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Posted on: December 22, 2011 11:25 am

The Daily Shoutout: Brian Billick hot candidate?

OPENING HIT: This is an interesting one and it is one I don't quite get. But here goes: Brian Billick, I'm told by multiple NFL sources, is drawing interest from teams with coaching openings or potential ones. I even had one general manager tell me he was a "hot candidate."

Now, I like Billick. Very intelligent man. Not as smart as he sometimes thinks he is but very intelligent and while I thought his tenure as Baltimore coach was a good one -- he won a Super Bowl there -- I do wonder: Billick? A hot candidate?

It makes sense in some ways. See: Bowl. Super. Won it. Billick is a solid name an owner can sell to fans.

But as it was pointed out to me the fact Billick is a trending name might mostly be due to lack of other great candidates.

This is the bottom line. There aren't a large number of solid candidates out there. Indeed, this is one of the more down years for high profile candidates.

Many of the big names are in television studios and don't seem -- for the moment -- interested in returning. The worst secret in football is that Bill Cowher wants the Giants job and he'll likely stay in television if that doesn't open up (and it just might the way the Giants are playing). Jon Gruden seems content kissing player butt. Tony Dungy told the show "Pardon the Interruption" he's gotten offers but he's not coming back. Jimmy Johnson looks comfortable on Fox.

There aren't a lot of great college coaching candidates either.

So that leaves candidates like Billick and explains why he's getting interest. He's a proven winner. Has name recognition. Is a good public communicator. I could easily see Billick in Miami.

In a down year for big coaching prospects it is indeed possible Billick could be one of the big names.
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