at many of Micheal Phelps swims and beach volleyball as well. Kobe Bryant showed that he isn't a kid anymore who sits in his hotel room by himself like many said he did at a younger age.

When Kobe Bryant's transformation to being back to where he was before all the down fall happened last night. The chips where down and the USA was up against it. Kobe was missing every shot he was taking and Spain was matching the USA blow for blow as they cut the lead down to 2. What happened I saw Kobe Bryant pumping his team mates up and keeping them focused on the task. Then Kobe Bryant went of as he either scored or assisted on 15 straight US points. Highlighted by the huge 4 point play that was so clutch.

Kobe Bryant took this US team on his back in the end and really carried the USA to the gold. Proving that he is certainly one of the best players in the world and certainly the argument can be made that he is the best in the world I would be glad to make it. Putting the cherry on the top of an incredible year as Kobe is now back on top of the world.

For the haters I suspect you will be scrambling to come up with new ways to rip on Kobe. However I must say KoMe should never ever be used again(this goes especially to you Mr. Freeman)!!!!!!!!

Kobe Bryant back on top of the world where he belongs and I'm so proud of him!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chew on that humble pie haters!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Must have sucked to have to swallow your pride and root for Kobe to lead the USA to the gold when there backs where against the wall!!!!!!
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Posted on: June 17, 2008 10:58 pm

Early Predictions For The Western Conference

Well here is my early thoughts on how next seasons Western Conference race should shape out of course much can change with the draft and free agency.

WEST (parenthesis denotes seeding in the post season)


LA Lakers(1)- Absolutely have to be the favorites to win it all if they are healthy. This team will be stacked top to bottom and will have a years more development under there belt. If Bynum comes back and plays like he did last season this team could challenge for the Bulls 72 wins record no joke.

Phoenix(4)- I like the Terry Porter hire I think he got a raw deal in Milwaukee and I think he is a solid coach certainly better than D'Asstoni!!!!!! I think the Suns will do very well next season better then the Lakers though not a chance unless the Lakers get hit by the injury bug.

Golden State- One of the more exciting teams in the league but also a team that lacks defense until they improve there and with Nelly as the coach don't count on it this team is no threat to win the division but may sneak into the playoffs and give the Lakers some trouble.

Sacramento- They have some decent young guys in Francisco Garcia and John Salmons. If there bigger 3 guys can stay healthy Artest, Miller, & Martin maybe they have a chance to compete.

LA Clippers- LA's joke of a second team not much else you can say outside of Elton Brand they are next to nothing.


New Orleans(2)- The most complete team in this brutal division Chris Paul should be even better. They will give the Lakers a run for there money for the West but ultimately I think the fact they are playing in such a though division hurts there chances of beating the already superior Lakers out for the top spot.

San Antonio(5)- This team will still hang around and they are looking poised to possibly face the Suns again in a classic first rounder. It will be interesting to see what they do this off season to improve.

Houston(6)- I would like to put this team possibly ahead of both of the teams ahead of them however I have little confidence Yao and Tracy can stay healthy all year if they can they could be a scary sleeper next season.

Dallas(8)- They should be good enough to make the post season again unfortunately for them that's about it once again you can sense Dallas time has come and gone.

Memphis- Is there hope in Memphis maybe if Jarvaris Crittenton improves and if they can get something useful out of the Lakers pick.


Utah(3)- This team should be pretty rock solid next season as they bring back pretty much the same team intact. You can sense they are part of the new big 3 out West and that is the Lakers, Hornets, & Utah as the old big 3 Dallas, San Antonio, and Phoenix begin to fade out.

Portland(7)- I think the Blazers will be very interesting to watch next season as Greg Oden takes his official rookie lap in this league. They should make the post season and provide a scare to whoever they play in the first round.

Denver- Lot's of questions with this team what do you do with Carmello Anthony and AI? They need defense that's for sure.

Sonics- Well whatever the hell they are going to be called I think they will improve being in a new city and not having to deal with it being there last season in a place. Kevin Durant will continue to flourish into a good young player.

Minnesota- Kevin McHale should be fired for giving the Celtics Kevin Garnett and the Celtics should also be thanking him big time for one of the reason why they won it.

