Posted on: January 5, 2009 9:31 pm

Fiesta Bowl Scary Moment

There was a frightening moment following a particularly violent collision involving Ohio State defensive back Shaun Lane.

Late in the first half it looked like Lane while making a tackle seriously injured his shoulder or neck. It was scary because it looked like Lane was unconscious. When he tried to walk off the field, he stumbled, and for a moment, his teammates tried to carry him but he couldn't walk.

He was taken off on a cart.

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Posted on: January 5, 2009 6:20 pm

Chaos Theory

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- If you have no rooting interest in the Fiesta Bowl, if you're not a Texas or Ohio State fan, there is only one team to pull for in this game: the Longhorns.

You want the Longhorns to win because that would produce utter BCS chaos and BCS chaos and outrage is what we want.

If there's chaos that will speed along the inevitable: a playoff system which is counter to the current stupidity in which college football finds itself immersed.

This is my Chaos Theory.

Texas wins against Ohio State. That's followed by Oklahoma winning later in the week.

If that occurs, both Oklahoma and Texas have legitimate claims on the title. The Sooners will have beaten a great Florida team and the Longhorns will have earlier in the year defeated the Sooners.

Utah has already demolished an Alabama team that spent a good chunk of the year ranked No. 1. Plus, Utah is undefeated. They'd have a legitimate claim.

So there would legitimately be three teams that would have claims: Texas, Oklahoma, and Utah.

Oh, wait, I forgot about USC. They're probably playing the best football in the country right now.

So, under my theory, that'd be four teams with a claim.

That would be wonderful. There would be some pretty powerful fan bases angry over this current system venting about it for weeks if not months. The only thing that would make me happier would be to see Doyel get his butt kicked in the boxing ring.

The chaos would again put the spotlight on this asinine BCS system and any time that happens, it's a good thing.

There are other chaos scenarios but I like this Chaos Theory the best.

So bring on the chaos.

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Posted on: January 5, 2009 2:25 pm

Can Texas Focus?

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- They don't really want to be here. They don't think they should be here. The Texas Longhorns believe they should be playing several thousand miles away in Florida. They might be correct.

But they're here, now, playing Ohio State. One of Mack Brown's messages before the game was a simple one. When the Fiesta Bowl was set last month, Brown told the team: "We don't like it, we don't appreciate it, we don't think it's fair. But it is what it is, and we're moving forward."

How far they move we won't know until after the game. Brown will have to pull off a splendid coaching performance because his players, no matter what he says, have the perceived national championship slight in the back of their minds. Even Brown admits this is dangerous territory for his team. "My experience in bowl games is the teams usually win that want to be there," he said.

"Don't say, 'Oh, poor me,' Brown said, explaining further what he told his players. "Don't say the system was just poor to you this time. It has been poor to a lot of people."
That's been Brown's message.

But has it sunk in?
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Will Jim Tressel Choke Again?

GLENDALE, Ariz. -- It was an impressive scene. Jim Tressel's Ohio State Buckeyes had just been obliterated by LSU in the national title game. The following morning, at the airport in New Orleans, the Buckeye coach was waiting for a flight. Ohio State fans approached Tressel and asked for autographs. He gladly signed. They wanted pictures taken with him. He happily obliged.

No, it wasn't just an impressive scene, it was an incredible one. Because you knew Tressel had to be hurting inside. Badly. Yet he still signed and smiled and obliged.

Tressel had a classy moment but it doesn't obscure a simple fact: recently, for the most part, his Buckeyes have been terrible in big games. Stinky on top of ugly.

So it's not unfair to say that Tressel desperately needs this Fiesta Bowl game against Texas. He needs a victory as badly as any coach in college football has in a long, long time.

After blowout losses to Florida and LSU by a combined score of 79-38 another horrid performance will put Tressel's legacy at stake (if it already isn't). A win would at least temporarily stem the pain and criticisms of him as a big game failure.

He's got to win, he must win.


Another bad loss would cement the notion of Tressel critics that his one title was lucky and he's less John Coltrane and more like John Cooper.

If he can beat the Longhorns taking pictures with fans the next day will be even more fun than normal.

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Colt McCoy Will Be A Great Pro

SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. -- There are three top quarterbacks left in the bowl season and only one of them will be good on the next level.

It's now Tim Tebow. Great guy, poor mechanics. In fact, his mechanics are among the worst I've ever seen on a big-time college player.

