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Week 3 Pick 3 Fantasy League

Hey guys and gals,

        Hope you enjoyed the off week, now we have a crap shoot week. This week every driver could just as easily finish in the bottom ten just as easily as they could finish in the top ten, who is gonna stay out of the big one? Well hopefully the answer is my Winner and Chasing the Chase Driver, and hopefully my no chancer wrecks.

Winner - I am going to go with Dale Jr., yes i dislike him, but i think it is time to break that streak. He is racing at a track that he does well at as well as the hendrick cars do well at

Chasing the Chase - Jeff Gordon, did I mention that henricks does well at Talledega?

Loser - A.J. Allmendinger, Kids making his 2008 NASCAR debut, so why not pick him.

BondKBond, I am sorry my new avatar upset you. Didn't know you were a Brew Crew man. The avatar is aimed at a few people in particular, not you. But if you feel the need for a nasty cubbie avatar bring it, thats part of the fun of the rivalry, I promise to not be offended ;-). 

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Unofficial Official Standings Week 2

remember, these results are dependent upon no penalties being issued for actions during the race, or for failing inspection, or based upon my error ;-) thanks great 88 for correcting me, I had the formula right on my spreadsheet, but in transfering this weeks score to my standings spreadsheet I typed in 105 instead of 205. However, for pulicly speaking out against the head of the league there will be a 100 point deduction ;-) just kidding. But what this means i that we have a new winner for the week, sorry edwardsfann99, but you are still in the lead overall.

For the week, the top 3 were

1) Great88 205pts.

2) Edwardsfan99 190 pts.

3) Frady 173 pts.

4) Brnelson81 155.5 pts.

and bringing up the rear this week was....

18) Edwardscollins 8 pts.

Not a great week for anyone, atleast nothing like last week where the top 6 were all over 215 points, only 1 person broke 200, and that was great 88 with 205.

Overall Standings

1) Edwardsfan99   404.5 pts

2) great88              391.5 pts       -13

3) brnelson81         364 pts.        -40.5

4) BondKBond        346 pts.        - 58.5

5) Ultrajer                 326.5 pts.    -78

6) Mikeyfan1599      325 pts.       -79.5

7) Berlyn3014          321 pts.       -83.5

8) Purduefan97       310 pts.       -94.5

9) madmike1975    306 pts.       -98.5

10) bernsports           298.5 pts.    - 106

11) Smokeinyota20 265.5 pts.    -139

12) Frady                   261 pts.       -143.5

13) Jtpoolplayer       252.5 pts.    -152

14) JaySaySue         184 pts.       -220.5

15) Section_725      183 pts.       -221.5

16) Gordon24            155 pts.      -249.5

17)edwardscollins   145 pts.     -259.5

18) goredsox               91.5 pts   -313


1. Congrats to JaySaySue, you got out of the cellar this week

2. Edwardscollins, you are in the lead for the worst week of the year, guess that is what you get when you pick Junior to do terrible, so everyone should give Edwardscollins a rough time this week ;-) just kidding

3. BondKbond, no more gloating or you this week, you have dropped 3 spots to Edwardsfan99, great88 and yours truly.

4. Edwardsfan99 pulls ahead with a healthy lead due to his second place run this week. This was his 2nd top three week, the only one of us to do so. So this week everyone give congrats to Edwardsfan99.

5. Even though Frady came in with a strong 3rd this week, he is still way behind due to his 88 point week last week. But hey, way to bounce back this week.

6. Every give props to great 88 for his win this week, and everyone take a lesson from great88, sometimes even I make mistakes. So please if you think I did your scoring wrong let me know and I will take a look at it.

7. Next week the Dark Horse label will change to Chasing the Chase. I feel this will do 2 things, A) it will no longer make it weird pick a driver that is the Caliber of Jeff Gordon, B) some people have been picking top 12 drivers, and I think this name should make it less confusing when making this pick. Come chase time this label will change to Outside the Chase. Don't feel bad if you have been one of the people who made a mistake on this pick, this is a new fantasy system and I knew there would have to be tweaks to the system so this is not me getting upset, just making necessary changes.

