Posted on: March 8, 2012 9:16 am
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Has Manning already narrowed his choices?

Peyton Manning insists he's made no decision on his possible NFL destination. Sure, Peyton. Sure.

No one in the league believes that. They think Manning has a short list but doesn't want to publicly admit it so he can maximize the inevitable bidding war.

One team official that contacted Manning's agent, Tom Condon, says he got the definite impression that Manning indeed has already decided where he wants to go, or, at least, the handful of teams truly in the mix. The official, who did not want to be identified, believes that Miami, Washington and Denver are the front-runners. One report states Manning has already informed the Redskins he doesn't want to play for them.

But the official conceded the front-runner will be the team that, in the end, offers the most guaranteed money.

The official believes that contrary to some reports, Manning is indeed open to playing in the NFC, even in the NFC East where his brother Eli, is obviously king of the division.

It's still early in the process but one thing is clear: the Manning derby is fully under way and, despite his public protestations, Manning likely already has a good idea of where he wants to go.

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Posted on: December 24, 2009 12:52 pm

A true legend

If you grew up in the Washington, D.C. area there was basically one person you watched for your sports news: George Michael.

Michael would become a national sensation but those of us growing up within the Channel 4 broadcast area appreciated him the most. His coverage of DC teams was unsurpassed and he gave a number of journalists who'd also go on to national fame their television start.

He was blunt and informative, calm and endearing, smart and opinionated. Michael became as recognizable in the D.C. area as the athletes he covered.

He was also incredibly nice. Whenever I saw Michael at a Redskins game, he'd ask how I was doing and wished me well. He was a class act.

Michael's show started out small but his charm and energy turned it into a show that would eventually reach hundreds of markets around the country. In some ways, early on at least, he did ESPN better than ESPN and with a fraction of the resources.

Michael died Thursday morning and he'll be missed by numerous sports fans but mostly by those of us who first saw Michael and got to know him long before he became a national star.

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Posted on: December 22, 2009 12:27 am

Matt Millen? Are you serious?

The Redskins deserve a media beatdown after their farce of a game against the Giants and they'll get it. Another brilliant team set up by Dannyboy.

But what I couldn't stand, couldn't take for a second, was hearing Matt Millen, of all people, mocking Jim Zorn and the Redskins.

Matt Millen? C'mon, Matt, really? You? You're mocking Zorn, chucking out loud over his press conference, ripping him, laughing out loud?

You? You?

The guy who sent the Detroit Lions into the tar pit for years to come with some of the worst personnel moves in the history of the sport?


Millen mocking someone's coaching acumen is like Keanu Reeves mocking someone's acting skills.

Just sayin'.

That is all.

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