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Posted on: October 9, 2009 11:10 pm

Francona good, Angels travel late, Howrie to SD?

ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Boston manager Terry Francona appeared over his food poisoning by the time Game 2 started. He said he felt much better following a rough night and was left with only a headache.

"I had a bad night," Francona said. "I just flat-out got food poisoning. Everybody's probably had it.

"Believe me when I tell you, I got rid of it."

 Staying in their comfort zone: In an unusual move, the Angels have decided to work out in Angel Stadium on Saturday before flying to Boston later in the day for Game 3 on Sunday.

Often, clubs leave immediately after the game and fly through the night to reach their destination and work out in the opposing ballpark the next day. In the past, the Angels have left on the morning of their travel day and then worked out in the opposition ballpark upon arrival.

"We did that last year and waited an hour-and-a-half for our [equipment] bags," manager Mike Scioscia said, recalling yet one more unpleasant Boston experience for the Angels. We finished the workout about midnight. So we're going to work out here [Saturday] before our flight. And then we'll get into Boston and get a good night's sleep and get ready to play."

As miserable as Boston has been for the Angels, why not? And maybe they caught a break

 Jed Hoyer, Red Sox senior vice-president and assistant manager, is a strong candidate to succeed Kevin Towers as San Diego GM, according to industry sources. Hoyer is with the Sox here but declined comment on his candidacy for the Padres job, going so far as to refuse to even say whether or not he's interviewed. It's believed that he has.

 Most fascinating story of the weekend might be watching how the Cardinals respond following their gut-wrenching Game 2 loss to the Dodgers. Tony La Russa always is incredibly tightly wound anyway. If he's even worse and it reflects in his team, it could be three and out for the Cards. Here's their best chance: Joel Pineiro, who is underrated and has had a very good year, steps up to the challenge in Game 3. Then, you've got to like ace Chris Carpenter on short rest over the Dodgers' backsliding Chad Billingsley. Then, you could be looking at 2-2 and everyone heading back to Dodger Stadium for Game 5 on Tuesday.

Likes: Watching the Phillies' Charlie Manuel manage and never knowing what to expect next. Do you think he'll use any of his relievers the rest of the way? ... Love the time of year when every single pitch carries far-reaching and dramatic implications. ... Heroic effort from Minnesota starter Nick Blackburn in Game 2, but the Yankees are just too talented and too deep. ... Bobby Abreu's batting eye. The guy walked in each of four plate appearances in Game 1. Not the most exciting stuff, but you've really got to admire his discipline. "I've got my strike zone and I swing whenever I have to swing," Abreu says. "It's not like I'm going to waste my at-bat to make somebody happy." ... Dance the Night Away remains Van Halen's best song (and I like a lot of them). ... KLOS, 95.5 FM, Los Angeles' classic -- in every sense of the word -- rock station. ... Congratulations to the Falcons from Monroe (Mich.) St. Mary Catholic Central High, who won another huge football game Friday night. My Falcons whipped Milan 25-13 in a Huron League game to run their record to 6-0 in the league and 6-1 overall. Another outstanding job of coaching (so far) by my old classmate and buddy Jack Giarmo.

Dislikes: Randy Marsh, CB Bucknor, Phil Cuzzi ... the list of umpires failing to distinguish themselves continues to grow.

Rock 'N' Roll Lyric of the Day:

"You love her
"But she loves him
"And he loves somebody else
"You just can't win
"And so it goes
"Till the day you die
"This thing they call love
"It's gonna make you cry
"I've had the blues
"The Reds and the pinks
"One thing for sure
"Love stinks"

-- J. Geils Band, Love Stinks

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