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My Picks, week 2

alright ladies and gentlemen, its time for my picks for this week.......

Winner, My gut is telling me to go with my man Ryan Newman, and well when I feel like Newman is going to win he normally has bad luck, so I can't pick Newman. Therefore after looking I once again think I am going to go with a Hendricks guy. Well naturally I won't be going Mears, and my disdain for Jr. won't allow me to pick him. So hmmm, JJ or Gordon......... hmmmmm.......hmmmm........... It is too fun rooting for Gordon to perform poorly, well I think I will go with Jimmie Johnson. Jimmie has avgeraged a top 7  finish at PMS ;-) hahahaha I know it is PIR, but it should be PMS ;-) hahahaha. But anyway not a bad idea to go with a guy who has sucess at this track, plus he has also done pretty well in the last 2 Spring races picking up a 4th and a 7th.

Dark Horse, I am sticking with my formula of a Hendricks winner and a Rousch DH's by going with Matt Kenseth. Not the best history with PMS but then who does ;-) (immature yes I know, this is just way too much fun... ooohhh oohhhhh something shiny)  ...................................
.............................. sorry about that, got lost. Anyway his last few trips to Phoenix have been good trips 3,5,13,3 and his last two spring races were 5th's and 3rd's.

No Chance,  hmm who to go with? Can I go with the Cubs have no chance at winning the World Series this year? :-). As a life long Cubbie fan I feel that is a safe bet. Anyway as for a driver to do terrible lets go with our friends to the north and pick Canadian driver Patrick Carpentier. Seems to be struggling this year and he qualified 43, hopefully the first man Newman puts a lap down is this Mayo loving Canadian (See the Whole Nine Yards) .

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The official,unofficial week 1 standings

Ok guys, these standings are not official till nascar says they are. If you have any disagreements let me know and I will look into it.


Pos.       Name                   Week 1           Back
 1           Bondkbond          223.5                    0
 2           mikeyfan1599      218.5                  -5
 3           edwardsfan99     214.5                  -9
 4           brnelson81          208.5                -15
 5           madmike1975     190.5               -33
 6           Bernsports           188.5               -35
 7           Great88                 186.5               -37
 7           Purduefan97        186.5               -37
 9           Ultrajer                   180.5              -43
10          Berlyn3014            174.5             -49
11          Smokeinyota20    167.5              -56
12          Section_725         140.5              -83
13          edwardscollins    137                 -86.5
14          Jtpoolplayer           112.5          -111
15           Frady                        88              -135.5
16          Gordon24                 67.5          -156
17          JaySaySue               58.5          -165


1) BondKBonk picks the winner, the only person to do so. He also was able to take the lead even though my point scorers scored more. The difference was that his point loser lost less points. So let that be a lesson to everyone, your No Chance pick will play a big part in how well you do.

2) bad break for Gordon 24 and JaySaySue, they picked Jeff Gordon to win and he finished last. Sorry about your boy Gordon24.

3) As you can see, one bad showing by your winner (like Gordon24 and JaySaySue) can really hurt you. On the same note, one good showing by your no chancer can hurt you as well, points can be made up quickly so don't be discouraged, still 29 weeks to go.

4) Congrats to smokeinyota and madmike, the only recipients of bonus points for their no chance pick. Mad Mike would be tied for 8th without those points, but moved up to being by himself in 5th.

