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Posted on: December 8, 2011 12:00 pm

Weis to Kansas? Can't see it

Charlie Weis’ name has been mentioned for the Kansas job, which is interesting.

The man is highly thought of in the area. He made Matt Cassel an All-Pro in his one year with the Kansas City Chiefs. Kansas City won the AFC West and led the NFL in rushing with Weis as offensive coordinator. Weis was also determined to leave the area after one season because he and his wife had enough because of disturbing incidents involving their daughter.

Weis made the move to Florida to be with his son Charlie Jr. and to provide a better setting for that special needs daughter, Hannah. I don’t think he comes back to Kansas to be a head coach. Kansas has less of an infrastructure than Notre Dame and Weis went to two BCS bowls with the Irish.

I might be totally wrong. Kansas may have spoken extensively with Weis. Maybe he wants to get back into college head coaching in the worst way. He would be that sexy hire and get KU football back on the map. It’s hard to remember but the Jayhawks were national championship contenders in 2007.

Florida took a downturn in 2011 with Weis as offensive coordinator but that’s all it was – a downturn. And don’t forget the growing possibility that Urban Meyer didn’t exactly leave the cupboard stocked.

As of now, Weis isn’t going anywhere because his focus remains where it should be – his family.

Meanwhile, as of now …

Arizona State: With June Jones apparently out of the picture, the Sun Devils are reportedly turning their attention to Tennessee defensive coordinator Justin Wilcox, Oregon offensive coordinator Jim Helfrich and 49ers assistant Jim Leavitt. Still can’t understand why Sumlin was out of the mix early. Said it was his dream job.

UCLA: An LA Times report says the Bruins are centering on Jim Mora Jr. 

Illinois: The Chicago Tribune is reporting that the Illini like Toledo’s Tim Beckman.

Kansas: Completely silent. The Kansas City Star lists 11 candidates.


Posted on: September 28, 2011 12:13 pm

We've been duped here in Kansas City

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- We were asked to vote on a new arena here in Kansas City a few years ago. The plan -- no, the promise -- was to lure a pro franchise to play in it.

That's how 72 suites were sold in a matter of months. That's what the president of arena giant, AEG, said. You can look it up. Tim Leiweke said we'd have our own franchise (NBA, NHL) when the doors opened in October 2007.

I thought about that watching a thoroughly entertaining preseason NHL game Tuesday night at that arena -- the Sprint Center here in Kansas City. The game was sold out. The hockey was fantastic, Pittsburgh over L.A. 3-2 in an eight-round shootout.

Then this morning I read the latest back track from Leiweke

"Kansas City," he told the Kansas City Star, "can take its time."

Whoa, wait a minute. Who is Tim Leiweke telling us what to do when his politicking and false promises got us to this point?

Why not just admit, Tim, that you duped us? Admit that the Sprint Center was built four years ago to become the world's largest concert hall in the first place?

Take our time? How dare you? AEG has taken out full-page ads to proclaim that it is one of the most successful music and entertainment venues in the world. Those 100 nights of Taylor Swift and Lil Wayne and Guns N Roses, may be fun but that's not why we voted $250 million for the Sprint Center.

It was for the promise of attracting a pro franchise and to keep the Big 12 basketball tournament. That second item looks kind of shaky because the Big 12 has almost broken up twice in the last 16 months. I'm sure AEG didn't count on that, but it probably didn't have a four-day, college basketball tournament at the top of its list for building for building Sprint either.

The arena was built to house acts it could funnel through Kansas City. Nothing wrong with that, but I’m trying to come up with a list of cities this size with an arena this new that don't have a pro franchise. Please, someone help me here.

I just wish they'd told us that up front. I would have had a harder time voting for a car rental and entertainment tax to watch Enrique Iglesias and the pro rodeo tour.

“Right now there is not an urgency [to get an anchor tenant],” Leiweke told the Star. “This building is doing phenomenal."

And to that I proclaim B. -- freakin' -- S. Ask the merchants across the street at the Power and Light (entertainment) District who are doing OK, but could be doing so much better with a guaranteed 41 home dates for an NBA or NHL franchise.

One of the biggest days in the P&L's short history was a crowd that gathered to watch a U.S. World Cup game there in 2010. That had nothing to do with the glittering jewel across the street, Sprint just happened to be there.

I get that there has been an economic downturn since the building opened. I get that teams aren't moving and leagues aren't expanding. That's why I feel doubly duped. Leiweke should have never made those claims when he needed our tax dollars to fund his concert hall. I feel doubly duped because Mario Lemieux and the Pittsburgh Penguins ownership group toured the construction site. It turned out to be leverage for the Penguins to get their new building.

We are a college town. Check that, we are a Chiefs and Jayhawks town. You wonder how an NHL or NBA franchise would do on nights when Kansas, Kansas State or Missouri are playing basketball. I still wonder that. I also wonder why I voted for Sprint when the plan all along was to fill it with exhibition games and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Full disclosure: I loved the Paul McCartney show in 2010. At age 68, he rocked the house. Best show I ever saw. But, again, I wouldn't have helped vote $250 million for Paul McCartney either. Meanwhile, the Sonics are now the Thunder in Oklahoma City. Atlanta's Thrashers are now the Winnipeg Jets. Wait, we got scooped by OKC and Winnipeg?

