Posted on: April 17, 2009 3:45 pm

Jason Peters a distraction? Really?

The Buffalo Bills are floating to the media that one of the reasons they wanted to trade Pro Bowler Jason Peters was because his contract situation was becoming a distraction.

Ah, what?

A distraction?

Are the Bills aware they just signed Terrell Owens?

Owens is to distractions what the Beatles were to rock and roll.

Owens is the king of distractions. His entire career has been one.

Why can't the Bills just say what's accurate: they didn't want to pay Peters so they got rid of him?

That's fine. But don't float distraction theories when we all know who you just signed.


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Posted on: April 13, 2009 4:23 pm

Harry Kalas

Harry Kalas was an outstanding baseball broadcaster but I'll most remember Kalas for his association with NFL Films.

That distinctive, elegant voice was something many NFL fans grew up on. He took over for John Facenda who had been nicknamed "The Voice of God" by some NFL fans.

Kalas had his own saintly pipes. At NFL Films his work ethic was legendary as was his respect for players.

You know a voice is powerful when people can identify it as easily as they can some stars in the sport.

In the coming days you'll hear an outpouring from league officials as well as from NFL Films because Kalas was so highly respected within the sport.

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Posted on: April 2, 2009 9:33 pm

Cutler blows off Broncos players

When the Denver Broncos stated publicly several days ago that they were going to attempt to trade Jay Cutler, several Broncos players said they reached out to Cutler. They called. He didn't return their calls.

Some tried again. Some tried for several days. Nothing. Cutler blew them off, according to several NFL sources.

"Jay just sort of disappeared," said one Broncos player. "None of the team leaders could reach him."

Maybe once Cutler knew he was being traded, he didn't care. But it's an odd approach for Cutler to take in what was truly an odd last few weeks for Cutler and the team.

It's one thing for Cutler to stop speaking to management. It's another to apparently not return the calls of fellow NFL players.

One player said that some of the Broncos considered Cutler a friend and thought it was extremely bizarre he didn't get back to them.

Were the players I spoke to complaining? No. They like Cutler. They were just making an observation and saying they had rarely seen a player do anything like this.

They just thought it was very...different.

Considering what Chicago gave up to get Cutler, it's a tremendous risk trading for him, especially since Cutler is apparently extremely thin skinned and a tad odd.

The Bears now have one talented -- but extremely weird -- quarterback on their team.

Good luck, Chicago.


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Posted on: March 31, 2009 11:44 pm

Good riddance, Jay

What a spoiled, petulant baby.

Denver owner Pat Bowlen said he attempted to reach his quarterback, Jay Cutler, by telephone for the past 10 days and Cutler didn't return calls.

Now the Broncos are attempting to trade Cutler. Good for them.

Whatever team makes that trade had better be careful because Cutler is without question one of the more thin-skinned quarterbacks we've seen in a long time.

Poor, poor Jay-be, way-be.

Not returning calls? Are you kidding me?

You can't pick up the phone Jay and call back the team that has paid you millions of dollars? Not even one return call?

Who do you think you are, Plaxico Burress?

This is spoiled athlete territory and few people seem to agitated by it. In fact, Cutler will be rewarded for his petulant behavior by probably being traded to a contender like Chicago or New York.

My guess: Cutler ends up in New York which would be typical Jets. They'd trade for him and then Cutler would disintegrate the first time a New York tabloid sticks his gigantic head under an unflattering headline.

Don't worry Denver. It'll be addition by subtraction.


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Posted on: March 10, 2009 10:21 am

NFL Players in Iraq

In the middle of a seriously good deed, there was a moment of levity.

A group of NFL players are now in Iraq as part of a goodwill tour to visit American troops. In a telephone interview with me, St. Louis Rams linebacker Will Witherspoon described meeting hundreds of soldiers and traveling to American bases all over the country. At times, he got quite emotional in describing the visit. Then, he told a funny story.

The group of players -- Arizona wide receiver Larry Fitzgerald, Minnesota defensive end Jared Allen, New York Giants linebacker Danny Clark, and Witherspoon -- were at one particular base and receiving a demonstration about how police dogs are trained. One of the soldiers asked the players if they wanted to put on one of those oversized protective suits and handle the dogs.

Witherspoon agreed. "I put it on but before I did one of the guys offered me a metal cup to protect my..." well, let's just say his package.