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Week 1 (week 7 in nascar)

     Alright, the long awaited day has begun, its time to start postng our picks in this league. Now, it should be known, that like nascar, sometimes kinks need to be worked out and there needs to be some changes in the rules everyonce in awhile. I do reserve those rights, especially when I am not in first ;-). I am the Bill france Jr., I am the CBS administrator of this league. But I promise to be fair. First off, lets say we post an early pick for a no chancer and he does not make the race. In fairness, you have 2 options, you can A repick or B I will revert your pick to be the slowest qualifier of the go or go homers. This is fair for all because those who make late picks can choose to still pick the slowest of the go or go homers. I hope you all find this fair. Secondly, any penalty points accumulated by your driver for on the track issues (like Carl Edwards and his oil cap) will affect your scores. However, if your driver curses I will not hold you accountable for those actions. That being said onto the picks for this week.

     This week we are at the 1.5 mile cookie cutter track Texas Motor Speedway. This means I will get a good snooze in during the middle of the race ;-). So here are my pics.

         Winner- I am going to go with Jimmie Johnson even though I am an avid Hendricks hater, except for Mears. the reason behind my pick is his success at the track over his career. He has 1 win, 4 top 5's and 7 top 10's, he has also avgeraged a top 10 finish here throughout his career. Yes I know HMS is struggling some, but seriously, who thinks they wont be coming back with a vengence here in the near future.

        Dark Horse - Anyone who does not pick this man is absolutely nuts. He has been the class of the field at the cookie cutters (california and LV), even though he got caught cheating. That would be Carl Edwards, he posted back to back victories as in the COT, and I think he and his crew got this car on these tracks figured out. Remember people this must be a driver outside the 12 twelve in the standings!!!!!!!!!

       No Chance- Dario Franchitti, why? Dodges have not seemed to be overly impressive other than at Daytona, add that to the fact that he is a Rookie, and I don't think he's got a shot of finishing a top 35 unless 8 cars end up out of the race.


Alrighty, Gordon 24 and I did such a great job at picking a loser, that our driver Dario Franchitti did not even make the race, therefore we had to adjust our "no chance driver", and we are both going with the same pick, Michael McDowell. I figure he is a rookie who has crashed already this weekend. This means that he will either A be cautious and will not be up to speed with the others, and/or B he has yet to figure out the track meaning he could be all over the track.

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Pick 3 fantasy league

Alright, I know that this is a few races late into the season, but I have a great idea for a fantasy league. So here is the deal, there are already eleven, so the next 9 to join in can be in the league. Here is how it works.

1) You pick 3 drivers each week; A winner, a dark horse, and a loser, before the race begins. In case you do not make your pick I will use your previous picks. Picks are due before the green flag drops. This will allow you to use qualifying and practices to make your picks. I will keep a weekly count and a running total count as well. So each week there will be a winner, but then at the end there will be an over all winner.

2) The driver you pick as your winner is the driver you think will win the race. He can anywhere in the standings, he can be first or he can be 43rd or lower if you want, he is just the driver that you think has the best shot at winning. You will be awarded the full amount of points that this driver earns in his race, bonus points and all.

3) Your dark horse must be outside the top 12 in point standings (take note for those who were in the trial run, i went from 10 to 12 because I feel it fits better with the chase and all.) You will recieve half of the points that this driver earns. Why not all the points you may ask? Well, that is because he had a chance to be your winner, but you passed him up. If you wanted all the points he earned you should have had him as your winner.

4) And now the fun begins. Pick a driver that you feel will finish the worst, this is your loser pick. Any points this driver earns will be subtracted from the points your other two drivers earned. You can also earn bonus points if your pick finishes really bad. If this driver finishes 43rd you pick up 20 bonus points, 42nd 10 bonus points, 41st 5 bonus points.

How your points are totaled, we will use the nascar point system

(all the points from you winner pick) + (half the points of your dark horse pick) - (the points your loser earned for the race) + (bonus points earned from your loser pick) = your total score

League Members
1) edwardwscollins
2) section_725
3) brnelson81
4) great 88
5) Purduefan97
6) JaySaysue
7) ultrajer3
8) berlyn3041
9) gordon24
10) smokinyota20
11) edwardsfan99
12) bondkbond
13) mikeyfan1599
14) Frady
15) Bernsports
16) jtpoolplayer

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