Posted on: December 3, 2011 8:21 pm
Edited on: December 3, 2011 8:40 pm

Stop the stupidity: LSU could not beat NFL team

Several minutes after LSU atomized Georgia, LeBron James, who has said a few dumb things in his life, may have stated the dumbest thing he has ever contemplated. He tweeted this:

"Man I think LSU could compete with a pro team! They D that good."

That was his tweet. That was really his tweet.

Goodness, gracious that's dumb.

But James wasn't the only moron caught in the immediacy of LSU's dominating win. ESPN analyst Craig James said Aaron Rodgers, one of the most accurate and deadly quarterbacks in recent NFL history, maybe ever, wouldn't want to go against LSU's defensive backs.

There's a video of LSU fans at the SEC championship game chanting, "We want Green Bay!"

Okay, everyone, let's get this straight.

No college team, none, not a one, can compete with even the worst NFL team. Aaron Rodgers is picking apart defensive backs that are the best of the best in the pros. He would obliterate LSU defensive backs.

And what James said was sheer lunacy. The Packers offense would shred LSU's defense. The Cleveland Browns would shred LSU's defense. The Jacksonville Jaguars would shred LSU's defense.

The winless Colts would beat LSU, 50-0.

Unreal. Just unreal some of the dumb things said by people who know nothing of the NFL. I expect LeBron to be knuckleheaded about this but Craig James? He knows the sport. He should know better.

LSU is great. LSU might even be legendary.

But they aren't pros yet. They are the minor league system for the pros. But they aren't pros. There is a huge difference.

So, stick to hoops, LeBron.

And Craig...you might want to watch more tape of NFL teams.

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