Witherspoon told the dog handlers, "No, no. I'm OK."

"That was a mistake," Witherspoon said.

With the suit on, Witherspoon was told to jump up on a wall. He obliged and jumped. As he did so, the dog did something, well, interesting.

"The dog went right for my sack," Witherspoon said.

Because I have the maturity of a seven-year-old, I laughed hysterically over the phone at that comment which caused Witherspoon to laugh as well.

"After I realized I wasn't going to have kids in the future," joked Witherspoon, "then (the dog) went for my arms and legs. It was all in fun. But seriously, you walk away from a trip like this so impressed with the military. They're the true tough guys. There are guys who've been here six, 18 months. They're very dedicated and we owe them a lot."

The group has traveled all over the region from Kuwait to Camp Ramadi.

"I don't know where to begin in describing this trip," said Fitzgerald to me. "These soldiers are just young guys like us. Yet they've dedicated their lives to protecting our country. You come away feeling a sense of admiration for what they do."

The soldiers are the real heroes but these NFL players aren't too shabby themsevles.

The group will travel back to the United States later this week.

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Posted on: March 5, 2009 8:53 am

Good for the Cowboys

It seems Dallas is in the middle of a turd jettison movement.

They've supposedly tossed Terrell Owens overboard which follows their divorce from Pacman "Crimetime" Jones.

Thank goodness the Cowboys are finally understanding that you can't win with a team full of bad guys.

And Owens is a bad guy.

Dallas has enough talent on the field to win. It doesn't need Owens or Tank Johnson or Crimetime or the serial quarterback killer Owens to make the postseason. The Cowboys can get into the playoffs without those turds.

Finally, a team gets it.

Even if the Cowboys are a little late doing so.

Now, I fully expect Owens to end up as an Oakland Raider.

It's destiny.


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Posted on: February 26, 2009 3:19 pm

Attention All Dogs...

This is an official notice from the government.

Please, run for your lives.

Mike Vick is getting out of jail soon.

To avoid getting electrocuted, dragged into a fight, put into a soup, or asked to participate in an MMA bout, provide yourselves a 3,000 mile radius around Vick's home.

If you see Vick, you have the government's permission to bite him. If that option is unavailable, feel free to pee on his leg.

Thank you and God bless all four-legged little pooches.


Uncle Sam

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Posted on: February 22, 2009 5:20 pm

Jeff Saturday

Jeff Saturday has always been one of my favorite players. The reason why is quiet consistency. In 10 years as a Colt, he's missed just six games, an incredible achievement considering he plays one of the most violent positions on the field, getting his head and gonads beat in almost every play. He's started 138 regular-season games and is the key to a unit that allowed only 178 sacks during that time, the fewest in football.

Saturday has done this without being a diva or begging for attention. There's been no clownish, Uncle Tom behavior or logging onto the police blotter. Just constant good play and Pro Bowls made.

Now, there's a chance he's gone from Indianapolis. Let's be clear: this isn't Colts bashing, just a taste of reality of how the NFL works. The fact Indianapolis has allowed Saturday to test free agency instead of signing him to a deal that would've seen Saturday stay a Colt for life is somewhat stunning to me. Sure, he's 33-years-old and sure the Colts' Bill Polian is a brilliant personnel person but if Saturday plays his Sundays for another team it would be one of the few egregious errors Polian has ever made.

Saturday said in an interview with that he was somewhat shocked the Colts allowed him to become a free agent. He won't criticize the Colts. That's not his style. But he remains stunned nonetheless.

"I'll be honest," Saturday said, "I really don't know how I ended up at this point. My first choice is to stay in Indianapolis. I've built strong relationships with players there and don't want to leave. But it might come to that.

"I never saw me going anywhere. I didn't really see this coming. I've spoken with the Colts for almost a year about this. I fully expected to finish my career in Indianapolis and I hope I can but now I don't know."

Some teams (and many fans) take players like Saturday for granted. They think you can plug any fat body in a center and things will be fine. But there are centers and then there are players like Saturday who along with Peyton Manning controlled the complicated calls along the offensive line.

Losing someone like Saturday will hurt the Colts no matter what the Colts or anyone else contends to the contrary.

Get cocky with Saturday at your own risk, Indy Colts.

Get cocky at your own risk.


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