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Off to San Antonio, a couple of things on my mind

This was going to be all basketball-related until Ryan Perrilloux decided to go knucklehead again this week. This is from the student newspaper at LSU about an alleged altercation at a Baton Rouge restaurant ...

Another employee at Kona Grill confirmed Wednesday (April 2) that Ryan Perrilloux was involved in a verbal altercation at the restaurant, saying the junior quarterback called a server "Osama."

The employee agreed to speak to The Daily Reveille under the condition of anonymity and said the incident occurred Sunday around 10 p.m.

Another Kona Grill server, Drew Watson, said he knew "all about the incident" but "already agreed to management not to comment."

Perrilloux entered the restaurant with an unidentified former LSU football player and three employees from Crazy Horse Cabaret, the anonymous employee said.

He said the group sat in the cocktail area and began drinking. Perrilloux, the employee said, began yelling obscenities and racial slurs to their server.

After some time, the employee said the server spoke to a manager and asked him to address the rowdy group.

The employee said a manager asked the group to leave, and after the manager threatened to call the police, the group left.

The employee said a manager e-mailed the LSU Athletic Department and said he would not serve any more LSU players until he received a formal apology from Perrilloux.

Kona Grill allegedly received phone calls from LSU coach Les Miles, an assistant athletic director and Perrilloux apologizing for the incident, employees said.

Watson is not the server who spoke about the incident nor the server who was harassed.

LSU Sports Information Director Michael Bonnette said no such incident occurred at Kona Grill.

"We don't have anything to say," Bonnette said.

The Daily Reveille contacted Assistant General Manager Scott Aldridge on Tuesday evening, and he said he did not have a comment regarding the incident.

"I've been receiving a lot of calls about that and would like to stop receiving calls at the restaurant," Aldridge said.

The Advocate reported Wednesday that Aldridge said "Perrilloux was at the restaurant Sunday evening but didn't cause a scene."

Casey Hicks, public information director for the East Baton Rouge Parish Sheriff's Office, said the Sheriff's Office was not called out Sunday evening to Kona Grill.

Perrilloux's suspension from the football team was lifted this past week, and he was expected to return to practice Monday.

WJBO reported Tuesday that Perrilloux "will not be participating in Spring practice at all this year" because of "an incident at a local restaurant over the weekend."

Our favorite suspended quarterback appears to be done for the spring which is kind of a big deal considering the spring game is on Saturday. Link

I'm told the fact that Perrilloux will miss the rest of spring isn't related to the alleged restaurant incident, but stay tuned.

 When will people (meaning you, Doyel) get off the Tyler Hansbrough train?

I'm not here to trash the kid. He's really, really good. But to continually harp on his "effort" and his "trying real hard" makes me sick. To say Hansy tries harder than everyone else is an insult to everyone else. Does he play harder than Kevin Love? No. Does he play harder than Derrick Rose? No. The point is, those guys aren't exactly slackers.

Let's go ahead and assume that most players give maximum effort. Hansbrough just happens to have bulging eyes that makes him popular with the Sam Peckinpah crowd. Let's not confuse talent with effort. Hansbrough has both but he's not the most competitive mammal on the planet.

Try taking a dead mouse away from a wolverine. I don't know why I wrote that, I'm just passionate about the subject.

Mike Freeman's America-loves-a-tough-white-guy column  is still the defining word on the issue.

  A colleague this week asked me to rank the top 10 college basketball programs at this moment. Came up with this. 1. North Carolina 2. UCLA 3. Kentucky 4. Duke 5. Kansas 6. Louisville 7. Florida 8. Georgetown 9. Texas 10. Memphis

That was before Indiana hired Tom Crean. So let's wait and see if the Hoosiers can claw their back into the at-this-moment top 10.

  Joe Paterno doesn't need a contract? Careful, Joe, you might get what you wish for. 
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The conspiracy numbers from the second round

Officials continue to call NCAA Tournament games like they are the Battle for Faluja.

In the second round almost half the games (seven of 16) were bogged down by a foul-a-minute pace. The Tennessee-Butler game had a tournament-high 49 fouls. Taking into account the overtime, there was a foul call every 55 seconds in that game. The worst ratio was in the West Virginia-Duke game which featured a whistle every 50 seconds.

Going into the Sweet 16, three of every eight games (18 of 48, 37.5 percent) are being called at, at least a foul-a-minute rate (minimum 40 fouls in a 40 minutes). The second-round games averaged almost a foul out per game (14 DQs in 16 games). The average fouls per game were 37.125.  

So what, you say? Those of you who attended these games (like me)  were so pissed at the end you wanted to strangle someone.

I'll say it again. A mandate has been handed down by someone to call these games close. It takes away from the appeal of the tournament -- the players. We don't come to see officials, we come to see great ball.


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... which is another name for Omaha which has been a great host for this corner of the Midwest Regional.

Just bought at Omaha Steakburger here at the Qwest Center. The rest of you have to order them by mail. Here, they're $5.50 a pop.

Best quote of the week comes from Wisconsin coach Bo Ryan who responded this way when asked to describe his swing offense:

"(It's) $99.99, there's a DVD. I can give you the address -- come on, I put my kids through college on the money that I made from the videos that we put out."

Getting ready to go out on the court for Kansas State-Wisconsin and it hit me: It took Duke and the officials in that second-round game to make Bob Huggins a sympathetic figure. His Mountaineers got screwed by the officials in the first half against the Dookies.


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Night session from Omaha

We certainly didn't need Cal State-Fullerton to pull any surprises against Wisconsin.

And by "we", of course, I mean me. It's past midnight ET. No need to get upset crazy. After more than 12 hours shacked up in "The Q" it's time to wrap up this first day.

The Titans cooperated nicely, losing to the third-seeded Badgers 71-56 in the final game of the day.

A big bowl of chicken soup for Coach K, though, in Washington D.C. Mike Krzyzewksi and I have something in common. Duke barely escaped in a 71-70 over Belmont. More imporantly, Coach K has a brutal case of the flu. He barely got up off the bench during timeouts.

Me? I've a sinus/cold thing that has me feeling like Kent State (10 points in the first half vs. UNLV) and Winthrop (11 points in the second half vs. Washington State) combined.

Hoping for a better day tomorrow. It can't get any worse than carrying a brick around in your head.



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