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Posted on: February 14, 2009 11:16 pm
Edited on: February 14, 2009 11:25 pm

Dunk Contest Final Blog: Rigged

Nate Robinson deserved to win Saturday's dunk contest but Rudy Fernandez got royally ripped off.

A victory for Robinson is a victory for the Little People across the world. Good for him. All 2 feet 11 of him.

He was clearly the crowd favorite and saved the dunk contest. It went from mediocre to great because of Robinson.


Dwight Howard shouldn't have been in the final round. No way. He didn't deserve it. Fernandez did.

Fernandez's first two dunks were far more challenging and creative and the judges -- because of bias toward Howard -- gave Fernandez low ball scores of 42 in his first two rounds when Robinson deserved far higher.

Howard got two perfect scores but didn't deserve them.

That was awful. Howard was a legacy pick. The judges wanted him in the final round because he's popular.

That was a G-E-I-C-O conspiracy.

But the dunk contest overall was pretty good and borderline great. Next year it might even be better with the news that LeBron James is planning to compete it. If he does, that will be a ratings bonanza.

In the meantime, with Robinson the new champion, somewhere Gary Coleman is partying like crazy.



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Posted on: February 14, 2009 10:43 pm

Slam Dunk Live Blog-asm: Round 2

Fernandez, the persecuted European facing extreme bigotry, is on his second try. Pau Gasol is his helper. Mistake right there. Gasol is too soft to be in a dunk contest.

Fernandez is royally screwing this one up. After his awesome first dunk, this was one God awful. He got booed.

Then he tried again and nailed it. The successful dunk was beautiful.

He got a 42. Are you kidding me? He deserved a perfect 10 for that.


J.R. Smith has his assistant in the stands, tossing an alley oop. He nails it on the fourth try. It was very creative, actually. The judges got this one right. They gave him a 42.

Nate Robinson returns. He's going old school by having his assistant on all fours (get your mind out of the trash). Robinson jumps on his back and dunks. Not creative at all and kind of lame.

Howard is back. His first dunk was extremely boring. Now he has a dunk apprentice and...wha? He's bringing in an entirely different basket.

What the hell?

The basket is being put into place. Never seen this before in dunk history. The crowd is getting very excited. The second basket is higher than the original.

Then he goes into a phone booth and changes into a red cape.

Sit down dancers!

Howard dunks on the new goal which is 11-feet.

He gets another perfect score.

The dunk was good but again it wasn't perfect score worthy.

Rip off. Howard is winning on legacy points.

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