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The Daily Shoutout: Tebow time

OPENING HIT: This is the biggest test yet for the league's latest infatuation, Tim Tebow, who can't play a lick of quarterback but somehow has become the most talked about quarterback in football not named Aaron Rodgers.

Check that. Tebow has become an even bigger phenom than Rodgers.

And Thursday night will be his biggest test because despite the Jets playing on a short week, they are going to bring the heat to Tebow. There will be no taking him lightly. There will be no overlooking. Tebow is going to face the full wrath of a talented defense -- not great defense, but talented -- that is irritated from being humiliated by the Patriots. They're going to be ornery.

What the Jets will do: put their corners man up on Denver receivers -- since Tebow has no accuracy they won't get beat -- and crash the line with bodies to stop Tebow running. It's simple.

The biggest test yet, indeed. And Tebow is going to fail it.

Sorry Tim.

I continue to hear LaDainian Tomlinson is strongly considering retiring after this season. I'm not 100 percent on this but it would shock no one close to him. The day he retires the clock begins to tick on him entering the Hall of Fame.
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The Daily Shoutout: I like Mark Sanchez

OPENING HIT: Yes, I like Mark Sanchez. Not that there's anything wrong with that. And it seems like I'm increasingly the only one. I know Sanchez isn't Joe Montana but I don't get all of the extreme criticism. I think Sanchez is solid, has a decent learning curve, and is a good leader. I do wish he'd stop doing model shoots but I'm not going to hold his pretty boy-ness against him.

Bottom line: some of the criticism of him is a little off base. In all seriousness, some of what's happening with Sanchez is because of where he plays. There's a sort of reverse East Coast bias at work. If Sanchez played in Kansas City, we wouldn't be hearing how he hasn't improved since his rookie year. But he plays in New York so the criticism and harshness is more poignant. There's more media covering him and more media types on the East Coast covering him and the fact he went to a big-time program like USC also factors in. He's one of the most scrutinized young players in the sport.

(Not to mention he has Joe Namath commenting on his play on freaking Twitter.)

He's had shuffling receiver corps, revamped offensive lines and an assistant coaching staff that at times isn't all that good.

Is Sanchez great? No. But let's stop acting he's like Tim Tebow. He's got real non-gimmicky skill. He'll come along in time.

Now about those model shoots...
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Posted on: November 14, 2011 6:16 pm

Matt Schaub out for year

Houston quarterback Matt Schaub is out for the season because of a serious foot injury, a league source told me.

"He's done," the source said, "the team is devastated."

There's little chance Schaub could return even if the Texans reach the Super Bowl.

The foot is fractured and it could be three to four months before it heals completely, the source explained.

Matt Leinart is expected to start which means the Texans are toast.

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NFL, Jets could fine Rex Ryan for cursing at fan

It was a foul mouthed day at the Jets-Patriots game on Sunday night. First, Bill Belichick said something, um, interesting. Then CBS' Will Brinson found video of Rex Ryan cursing at a fan.

I've been told by the NFL that they are looking into the Ryan video. In fact, an NFL spokesman said just that.

It's very possible Ryan gets fined either by the Jets or the NFL. This could turn into something more than a humorous anecdote. The league could take money away from Ryan.

Warning: explicit language but here is the video.

It's not a guarantee he'll be fined but my guess: he gets fined. The league despises this kind of behavior.

Again, to be clear, no guarantee, but the league and team aren't going to just let this slide without some form of punishment.

This isn't the first time Ryan has reacted poorly to fan heckling. He was fined $50,000 for an obscene gesture.

This fine could be more.
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Bill Belichick's foul mouth

This is breaking news so sit down. You ready? Here goes. Bill Belichick curses.

I know. Crazy talk.

The New York Post has an exclusive in which it claims to have overhead Belichick making an extremely obscene crack about the Jets' defense. The story is beginning to go viral.

Was it vulgar? Sure. But so what. Belichick wasn't saying it to anyone on the Jets. He was saying it to a member of his staff.

And if you don't think every coach in the NFL talks that way, you'd be mistaken. It's common practice. I hear it all the time in practices and locker rooms. The NFL should stand for National Foul (Mouthed) League. Bad language is rampant.

This is a big boy sport. People curse. Who gives a damn?

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The Daily Shoutout: End for Tomlinson soon?

OPENING HIT: The hit on LaDainian Tomlinson on Sunday night was particularly nasty. He was blasted in the lower leg and his knee bent violently towards the inside. He crashed to the turf and to make matters worse his head hit hard on the ground. Tomlinson got up and slowly walked off the field.

"I'm alright," he said after the game. "I'll get some more tests done (on Monday) and we'll go from there."

I'm not saying the injury is serious. I'm not even saying Tomlinson hasn't been playing well for the Jets. He has.

I'm saying I just don't see how much longer this great runner's body can take this kind of abuse.

This is Tomlinson's 11th season. He's 32-years-old. He can still play football at a high level but I see the future Hall of Famer taking more and more hard shots. The one he took against the Jets was the type that destroys knee ligaments.

Tomlinson has to be thinking this. He has to be wondering how much longer can I do this?

Tomlinson is one of the great, good guys to play this game. I want to see Tomlinson leave with all of his limbs intact and his mind sharp.

And I'm wondering if now is the time.

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Patriots dominate Jets, 37-16

EAST RUTHERFORD, N.J. -- Just when you think the New England Patriots are toast, they do something like this. They destroy the New York Jets.

Write off the Patriots are your own peril. Dismiss them. Tell them how old they are, how Tom Brady is sliding downhill. Go ahead. Then all they'll do is put together a grand effort like this.

Bill Belichick pulled his battered and abused defense into MetLife Stadium and taught the Jets to respect your elders.

Brady killed them, Bill Belichick out-coached them, and the most maligned defense in football sacked Mark Sanchez five times and forced him into a grounding penalty once.

This was as dominating a performance for a team that was supposed to be done as you'll ever see.

The Patriots are now in control of the division and because of a fairly easy schedule the rest of the way they are in control of earning a fairly high playoff seed.

Not bad for a bunch everyone said was doomed.
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Posted on: November 13, 2011 11:01 am

Typical DeSean Jackson

It is true that DeSean Jackson missed a team meeting and will be inactive. But as with many things DeSean, the story is more complicated.

I'm told by multiple league sources the benching is a result of the Eagles coaching staff tiring of Jackson's attitude for most of the season. In other words, the benching by Andy Reid is more a result of cumulative actions by Jackson.

The Eagles also, I'm told, wanted to send Jackson a message. They're not taking his crap any longer.

It makes sense the benching wasn't due to a single missed meeting. Reid isn't a strict disciplinarian. A single missed meeting usually leads to some sort of fine or perhaps a benching for a quarter. Not an entire game.

But this is typical Jackson and illustrates why the Eagles haven't paid him and may not and why other teams around the league don't trust him, either. One general manager to me this morning said his nickname for Jackson was "518" meaning five catches for eighteen yards. While Jackson can be a lethal weapon there are too many games where follows six catches for 180 yards and two touchdowns with, well, 518. That is the biggest criticism the league has of Jackson.

He's horribly inconsistent and not too many teams will pay a suspended, inconsistent wideout the kind of money Jackson wants.

So this is typical. Typical DeSean Jackson.
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