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Posted on: June 2, 2008 1:07 am
Edited on: June 2, 2008 1:24 am

Out With The Old In With The New: Laker WCF Recap

I had a huge blog written out and my computer froze me up thus I lost it all I can't even believe this so bare with me as I try to write this slightly less in depth version I'm so ticked right now!!!!!!!

Lakers With Western Conference Trophy

The Lakers defeat the Spurs in 5 games as this series proved to still be entertaining as the Lakers passed what many doubters believed to be there first true test of the post season.

Game 1- This game saw the Spurs come out and dominate the Lakers for 2 and a half quarters as the Spurs ran there way all the way to a 20 point lead with just under 6 minutes to go in the third. This prompted many Lakers fans including myself to be very mad and even caused several of us to stop watching including myself who left for a whole 5-10 minutes before I just had to come back and hang in with my Lakers. The Lakers wouldn't let us down on this night as they came storming back to win by a score of 89-85 they where led by Kobe Bryant who scored 25 of his 27 points in the second half and proved once again to the world why he is the best player in this league and why he is the MVP. Pau Gasol had his best game of the series with 19 points and 7 rebounds. As the Lakers prove they could win games when the score is under 100 much less 90.

Game 2- This game was interesting in the first half as even though the Lakers seemed to be dominate the Spurs had us in a tie with the first half nearing an end however the Lakers ended the half with an impressive run that took us to a 9 point led at the half. In the second half it was all Lakers as we saw the bench's clear and the Lakers run to a 101-71 romp of the Spurs. We saw the official return of Jordan Farmar as he scored 14 big points. Trevor Ariza made his long awaited return from injury and nailed the first shot he took. Kobe was Kobe scoring 22 points, grabbing 5 boards, and dishing out 5 assists.

Game 3- Game 3 saw the return of Manu Ginobili for the Spurs as he showed where Manu goes the Spurs go. He scored 30 points and led the way to the Spurs romp of the Lakers after the first quarter. Tim Duncan had 22 and Tony Parker 20 to help propel the Spurs to a 103-84 romp of the Lakers. The Spurs hit some ridiculous 3's that helped along the way as they shot hot and played there best game of the series. The Lakers got 30 points from Bryant and 15 from Gasol.

Game 4- Perhaps the game of the series the Lakers came out and rolled to a 22-8 lead however the Spurs had cut that lead down to 5 by the end of the first. The Lakers and Spurs then played about as even basketball as can be as the Lakers only outscored the Spurs by 1 point in each of the next two quarters to take a 7 point lead into the fourth. The fourth quarter featured two teams that could not really find the bucket for much of the quarter but then the Lakers got a spark as Lamar and Kobe led the Lakers to a 93-86 lead with just under a minute to go and Gasol at the line shooting free throws however Gasol would miss both and the Spurs would go down and Manu Ginobili hit a 3 to cut the lead to 4 in what would be 3 of Manu's 7 points only.
On the next Laker possession Kobe made a rookie like mistake taking the ball and driving it all the way down to the hoop and shooting a layup early in the shot clock the shot would be missed and the Spurs got the ball to Tony Parker who was able to get out in transition and put up a layup that would eventually be called a goal tend by Lamar Odom. This left the Lakers only up by 2 with some 30 seconds left. The Lakers took the ball down court and ran the shot clock down eventually giving way to a Derek Fisher 3 that missed but hit of Robert Horry's leg and went out of bounds keeping the ball in Lakers hands. However the officials despite the replays showing the ball had hit the rim on Fishers shot never reset the shot clock so this left the Lakers with 2 second shot clock and 5 some seconds left in the game. Kobe Bryant took the inbounds pass and threw up a fade away jump shot that would miss the Spurs would get the timeout and advance the ball setting up a potential game winning shot.
The Spurs inbounded it to Brent Barry who pump faked Fisher into the air however instead of going up and drawing contact Barry tried to drive around Fisher he was then forced to throw up a miracle shot that was way off sealing a 93-91 win for the Lakers. This would draw controversy however Charles Barkley put it best on inside the NBA after the game Barry did not sell the foul as in he should of gone up and got contact which would have rewarded him free throws for sure instead of trying to go around Fisher. Plus Brent Barry may have traveled and when you consider calls where in the Spurs favor most of the game everything pretty much evened out despite something that may or may not have been a bad call. The Lakers hang on take a 3-1 series lead led by Kobe Bryant with 28 and Lamar Odom with 16.

