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The Daily Shoutout: Saints welcome back felon

OPENING HIT: On Monday night just minutes before Drew Brees would begin his successful assault on Dan Marino’s career passing record, a felon convicted of mail fraud and conspiracy shook hands with several Saints executives. Mike Ornstein was back. He apparently couldn’t resist the big night.

Ornstein was spotted by CBSSports.com’s Larry Holder speaking with Saints officials. In November of 2010, Ornstein was sentenced by a district court in Cleveland to eight months in prison after he scalped Super Bowl tickets and football jerseys that were fraudulently claimed to have been worn during NFL games.

This was no tiny enterprise or small crime. Ornstein made a lot of money ripping people off. Not to mention he already had a 1995 conviction for mail fraud on his record.

Ornstein recently got out of jail and there he was on Monday night...hobnobbing with the Saints. As a marketing agent for former Saint Reggie Bush, Ornstein was once a fixture around the franchise. He was also close to coach Sean Payton (and likely still is).

Ornstein served his time in prison and he has a right to a post-incarceration life. Hell, there have been star players who went to jail and returned to football. See: Vick, Mike. Vick ran an operation that fought and killed dogs and yet he’s playing in the NFL again.

That’s actually understandable. Vick gives a team a chance to win a Super Bowl and if there is one thing we’ve learned about the NFL some teams would sign Gaddafi if he could help them win (and if he were, you know, not dead). That I get.

But why would the Saints allow Ornstein around? Why risk the embarrassment? Why tick off the NFL office which I know for a fact despises the idea of him hanging around the Saints (and hated – yes, hated – that he was in New Orleans on Monday night). What’s the payoff?

It’s truly confounding. I think part of it is Payton sticking his thumb in the league’s eye. Payton is arrogant that way.

I have a feeling we’re going to see more of Ornstein hanging around the Saints post-lockup. In fact, he was in the locker room after the game on Monday wearing a Saints NFC South champion hats. Can’t make this stuff up.

That is not good for the Saints or the NFL.

But the Saints don’t seem to care.

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Saints say no interest in Moss, thank goodness

Another day, maybe another locker room that Randy Moss was reportedly ready to join and, subsequently, obliterate.

Don't do it, New Orleans. Do. Not. Do it.

A television station in New Orleans is reporting that Moss visited the Saints. Not sure if it's accurate -- the Saints are denying interest -- but I can still see the Saints doing this. They just lost Marques Colston for at least a month to a busted collarbone. So Moss must look appealing.

But Moss has always looked appealing and at one point he was actually worth the headaches he caused but recently Moss has absolutely poisoned almost every locker room he's been in. Moss is one of the worst teammates the sport has ever seen. Look at the evidence.

He was traded out of Minnesota. He was a disgrace in Oakland. The Patriots sent him packing even though they still need a speed receiver. He was a waste in Tennessee. He has been a disaster almost every place he's been.

The Saints' locker room is a very unified group just a short time removed from the Super Bowl. Adding a Moss would corrode that unity the way it did in New England and other places.

Let's put it this way: the Falcons, Packers and other divison and conference rivals are hoping the Saints sign him.

A Saints spokesman says there's no truth to the Moss talk. If that's true -- and it's a big if since Saints management isn't always straight with the media -- the team is being smart.

But if they are considering Moss. Don't do it, New Orleans.

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