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Posted on: October 14, 2008 2:26 am

Dodgers inexperience showing at worst time

LOS ANGELES -- Remember how we talked about how much the Los Angeles Dodgers have grown? Like, in the aftermath of Game 3?

Well, now we're in the aftermath of Philadelphia's 7-5 Game 4 win.

And what we've learned is the Dodgers still have lots of maturing to do.

Eighth inning, trailing 7-5, the Dodgers received an absolute gift when reliever J.C. Romero walked Rafael Furcal on five quick pitches.

So what happens?

Up next, Andre Ethier swings at the first pitch. He doesn't look a couple over. He doesn't make Romero work at all. Just swings away. And grounds into a double play.

Rally over.

Season over?

The Dodgers now trail 3 games to 1, and they're in a world of hurt with Cole Hamels starting Game 5 for Philadelphia.

"It was big, man," Romero said of Ethier's double-play ground ball. "Eighth inning, you don't want a rally. I had tried to work Rafael away, because he's productive when people come in on him."

But Romero worked him too far away.

Then he couldn't believe his good fortune when Ethier hacked at the first pitch, and beat it into the ground toward shortstop.

"I really thought he was going to take one pitch," Romero said. "Yes, he's a good hitter. Maybe he saw the pitch he wanted, in his wheelhouse. But it was a good pitch. I'm happy with it."

He should be. The Phillies, with just one World Series win in their history, are one triumph away from getting a chance at No. 2.

Ethier? Many more poorly executed at-bats like that, he and his mates will be starting their winter very soon.

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