Game 5- Was very much like game 1 the Spurs came out and took a big lead as they had as much as a 17 point lead at 33-16 early in the second quarter. However much like game 1 the Lakers came storming back this time much earlier as the Lakers cut the lead to 6 by the half giving myself a very good feeling that we would win. The Lakers played an excellent third quarter which was capped by a Vladimir Radmanovich 3 that gave the Lakers a slim 1 point lead heading into the fourth. Kobe Bryant came right out in the fourth nailing a 3 that would set the tone for the Lakers. Jordan Farmar made an incredible reverse layup that turned out to be one of my favorite shots of the series to help the Lakers pull away. The Spurs wouldn't quite die but Kobe Bryant proved to be too much hitting some big shots down the stretch and the Lakers hit some key free throws as they where able to finish of the Spurs at home with a big time 100-92 win. Kobe Bryant had 39 points and Pau Gasol had a career high 19 rebounds.

Biggest surprise of the series

Return of the bench officially especially at home. The bench was so key and helped spark the Lakers main guys in many instances in this series. They where led by the return of Jordan Farmar who came up huge in this series hitting several key shots. Also Sasha Vujacic played some solid defense on Manu Ginobili for the most part.

Biggest disappointment of this series

Pau Gasol he was just not good on the defensive end as he shows why we miss Bynum. Duncan was able to pretty much get whatever he wanted on the offensive end of his game. Pau Gasol was not very good offensively either as he only averaged 13.2 points in the series which is unacceptable. As he missed many easy shots and just was not very aggressive to the basket. A close second could be D Fish who really struggled offensively however he did do a pretty solid job on the defense of Parker I thought.

Areas that need improvement

The Bench- They came back in a big way this series but there is always room for improvement especially on the road where they are still having struggles. We will need more from them on the road in the finals against Boston.

Pau and Fisher- We need more from these two they are both so key to our success see above for more comments on them.

This was such a great series as the Lakers just showed me even more. I was so impressed with there play and there big comebacks which where so impressive. Kobe Bryant amazed me once again as he just put on a show in this series a show that many compare to MJ now. Kobe may just be on the fast track to being better then Micheal Jordan and that is just amazing. I'm so dang proud of this team what a season it has been as the dynasty torch was hopefully passed in this series. The Lakers showed how there youth and talent was far better then the Spurs old, tired, and streaky offense. On to the Finals it is as we get the dream matchup of Lakers v Celtics please stay tuned for my Finals preview blog coming up very soon but for now feel free to leave comments on this one.
Posted on: May 21, 2008 4:28 pm

Preview Of The Future?: Lakers R2 Analysis

TheLakers v Jazz series turned out to be a lot closer then many expected. I predicted the Lakers to win in 6 games pre playoffs and I stuck to it even after the first round sweep. However I did not think it would be as stressful and as hard as it actually was. Which leads me to believe this clearly was a preview of the future. So here it is my analysis of the Lakers round 2 series with the Jazz and also a look ahead to the Western Conference Finals.

Game 1- The Lakers came out and squashed any questions about rust right away. It was really maybe the best game played by the Lakers all series outside of game 6. The Jazz made a run but the Lakers took care of business and one fairly comfortably when it was all said and done.

Game 2- Kind of a carbon copy of game 1 except for the fact that the Jazz kept it a lot closer. However in the end Kobe Bryant used the momentum of getting his MVP to provide a night to remember for Lakers fans as we took a 2-0 lead.

Game 3- I didn't watch much of the first 3 quarters and still haven't gone back to watch them however it appears the Lakers played pretty sloppy and just not there best ball yet they nearly pulled it out. Carlos Boozer had his shinning moment of the series when he hit 3 killer shots in a row after the Lakers had cut the lead to 3.

