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Bovine v. 'Bama BCS Blogasm

PASADENA, Calif. -- It was Alabama 37 and Texas 21 but that score couldn't be more deceiving.

The game was much closer and whenever this contest is mentioned in the future it'll come with a question (if not an asterisk). What would've happened had Colt McCoy not hurt his shoulder on the fifth play?

It really is the biggest issue from this game and one that will be discussed for years.

If McCoy had played the Longhorns had a great chance to win.

Instead it's the Crimson Tide who are champs.

CBSSports.com will have much more on this game in the coming hours.

*     *     *

Garrett Gilbert is playing his --- off. The entire tone of the game has changed. It's now 24-21 Alabama. Remember, Vince Young is here, watching. Gilbert is playing very Young-like.

*     *     *

The weather here is starting to cool dramatically. In other words, the weather is matching the game itself. This hasn't been one of the better title games. Someone Boise State is cursing the BCS system.

*     *     *

The Longhorns can generate very little offense without Colt McCoy. This is pretty bad. You have to feel a bit for Garrett Gilbert. It's an impossible situation.

*     *     *

The second half is about to begin and this might be one of the more disappointing title games in recent history. When Colt McCoy was knocked out, the air was let out of Texas, and the game itself. Maybe the Longhorns can re-energize themselves. But without McCoy how do they do that?

*     *     *

This is a question I'm going to raise later. With McCoy getting hurt if Alabama wins does this game deserve an asterisk? It's a fair question to ponder.

*     *     *

Bevo the steer now warming up for Texas.

*     *     *

Garret Gilbert might be hurt now. He's getting worked on by the Texas medical staff. This is a disaster for Texas.

*     *     *

Still no Colt McCoy.

*     *     *

Maybe Mack Brown should put McCoy in a dark shed with no windows. That's a joke, folks.

*     *     *

McCoy may have actually hurt his shoulder. But there's no information on when or if he'll return. Meanwhile, Alabama looks totally outmatched. Nick Saban, hate to say it: you're getting out-coached by Mack Brown. Badly.

*     *     *

Colt McCoy just went into the locker room. His face said it all. He looked like a kid who was just told there's no Santa. If he came back into the game I'd be surprised.

Garrett Gilbert replaces McCoy. How'd you like to be Gilbert right now? Replacing McCoy in the national championship game.

*     *     *

Colt McCoy is out of the game. He's on the bench. This doesn't look good. The Texas medical staff is working on his hand. His throwing hand. This is bad.

*     *     *

What the hell is Nick Saban thinking with a fake kick? Completely out-smarting himself. Saban having a Bill Belichick moment.

*     *     *

Game time. Stop eating nachos and pay attention.

*     *     *

Keith Jackson does the coin toss. It was kind of a limp toss. Just sayin'.

*     *     *

A bit of a scary moment for Alabama before the game. With about 32 minutes to go until game time Mark Ingram took a handoff and slipped. It wasn't a horrible fall but it was a hard one. He got up a bit slowly (just a bit) and then looked fine.


*     *     *

The key to this game is Nick Saban's defensive schemes. He's been able to get his Alabama players to execute almost flawlessly some fairly complex defensive packages. Saban basically runs a pro style defense and the Longhorns will see things Alabama hasn't done previously on film.

*     *     *

Both teams are now on the field warming up.

Meanwhile, I just consumed my third candy bar. I'm going to look like Bevo by the time the night is done.

*     *     *

One place where Texas is definitely dominating so far: alumni at the game. I've spotted Ricky Williams and Chris Simms and there are about a half dozen other prominent UT football alumni.

*     *     *

Former Texas runner and current Dolphin Ricky Williams is here. He approached Alabama coach Nick Saban before the game and the two hugged. They chatted for a second.

Here's how the conversation might've gone:

Ricky: "Hi Nick. Nice to meet you."

Nick: "Nice to see you son."

Ricky: "Can I ask you a question?"

Nick: "Sure, anything."

Ricky: "Got any?"

Nick: "Ah, got any what?"

Ricky: "You know, the good stuff."

Nick: "You mean, like good blitz packages? I can't tell you about those Ricky."

Ricky: "Don't act like you don't know what I'm talking 'bout Nick."

Or maybe not.

*     *     *

New mega-fight of the decade: Mayweather versus Bevo. Bevo might fail a drug test, though.

*     *     *

In a corner of a parking area outside of the Rose Bowl, amid a sea of funky drunken humanity, was a young woman, a petite little Texas fan, throwing up behind a tree. Ah, the sights and sounds of college football.

It was a fitting scene to start what is the world famous CBSSports.com live blog because they only make two things in Texas, and you don't got no horns, boy.

My dumbass-ness will be blogging live all night before writing a column off the game. I work hard. Someone has to make up for Doyel's lacking work ethic.

Then I'm driving to Phoenix for Cardinals-Packers. That is, unless while driving across the desert I'm abducted by the character from the "Saw" movies.

Let's begin this blog by describing what's happening outside of the stadium. It's a dizzying scene. There haven't been this many people gathered in one area since Tiger Woods advertised on Hostess.com.

It's one of the craziest scenes I've witnessed. Far more intense and packed than any pre-Super Bowl or other big event.

It's understandable since Texas and Alabama fans are among the most passionate and dedicated. Some of the fans paid $40 to park literally over a mile from the stadium. Traffic is snarled. 

Inside the stadium, the Longhorn mascot, Bevo, was just escorted onto the field by EIGHT security personnel and two handlers. Eight? Did Bevo receive some security threat? Did someone threaten to deep fry the poor beast?

Overhead, a single engine airplane carries a banner that reads: "Impeach corrupt Alabama governor Bob Riley." At least no one wants to impeach Pat Riley.

The circus has started and the game is still two hours away. 

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