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Posted on: April 13, 2011 12:17 pm

Could draftees wear NFLPA hats on stage?

The following scene could happen at the NFL draft.

Team selects player. Player at the draft is told he's been picked by, say, the New York Giants. Player is backstage with mother, father, sister and Aunt Joan. Everyone hugs. Someone cries. Someone always cries. Player walks out to shake hands with commissioner Roger Goodell.

But instead of sticking to tradition of wearing cap of team that just selected the player, maybe the draftee instead wears an NFLPA cap as a show of support for the former union while on stage with the commissioner. Such a maneuver would be a direct thumb in the eye of Goodell, if it happened.

This is all hypothetical but I wouldn't be shocked if we saw this. Wouldn't be shocked at all.

There could be other potential statements. I'm getting the feeling that the trade association isn't going to let the draft slip by without some sort of public show of unity and I'm getting the feeling the NFL will try to stop any such show.

Which is why this draft could be so interesting to watch.

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