Game 4- Again didn't see much of the first 3 quarters due to the Holiday. It was the Derek Fisher and Lamar Odom show in the 4th quarter though bringing us back from a 12 point deficit with 3 and a half to play to get it into overtime. Then in OT the Lakers got dumb and decided to have bad back Kobe take all the shots. I just didn't get their plan in the OT it appeared they where hoping the Jazz would just wilt. But thanks to Andrei Kirilenko who came up big blocking Kobe a few times and had a big game clinching 3 point play. In the end it could of been an instant classic for Laker fans but now that we won the series I think I can still consider it a classic.

Game 5- This was the story of just a hard fought game. The Lakers lead the entire way basically as the Jazz missed ample opportunities to take the lead. It was amazing they could cut into any kind of lead the Lakers made for themselves but once they got down to where 1 shot could give them the lead they just couldn't do it. TheLakers get a huge game from Pau Gasol and it helps propel them to the must win game 5 on there home court. Big props to Jordan Farmar to for hitting a few big shots in what was probably his one shinning moment of the series that big 3 point play.

Game 6- The Lakers utterly dominated the first 3 quarters and it looked like it was going to be a cake walk all the way. However the Jazz made a run and got it close. Then Kobe Bryant went for 6 points in a row that I thought had sealed the game putting the Lakers back up by 11 with Carlos Boozer fouling out. However the Jazz showed just why this series was never easy as they hit an insane five 3 pointers in a row capped by Andrei Kirilenko who hadn't made any all series nailing the last two. It became a nail bitter and the Jazz had two chances to tie it in the final seconds but they finally missed there 3's. As the Lakers held on for the 3 point win.

The Jazz really showed me just how great they are they have a great core of young players headlined by Derron Williams. I always knew Derron Williams was good I remember having to see my Badgers play him in College when he was at Illinois. However I think he is even better then I expected. If they can hang on to this great core I think we can see the next budding rivalry in the NBA. The Jazz and the Lakers may very well be battling it out for Western Conference glory in years to come. I think I can see the next big 3 in the West Lakers, Jazz, Hornets while the older big 3 is on there way out the Spurs, Suns, and Mavericks.

The Star Of The Series

It would be easy to just say Kobe Bryant but I think the unsung hero of this Laker squad is without a doubt Lamar Odom and that is why he is the star of this series. He came up so big for us on so many occasions. I would give a close second to Derek Fisher.

Key Matchup

Derek Fisher and Jordan Farmar defense on containing Derron Williams. I felt this was the key matchup of the series going into it and it proved to be. Derek Fisher did a solid job of at least slowing down Derron Williams and at least holding him in check. He didn't stop D Will but he did a nice job when he was not in foul trouble of at least limiting the damage.

Areas Of Improvement

The bench play needs to improve I felt our bench was lacking in this series again. Sasha Vujacic came up big for us in a few games but especially in game 4 the bench was outplayed by the Jazz's bench. This points at Jordan Farmar to who has not been very good in this post season. But he is youthful so we should cut him some slack.

Well it is pretty obvious we got killed on the boards however it did not hurt us in the end. So I must say this always has room for improvement.

Defense was pretty good but it was not great. I feel the Lakers have just been playing good enough defense to just get by now it is time for it to really to step up.

Preview of Western Conference Finals

Well the Spurs it is a rebirth of a classic rivalry from earlier in this decade. I think the theme of this series in the end will be out with the old in with the new. As the Spurs may be passing along that dynasty torch. The key to this series for the Lakers is the defense on Tony Parker and Tim Duncan. They both are going to get there's you know it's going to happen so maybe it will be about stopping the other Spurs. I'm just not too sure but without a doubt the one advantage the Spurs have on us is Tony Parker against Derek Fisher. It will be up to Fish to do what he did to Derron Williams and that is to limit the damage. We also get Trevor Ariza back which could prove to be of big help on defense.

In the end I say the Lakers win a classic 6 game series. Pre playoffs this is the series I had envisioned and it has happened. I said it would go 7 but I think the Lakers youth, talent, and speed will prevail. I think the Spurs older legs will have an effect especially in game 1 which I see as the only game that could be a potential blow out.

