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Posted on: March 20, 2011 2:22 am
Edited on: March 20, 2011 2:36 am

Beltre: Best chance to win was Texas, not Angels

SURPRISE, Ariz. -- Adrian Beltre played for the Dodgers from 1998 through 2004, still lives in Los Angeles in the offseason and had a chance to go home to play for the Angels as a free agent this winter.

He didn't.

Instead, he signed with Texas and will spend another summer away from home.


According to Beltre, because Texas has more talent than the Angels.

"I thought this is the team that gave me the best chance to put a ring on my finger," Beltre told CBSSports.com the other day, wearing his Rangers uniform, sitting inside the Texas clubhouse.

Certainly, dollars figured into it because they always do.

He signed with the Rangers for $80 million over five years, with an option for 2016 at the end of that.

The Angels made what they termed a "significant" offer during the negotiating period, reportedly $70 million over five years. Beltre also earlier declined a reported five-year, $64 million offer from the Athletics.

Beltre, though, in discussing choosing the Rangers over the Angels didn't say anything about bigger dollars. Instead, the 13-year veteran talked about the big goal in the game that so far has been elusive to him.

"I've been playing awhile, and I've only been to the playoffs once," Beltre said. "It was really fun.

"This is a really good team, and a young team. We know the core of the team will be here awhile. It's not going to be a good team for one or two years and then get older or whatever."

That run started last year. When Texas won the division title in 2010, it stopped a streak in which the Angels had won five of the previous six AL West titles.

Beltre said he spoke with Rangers general manager Jon Daniels before signing and "I believe Texas is going to do what it takes to win on the field for the rest of my contract."

And the Angels?

"I don't want to get into details," Beltre said. "I thought, overall, my best chance was here in Texas."

Even if he meant leaving home to find his best chance.

Sunblock Day? Yessir. Checked in in the 80s again today.

Likes: Butler 71, Pitt 70. What a phenomenal game. And yes, both fouls should have been called at game's end. Butler's Shelvin Mack said it best: As players, they're taught to play the right way for 40 minutes. As such, they deserve nothing less than officials remaining consistent throughout as well. ... The sour cream enchiladas at Los Olivos. Terrific Mexican food there in Scottsdale. ... Great running into umpire Jim Joyce and his lovely wife, Kay, in Los Olivos as well, by the way. ... The Bud Light dogs commercial they're running during these NCAA tourney games. The one where the guy says the dogs can do anything, and next thing you know there's a wild party with good looking guys and gals and the dogs are tending bar, bringing appetizers around, etc. When I get home from spring training, I'm going to have a discussion with my dog, Slugger, about stepping up his game.

Dislikes: What?! Rain in the forecast for Phoenix on Monday? How dare Mother Nature do that.

Rock 'N' Roll Lyric of the Day:

"Now Texas has gotten a bad reputation because of what happened in Dallas and Waco
"And the corporations, well, they are corrupt and the politicians are swindlers and loco
"But when it comes to music my friend, I believe these words are as true as St. John the Revelators
"Our Mr. Vaughn was the best that there ever was and no band was cooler than the 13th Floor Elevators"

-- Ray Wiley Hubbard, Screw You, We're From Texas

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