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The Daily Shoutout: Dolphins turmoil

OPENING HIT: No, this will not be surprising. Not at all. The Miami Dolphins are 0-3 and this is the type of thing that happens to a winless team. The complaints roll in. It’s inevitable.

That’s what’s happening now. One player on the Dolphins describes a quickly deteriorating locker room in which finger pointing has begun in earnest. Much of the blame, the player says, is being pinned on coach Tony Sparano, despite public proclamations from Karlos Dansby on Friday the players are behind Sparano.

The overall sentiment in the locker room, I’m told, is that players are beginning to doubt that Sparano can solve the team's issues. “The problem,” the player told me, “is that he doesn't have answers.”

Now, again, I don’t want to overstate or dramatize things. This isn’t how every player in that locker room feels and to be sure the players need to take responsibility for the 0-3 start as well. In the mind of some players they are never at fault. It’s always someone else.

But I have to agree with something the Dolphins player told me. The talent on Miami is not 0-3 talent. The numerous breakdowns and mistakes are as a result of coaching.

I also get the feeling players might quickly turn on Sparano. Will Sparano get fired? I'm told, for now, he will not. Yet it seems only a matter of time.

Peyton Manning: It remains highly improbable Peyton Manning will return this year. The reason why is what's happening with his Colts team on the field. The Colts are going to be horrible this season -- they're 0-3 now. If and when Manning is capable of returning later, say middle of the season, the Colts may be too far gone for even Manning to do any good. Neither Manning or the Colts will want to risk further injury at that point.

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