I'm predicting a Lakers 99-88 game one win, Lakers take game 2 by 5, Spurs take game 3 by 6, Spurs take game 4 by 3 as Kobe misses a tying 3 at the buzzer, The Lakers come home and play a classic with the Spurs in game 5 as they find a way to pull it out late for a 104-99 win. Then in game 6 theLakers make a big come back in the second half to win and advance to the finals with a 97-91 victory. Should be a lot of fun and as always best of luck to the Spurs and Go Lakers!!!!!!! The rebirth of a classic rivalry as the torch is passed!!!!!!!


Posted on: April 29, 2008 8:36 pm

Sweep Dreams: First Round Laker Analysis

Well here we are 4 game sweep of the Nuggets. The only sweep in the first round of the playoffs this season and when you consider we are in the Western Conference that makes it even more impressive!!!!! So let's analyze this series.

Game 1 was all about Gasol as he came through big for the Lakers with a thrilling 36 points, 8 ast, 16 rebound affair. Kobe woke up later in the game and the Lakers put on an offensive clinic in the game. It was the worst defensive game of the series though.

Game 2 was the Kobe Bryant show as he had one of his all time career best playoff games!!!! The Lakers protected there home court and moved on to Denver with a ton of confidence.

Game 3 the Lakers looked like the team that was down 2-0 not the Nuggets. As they came out and pretty much dominated the Nuggets. This was the best game defensively!!!! As the Lakers used a dominate third quarter to all but put the Nuggets away before the 4th when we saw them basically quit.

Game 4 featured a solid first half and a struggle in the second half. We let the Nuggets back in the game and it was a close game throughout the second half. However Kobe Bryant came through proving once again why he is the best closer in the game and the MVP of this league very soon!!!! Luke Walton with a huge dagger like 3 towards the end too. At first I thought what a terrible second half but you know what I think it was just what the Lakers needed a little scare!!!!

The Lakers pretty much dominated the series as there offense just couldn't be stopped by the Nuggets. The 15 point third quarter in game 4 I think had more to do with the Lakers stopping themselves rather then the Nuggets stopping us. It was fun to see this because I honestly expected this despite what the experts where saying. I really ain't surprised by this result at all I predicted Lakers to win in 5 but really wanted to just say sweep but I figured Lakers might get careless in a half against the Nuggets which it seemed like they did for part of that 3rd quarter in game 4. Now we get at least a few days rest maybe more.

Something you may not know

The Nuggets where the first and only 50 win team in history of the NBA to be swept in the first round of the playoffs that is pretty darn impressive when you consider this season and the stacked Western Conference!!!!

Surprise of the series

Luke Walton he really stepped up big time for us averaging 14pts, nearly 4 ast, and 5 rebounds in the series!!!!! Hope he keeps it up for us he could continue to be a great fourth wheel to Kobe, Gasol, & Odom!!!

Area's for improvement

1- Free Throw shooting this basically became a slight problem up in Denver which has me slightly concerned. We seemed to miss a lot of free throw's in Denver. Most of these misses came from some of our key guys to so that is why I suspect this won't ultimately be a problem.

2- Defense- I think we can continue to grow and work on our defense. It was not stellar in this series it was basically good enough to get the job done. I suspect the Lakers did kind of relax during parts of this series just because the offense was so dominant!!!! Only time will tell!!!!

3- More Bench Mob- I would like to see more from the bench besides Walton really there wasn't any standout's pursay. I would like to see more from Farmar, Sasha, Turiaf (I know he was sick), etc. I felt like the starters had to carry us for the most part maybe I'm way off not sure.

4- Just get healthy- Just get some rest and get healthy I think this is the biggest key right now!!!!!

Preview of what's to come

Well it looks like we will be playing the Jazz hopefully the Rockets beat them tonight then lose in Utah on Friday I wouldn't really mind this because then I assume the second round series will start on Sunday on ABC. Plus I just think over a week off could be a bad thing for the Lakers 6 days is perfect.

If it is the Jazz I think the biggest key is holding Derron Williams in check. I suspect Fisher, and Farmar are up the challenge. And then it will be all about our front court against there's. And the other key is to protect our homecourt I'm pretty sure we can and will win at least one in Utah but let's make sure we don't even have to. I will stick with my original prediction check out my previous blog entry for it but Lakers in 6.

