Posted on: March 8, 2011 11:46 pm

A look at the Jim Tressel e-mails

Here are the e-mails that SportsbyBrooks says are between Jim Tressel and the attorney who alerted him of his players' involvement in selling their gear. There is some fairly damning stuff here including ...

--In the first exchange dated April 2, the source tells Tressel that Eddie Rife, owner of now infamous Fine Line Ink, "was convicted about 9 years ago for felony forgery ... He also was with his friends at (redacted) where he witnessed the homicide of one of his friends ... The Federal Government was at [Rife's} house for alleged drug trafficking ..."

Tressel answers this e-mail by saying, "I will get on it ASAP."

--In the next e-mail dated April 16, Tressel is informed that Rife "has about 15 pairs of cleats [with signatures], 4-5 jerseys -- all signed by players ... about 9 rings Big Ten Championship..."

The source goes on to say, "These kids are selling these items for not that much and I can't understand how they could give something so precious away like their trophy's <sp> and rings that they worked so hard for."

Tressel replied: "I hear you !! It is unbelievable !! Thanks for your help ... Keep me posted as to what I need to do if anything." 

--The source then sent another e-mail on April 16. "Only thing we can do is keep him, his house, his tattoo parlor off limits to players."

--In a June 1 e-mail, Tressel tells the source, "our rings arrive this week for 2009 Big Ten [title] ... any names from our last discussion?? I would like to hold some collateral if you know what I mean ... jt"

All this is another reminder that, going back to Watergate and beyond, it's the coverup not the crime. Also, after reading all that, it reminded me of the immortal tweet from former Buck Antonio Pittman: “cats been getting hookups on tatts since back in 01.”
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