"We're fine without one [anchor tenant]," Leiweke repeated, "and we probably make more money without one."

If that isn't an indication of AEG's true intentions, I don't know what is. Make money, sure? Just don't lie to us how you're going to make it. We're no closer to being a better major-league town than we were when the first shovel was stuck in the ground for Sprint. Well, unless you can't wait to see Jeff Dunham, Monster Jam and something called Nuclear Cowboyz.

It was a great night for the Kansas City hockey community on Tuesday. They got out there and sold a lot of tickets. The announced attendance of 17,779 was the most ever to watch hockey in our town.

However, it was a horrible night for the Sprint Center. When the puck dropped there were still thousands of people outside waiting to get in. Sprint/AEG apparently hasn't figured out that it needs to open more doors when there are a lot of people outside. There was literally more room marked off for smokers outside than there were for people with tickets waiting to get in.

Also, at a sold out event it might be a good idea to open all the concession stands. I missed half the game waiting in line with my son for food. At least the game presentation was good. The first period intermission featured a commercial for the 2012 Camry. One was driven on the ice, in case you didn't get that Toyota was a sponsor.

A wing-eating contest was being shown on the big screen during a face-off. The public address announcer didn't know the names of players as he was announcing goals.

I still would say the Kansas City deserves the NHL or NBA. But after the frustration of these four years, the question has changed. Does Kansas City deserve AEG?


Posted on: December 31, 2010 10:47 pm

Breaking down Weis to UF

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- If Charlie Weis is about to leave the Chiefs to become Will Muschamp's offensive coordinator, he is taking a demotion.

Not because of Muschamp or Florida. It's simple football job math: Being an offensive coordinator in the NFL is a much better job than being an offensive coordinator in college -- even at a top 10 program like Florida.

In the NFL you don't have to recruit which means you have more time to do your job. No matter what they tell you, most coaches consider recruiting a nuisance. They know it has to be done, but no one grows up dreaming of recruiting. They grow up dreaming of calling ball plays.

That's what Weis does best. He showed that this season with Matt Cassel and the Kansas City offense. Cassel has become a borderline All-Pro. The running game is the best in the NFL. The offense trusts Weis and Weis trusts his players. If this move happes, though, is suggests some underlying friction between Weis and head coach Todd Haley.

It's no secret that Haley has a combustive temper. The same goes for Weis. This could be a clash of two football minds that can't be rectified. But the fact that Haley brought in Weis suggests the head coach subjugated his ego a bit. Haley employed two former head coaches as his coordinators (Romeo Crennel is the D coordinator).

That's why it becomes more than curious if Weis returns to college coaching. The man is not exactly the picture of health. He has a knee is so bothersome that it might require a replacement at the end of the season. In the middle of all that, he is supposed to recruit for a new boss trying to get Florida back to the top? It's not going to be easy.

That's why there would have to be something significant driving Weis away from Kansas City.  
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Posted on: December 15, 2008 11:24 pm

King Carl bites the big one

KANSAS CITY, Mo. -- If it wasn't so damn cold here, people would be dancing in the streets.

A city's football franchise held hostage, has been set free.

King Carl is done.

That stuff you read about Kansas City Chiefs GM/CEO/President/Dictator-for-Life Carl Peterson's "resignation" on Monday? It probably came from Auburn AD Jay Jacobs because Peterson left voluntarily about has much as Tommy Tuberville did. This was about owner Clark Hunt being much more decisive than his father ever was.

Peterson was unceremoniously booted from the job. These things have to be presented nicely so no one's feelings get hurt but that is exactly what happened. Hunt was sick of it, the fans were fed up, the entire city had had it. They all deserved better. The Chiefs haven't won a playoff game since 1994. Think about that in this age when Miami and Atlanta can turn out in one season. Fourteen years? You almost have to try to be that bad in an NFL where everything is legislated so each team goes 8-8.

In the last 10 years, Carl had become a whipping boy. An arrogant whipping boy. While he fiddled, Arrowhead burned -- or what used to be Arrowhead. Peterson's bad draft decisions and cronyism drove the franchise into the ground.

The Chiefs needed this kind of move, like, yesterday. Hunt saw that Peterson's credibility has been used up. Once raucous Arrowhead was half full. (I still don't understand why games weren't blacked out.) The fans were wearing bags over their heads. A rebuilding project was completely botched. With a stadium renovation set to debut and ticket prices being raised again, faith had been lost.

All of it was on Peterson. The man deserves credit for wearing snazzy leather coats and having Dr. Feelgood and the Interns of Love play at his wedding reception but he never connected with this town even when things were going good.

What in the name of Matt Ryan was ever wrong with drafting and developing a quarterback? That never happened here in two decades under Peterson. The man deserves credit for bringing winning football back to Kansas City. Unfortunately, Peterson lost his fastball long ago. The rest of the league has been teeing off on him for too long. 


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