It's not Sam Bradford. He's a product of a brilliant system. He's so system his middle name should be Microsoft.

It's neither of those two. The player who will be the best in the pros is Colt McCoy.

Not to say that McCoy's perfect. He's not and sure he's playing in a pretty good system, too. He's still the most well-rounded of the three, the best combination of athlete, mobility and pure thrower. Yes, a better pure thrower than Bradford even.

Just my opinion.

The biggest reason I like McCoy's chances in the NFL: his accuracy. He's completed 77.6 percent of his passes against Bradford's 68.3 and Tebow's 64.9. There's a chance McCoy could break the single season NCAA completion record. Accuracy is the big difference maker on the next level.

Unless Tebow dramatically improves his ultra-slow delivery he won't stand a chance in the pros. He's an Ed Reed interception waiting to happen.

It's too bad the Ravens already have a good pass thrower and they aren't still named the Colts. Colt the Colt would've been perfect.
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Jim Tressel is a Tad Paranoid

PHOENIX -- Texas coach Mack Brown: classy.

Ohio State coach Jim Tressel: ummm...

Brown: well liked, good man.

Tressel: Not in Brown's league in any way, shape or form.
After what Tressel pulled this week at the Fiesta Bowl, he should be ashamed of himself. He should apologize to a number of people, including Fiesta Bowl officials here. But he won't. Because he's arrogant and he's the polar opposite of Brown.

Tressel decided to break the rules by keeping quarterback Terrelle Pryor away from Fiesta Bowl media day. There was no reason given by Tressel. He did it because he could. Pryor has not been made available to the media since Nov. 22.

Maybe there's an excellent reason for hiding Pryor. If there is, Tressel isn't giving it. He just broke a BCS rule for the hell of it, I guess.

"My feeling is that he probably had something (to do) that would be more impactful on our cause," Tressel said, in trying to explain Pryor's absence, "and that was to spend time in the meeting room."

Wait. You mean Texas players aren't spending time in meeting rooms? Why did Brown allow his quarterback to meet with the media and not Tressel?

Is Tressel implying that Ohio State players have more important things to do that Texas players?

Brown followed the rules and didn't flaunt a sense of self-importance. Ohio State is the only team that I'm aware of in the entire BCS bowl season of who purposely hid one of its stars from the press.

Tressel has never felt the need to explain himself. He plays to his base, a group of fans who are as fanatic -- and at times abusive -- as any in college sports. Tressel knows he only has to satisfy them. So Tressel gives the middle finger to everyone else.

And Tressel's paranoia and fear of the press is ultimately self-defeating. By hiding Pryor he's sending a message to his team that he's uptight and in turn the team will probably play uptight on Monday night.

Please don't say that Tressel is doing this to protect his players. Pryor is the starting quarterback in a game that could have major national implications and these are the rules. Interviewing the starting quarterback is part of the process in these bowl games.

Pete Carroll is one of the most successful college coaches in history and his media policy might be the most liberal in the nation. Being cooperative and non-arrogant has really hurt the Trojans, huh?

There's Hollywood actors attending USC practices.

All that access has really destroyed the program, right?

I can guarantee you Carroll wouldn't be hiding his quarterback from the press. He's confident in his players and himself.

Again, Brown: class act all the way.

Tressel: ummmm...
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Utah Might Be Best In Country

Which is reason 2,345 why we need a playoff system.

That team might be able to hang with the best. They destroyed Alabama. The game was never really close.

Imagine a Final Four of Utah-USC, Florida-Oklahoma.

The ratings would approach Super Bowl numbers.

Time for Congress to intervene and clean up this mess that is college football.
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Kyle Whittingham...5-year-old

In the Sugar Bowl, as the Alabama kicker was lining up for an attempt, cameras caught Utah coach Kyle Whittingham saying, and perhaps yelling, in the direction of the Crimson Tide kicker, "Miss it! Miss it! Miss it!"

Kyle: You're a top college coach, not some twerp in his backyard shooting free throws for a beer. Act like a grownup, dude.

That was embarrassing. Whittingham should be mortified.

Where did he pick up that move? The Barry Switzer School of Coaching?

It reminded me of a scene from "Caddyshack" when the caddies were having a tournament and one of them had to make a long putt to win. The other caddies started yelling at him, "Miss it!" Then as he putted, someone screamed.

That was Willingham. I'm surprised he didn't yell: "Batter, batter swing!"

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