If the Rockets make it well let's just say this can you say Lakers domination!!!!! I can not see them winning more then 2 games after a grueling 7 game series!!!!!
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Posted on: April 19, 2008 12:26 pm

NBA Playoffs Predictions

Well here we are the NBA Playoffs have begun and it is time for some fun!!!!! It is time for me to rack my brain and figure out just exactly what is going to happen in the NBA Playoffs this year!!!!!! Let's start in the Leastern conference!!!!

Eastern Conference 1st round

Celtics sweep the Hawks I just smell as sweep on this one!!!! The Hawks have had a decent year but this is the C's we are talking about. A team who I saw in person on my trip to Atlanta just a week ago defeat the Hawks team without even playing KG, and some others in the fourth. I hope for the Hawks sake they can pull out one win in there home.

Cavs defeat Wizards in 7 I sure hope it is the other way around but my guess is LBJ and co. find a way to get it done against the Wiz again.

Magic defeat Raptors in 5 this could be a great series and it also could be an easy one of the Magic. My guess is Magic win it quickly but it will have close games with a nice battle between Bosh and Howard!!!

Pistons defeat Sixers in 6 this one could be a fun one as well. I think the Sixers have enough firepower to win a few games at least and make it interesting. Can they win the series I doubt it Pistons are just two much!!!!

Eastern Conference 2nd round

Celtics defeat Cavs in 5 can't see this one lasting long not after LBJ and co. come off a 7 game battle with the Wizards. I think the Celtics dismantle them quickly.

Pistons defeat Magic in 6 I think Dwight Howard causes enough problems to make this one very interesting. Detriot and the C's have been the best two teams in the East all year though and I suspect that holds true in the playoffs.

Eastern Conference Finals

Celtics defeat Pistons in 6 while I think the Pistons have a great shot I just think the Celtics have too much for them eventually. Celtics have been the team to beat basically since day one I suspect that continues.

Western Conference 1st round

Lakers defeat Nuggets in 5 The Lakers should dismantle the Nuggets and this series really should not be much of a problem. I figure the Lakers after getting up 2-0 or 3-0 may just lay a slight egg in one game but they will not allow it to go past 5 games closing the door in Staples in game 5.

Jazz defeat Rockets in 6 the Rockets will not be able to win in Utah I think Utah split's the first two in Houston takes a 3-1 lead back to Houston. Houston pulls out a great win in game 5 only to be sent packing in dominating fashion in game 6 in Utah.

Spurs defeat Suns in 7 this series could be a classic. Seems every media outlet wants to hop on the Suns bandwagon and bash the Spurs. Not a good idea I think the Spurs are motivated as hell now and find a way to win this series. It won't be easy but I think home court advantage in game 7 going to the Spurs wins it for them.

Mavs defeat Hornets in 6 I think this one has the makings of a special series to. I just feel the Mavs are hot right now and I think the Hornets great season comes to an end. As the Mavs bury some of there demons with a big opening series win.

Western Conference 2nd round

Lakers defeat Jazz in 6 I think the Lakers are one of the few teams that can actually win in Utah. I think the Lakers will take care of business at home and beat the Jazz in game 6 on there floor to seal the deal.

Spurs defeat Mavs in 6 this one could be another classic as these two rivals meet each other. I just think the Spurs have enough left in the tank for this one deep run. I think the Spurs want to prove all these doubters wrong to.

Western Conference Finals

Lakers defeat Spurs in 6 this one could have classic written all over it as well. However I think the Spurs might finally show there age by this time and the wear and tear of the all the game they played to get to this point. I think the Lakers are just two much for them to handle if we are clicking on all cylinders!!! Lakers win the Western Conf on the Spurs floor in game 6.

NBA Finals

Lakers defeat Celtics in 7 this is the one I think everyone wants to see unless you have a ventured interest in another team in the playoffs. This one just has classic written all over it. I know the C's have taken down the Lakers twice this year in big fashion but you know what that was earlier in the year and before we had Gasol. Plus we might have Bynum back by the Finals so who knows. I think it is a classic back and forth series. However I think the Lakers bench is the the X Factor that ends up beating Boston in game 7. Kobe Bryant hits some huge shot's down the stretch including the possible game winner in game 7.
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