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Expand-O-Meter, June 10, 2010

Days college athletics has been held hostage (since Big Ten announced expansion exploration on Dec. 15): 177
Who had the best day: Turns out the Pac-9 had to expand. Down a team after the hydrogen bomb dropped on USC by the NCAA, commissioner Larry Scott wisely offered Colorado on Thursday. What CU lacks in national championships, it more than makes up for in grungy loners on Boulder's Pearl Street walking mall.

Who had the worst day: TMZ. At the end of business on Thursday, Oklahoma State still hadn't joined the Pac-10 contrary to reports from the oddly obsessive electric celebrity hounders. On a more positive note, though, TMZ is reporting that Lindsay Lohan has been released from rehab and has begun seeing Mike Gundy.
Quote of the day: "Are the junior and senior USC Song Girls eligible to transfer?" -- anonymous text.

Link of the day: While you were texting your buddy about the latest expansion vomit, Auburn suddenly improved its national championship chances. From 2004. In light of Thursday's penalties, the Football Writers Association of America will review USC's championship from that year. The Grantland Rice Trophy has been awarded to the FWAA's national champion for the last 54 years. A group of FWAA members vote on the winner each season. We're researching right now to determine which team finished No. 2 that year. If Auburn was second, then the Tigers might be elevated to a national championship six years after the fact.

What's on tap: The Nebraska board of regents meet Friday to discuss the latest summer styles, ITunes hits, cool wine bars and, oh yeah, joining the Big Ten.


Posted on: August 21, 2008 3:58 pm

Wow, wait until you see who is No. 1!

The Football Writers Association of America just released its Super 16 for 2008.

Also, why is this rules stuff news in August? The horse-collar rule was passed in April. The story says, "Other changes announced Wednesday ..." I thought it was strange that this was a national wire story. This rule is probably the least controversial of those passed. If you've been reading the site or this blog you know how I feel about the new timing rules.

Watch for the officials to crack down big time on celebrations this season too. Self-expression is dead.  


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