Posted on: December 9, 2011 8:44 am

The Daily Shoutout: Would the NFL pull an NBA?

OPENING HIT: Roger Goodell has been criticized by players and media as being too heavy handed. Czar Goodell he's been called. Bully he's been called. Whether or not that's true is a story for another day but there is one thing I know Goodell would never do. He would never do what David Stern did on Thursday night. Never in a million years. Never, ever, never.

Football is a different sport where it's difficult for teams to build super franchises. But beyond that the NFL wouldn't do it because of appearance sake. The league knows the power of image. It's understood this fact very well going back to Pete Rozelle. The NBA only gets this some of the time and this one of those major instances when they fail to.

A league can't have the appearance of being shady or it fuels those conspiracy theories that always plague basketball. Now, the NBA just gave all the paranoid people a reason to be paranoid.

Goodell has faults but he's brilliant and understands this power of perception. So to do many of the NFL owners who are extremely media savy. They wouldn't block such a trade because they know it would make the NFL look like it was run by a group of buffoons.

Good luck, NBA. You're going to need it to get from under this massive mess.

Meanwhile, the NFL chuckles.

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