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(Rumor) Millin' Around

Lloyd Carr might end up being despised by both Ohio State and Michigan. Seems that Ol' Lloyd facilitated the transfer of offensive lineman Justin Boren to Ohio State.

 Texas Tech's Mike Leach on continuing to call his own plays unlike many of his more high-profile peers (Mark Richt, Charlie Weis, etc.):

"Otherwise, I'm just a hand shaker," Leach said.

 Wake Forest's Jim Grobe has written a letter of support on behalf of Cincinnati quarterback Ben Mauk. Mauk is seeking a sixth-year of eligibility. He was denied by the NCAA in February. Mauk has been injured in two of his five seasons but according to the NCAA his eligibility, his clock has run out.

Mauk transferred from Wake to Cincinnati in 2006. Last season, he led the Bearcats to a 10-3 season. In 2003, Mauk was injured and sat out the season. The NCAA has ruled that was his decision.

"He should be given another year," Grobe said. "It's really a slam dunk from my perspective. Most (college) presidents would like to see kids redshirted their first year ... When you redshirt a kid he should be given the chance to play four years of college football."

 You've seen the quickie books. You've sat through the I'm-going-to-the-NBA press conferences. But did Randy Bird get enough credit for Kansas' recent success in football and basketball?

Randy Who?


Bird is the 30-year-old nutritionist for KU's sports teams. One of only 17 full-time such persons in the country, he claims.

"I control the menus...," Bird said. "If you look at a team like Memphis, they ran out of gas. Our guys had quite a bit of energy in those last few minutes and overtime. The funny thing to me, before the game they were talking about Derrick Rose eating Twizzlers and a bunch of candy."

 My post-spring top 25 will hit cyberspace in the next few days. I'm seriously considering replacing No. 1 Georgia. As always, your input is always dreaded, er, welcome.

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College football notes

If this story is true regarding Clemson backup tailback Ray Ray McElrathbey, then Tommy Bowden has some serious questions to answer. The story alleges that McElrathbey's scholarship was taken away to free up space on the roster. Clemson has an abundance of tailbacks and signed the NCAA maximum (25) in recruiting. Ray Ray made national headlines two years ago when he took in his brother Fahmarr because of family problems. Mom had a drug habit and dad had a gambling problem.

Little Fahmarr wowed the crowd at the college football awards in Orlando in 2006 after his brother accepted the Football Writers Association of America's Courage Award. Ray Ray has had injury and academic problems so the alleged decision to yank his scholarship might be at least partially his fault. However, Ray Ray reportedly made the honor roll last semester.

Clemson announced last week, somewhat cryptically, that McElrathbey would not play next season It lauded his academic exploits but did not really explain where -- or from whom -- the decision came from.

This could be a nice way of Clemson letting McElrathbey go after he had become too much of an academic and/or personal burden. But if it in any way was athletically related, I've got a problem. I always thought that it sucked that a kid pledged himself to a university for four (or five years) but had to prove himself every year to keep the scholarship. Unless Ray Ray was tanking in the classroom, he deserved to keep the scholarship if only because of the positive publicity he brought to Clemson.

 As predicted in this space, Cincinnati Ben Mauk is taking another shot at a sixth year of eligibility.  Good luck, Ben. There is nothing underhanded about this attempt. Plus, we'd like to see a Mauk-led Cincinnati coming 10 wins. The Bearcats would definitely be a factor in the Big East.

 A big bad of White Castles goes to the Missouri Valley for once again staging a first-class tournament. The nation's best mid-major conference is still undervalued even though CBS is now televising the championship game. Look for regular-season and tournament winner Drake to make a serious run in the NCAA Tournament.


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