Posted on: March 14, 2011 1:47 pm
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Orlando ready to bid adieu to Woods

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Once upon a time, when it became known that Tiger Woods had bought property in Jupiter and was planning to move down the coast, a columnist in the Orlando Sentinel jokingly suggested that the city build a canal from to the ocean to the lakes behind his home so that Tiger could park his $22 million yacht in Orlando.

You know, as an inducement to keep him from leaving.

Those days are long, long gone. Some are hoping the same phrase will soon apply to Woods himself.

Monday in the newspaper's business section, printed the morning Woods was set to appear in the two-round Tavistock Cup matches at his home club, Isleworth, the newspaper did all but say good riddance.

Wrote Sentinel business columnist Beth Kassab, who has generally gushed about anything related to the Tavistock Group -- which owns Isleworth -- over the years: "In some ways, Isleworth's loss of prestige by being associated with Woods happened more than a year ago, when the world's most publicized driveway fender bender led to the unraveling of golfer's image and game. His name was once a big selling point for real estate agents and businesses touting the area as a hot neighborhood. But that sentiment has cooled."

It seems that few buyers want to live near to the fallen world No. 1.

"We held him in really high regard," Vic Miesel, who specializes in luxury home sales in the Windermere area at Maingate Real Estate, told the newspaper. "The luster of his fame has definitely worn off on a lot of people."

In fact, some residents grew so tired of the army of cameras parked outside the gates or helicopters hovering overhead last year that they complained openly about his presence. When Woods hired private security to park outside his home, it annoyed some of his neighbors, who got the evil eye when they drove past.

Woods is building a new manse on Jupiter Island with a completion and move-in date set for "pretty soon," he said vaguely last week in Miami.

The newspaper said that 14 percent of the multi-million-dollar homes in Isleworth are for sale.

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Posted on: March 26, 2010 5:14 pm

Curtis uncertain how players will react to Woods

ORLANDO, Fla. -- Ben Curtis went to Isleworth Country Club to get some work done on his game.

He ended up playing with the world's exiled No. 1 player, too.

Curtis, an Orlando resident, drove cross-town to Tiger Woods' home course last week with his coach, an associate of Hank Haney. The latter was on the practice tee, working with client Woods, trying to get his game back into playing shape.

Haney approached Curtis and asked if he wanted to play a few holes. It was an offer the former British Open champ could not refuse.

Curtis admitted that there was some awkwardness, if that's the right word. It underscored the notion that it might take some time before the dynamic between Woods and his peers returns to normal.

"I mean, everybody that tells you that it was the same as before would be kidding themselves," Curtis said. "But I mean it was obviously a little bit different. When I saw him, no one's actually really seen him in public. 

"It was a little bit different. I didn't know him that well before, anyway. But I could see where some of the guys that might have known him pretty well, Mark O'Meara and [people] that knew him pretty well, it might be a little bit different for them now than it was before. 

"But I don't know. That's hard to say. I mean, I try to just treat it as we are just going out there and playing golf and just having some fun. He was testing his game. I was testing my game."

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