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Posted on: December 19, 2008 2:06 pm

Ole Miss doctor "has no doubt" Warren tore ACL

Ole Miss is still waiting on Chris Warren's MRI results. But a source close to the program told CBSSports.com that the team doctor has examined the knee and "has no doubt" the injury is a torn ACL.

That means that barring a miracle -- and it would be naive to expect one at this point -- the Rebels will play the remainder of the season without their sophomore guard who is averaging 19.6 points per game. Warren will join Eniel Polynice and Trevor Gaskins on the sideline and leave Andy Kennedy to navigate the SEC down three of his top four guards.

Warren was injured in Thursday's loss to Louisville.

Ole Miss returns to the court Monday against Florida A&M.

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Posted on: December 19, 2008 1:02 am
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Source: Ole Miss' Warren likely has torn ACL

Andy Kennedy's "difficult 24 hours" concluded with Chris Warren limping, and though it's still too early to know for sure a source close to the Ole Miss program told CBSSports.com that the Rebels expect a Friday morning MRI will show that Warren tore his ACL in Thursday's loss to Louisville and will be sidelined for the rest of the season.

If so, OIe Miss will now be without three of its top four guards considering Trevor Gaskins and Eniel Polynice are already out with season-ending injuries. That would leave David Huertas as the only available Rebel who averaged at least six points per game last season.

Ole Miss (7-4) returns to the court Monday against Florida A&M.

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Posted on: December 18, 2008 5:20 pm
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Dear Gary (on the Ole Miss situation)

Here's Thursday's Dear Gary ...

Dear Gary: Why was (Ole Miss coach Andy) Kennedy even out after midnight drinking the night before the game? Sounds careless to me.

-- Adam

I've heard similar claims today, and I'll just say this: The idea that Kennedy and his assistants were out for drinks the night before a road game isn't surprising, rare or exclusive to the Ole Miss staff. As a person who is on the road for basketball games all the time, I can tell you that it's pretty common for coaching staffs to hold a team meeting, get every bit of preparation done and then unwind a little bit. At that point, there is nothing else to do, and there are a lot of guys who leave graduate assistants or managers in charge of the team back at the hotel so that they can get a late drink, relax, whatever.

True story: I was in a bar last March the night before a Sweet Sixteen game, and I was walking out with a coach from a team that was playing the next day, and it must've been 2 a.m. Somebody recognized the coach and stopped him.

"You're out late," the person said. "Don't you have a game tomorrow?"

The coach's response: "The scouting report is done, the kids are in bed and it's not like I have to play tomorrow."

Seems reasonable to me.

So again, there is nothing out of the ordinary about a staff out drinking. Anybody who says otherwise probably just needs to get out a little more. The only crazy thing here is that the night culminated with two coaches getting arrested. And either way, it should make for an interesting television broadcast because a pair of Mississippi schools are competing in the SEC/Big East Invitational, and one of the coaches (Rick Stansbury of Mississippi State) just got out of the hospital while the other (Andy Kennedy of Ole Miss) just got out of jail.

Can't wait for the halftime interviews.

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The Ole Miss side of the story

The details of what led to Ole Miss coach Andy Kennedy's arrest early Thursday remain unclear and disputed. But a source who was with Kennedy told CBSSports.com "nobody hit the cab driver" and that he's certain Kennedy will be cleared of all charges.

Here's the Ole Miss side of the story:

According to the source, the coaching staff had a team meeting, finished film and then went out for dinner and drinks Wednesday night in Cincinnati, where Kennedy used to coach. The party was a mixture of Ole Miss coaches, officials and some of Kennedy's friends from Cincinnati, and when it was time to go, the five coaches -- Kennedy and assistants Michael White, Owen Miller, Torrey Ward and Bill Armstrong -- jumped in a cab to take them back to the Marriott across the river in Kentucky.

Kennedy was in the front seat.

The four assistants were in the back.

According to the source, after driving "maybe a tenth of a mile" the cab driver realized there were five people in the car, and he told the coaches that he could not take five passengers. So he stopped, at which point Kennedy and his assistants jumped in another cab, one with a driver willing to take five passengers. At that point, the source said, the first cab driver pulled up beside the second cab driver and started yelling at the second driver "in a foreign language," and then the second cab driver turned to the coaches and asked if they owed the first cab driver money.

The coaches said they did not owe anybody anything because the first driver refused to transport them. Then, according to the source, assistant Torrey Ward, who is black, told the driver to stop talking to the other driver and to get them back to their hotel.

"And then the cab driver turned around and said "Shut the f-ck up, n-gger," the source said. "That's when things got heated."

According to the source, the coaches and cab driver did exchange words, "but nobody hit the driver." The source added that Kennedy and his assistants tried to get out of the cab, but that the driver locked the doors and got on his cell phone, "and we think that's when he called the cops." Eventually, the source said, the driver unlocked the doors and let the coaches out. They then got in a third cab and traveled about a half-mile before the cops pulled the cab over and approached the car.

"The cops said, 'Coach Kennedy, we need you to get out of the car," the source said. "They told him he was under arrest for assault."

According to the source, Armstrong came to the defense of Kennedy, started telling the police "this is bullsh-t" and that Kennedy didn't do anything wrong. That's when Armstrong was arrested, and then White, Miller and Ward waited at the police station for Kennedy and Armstrong to be released.

Also worth noting: There have been reports that Armstrong was kicked out of the Lodge Bar, which preceded the coaches getting in the first cab, but according to the source, that is "100 percent not true." Alex Moller, the general manager of the Lodge Bar, supports that claim. He told the Clarion Ledger newspaper in Mississippi: "The reports that they were kicked out are untrue. They were here, but they left on good terms. As for what happened after they left the bar, I don't know. But there was no incident here."

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Kennedy will coach Ole Miss on Thursday night

Andy Kennedy will coach Ole Miss Thursday night despite being arrested Thursday morning for allegedly assaulting a cab driver in Cincinnati, a source has told CBSSports.com.

The Rebels play Louisville at 9 p.m. ET.

Ole Miss is expected to formally address the situation later Thursday.

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Posted on: April 9, 2008 12:35 pm
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It could be Trent Johnson or Anthony Grant at LSU

SAN ANTONIO -- Seems I'm one of the last people in the country who hasn't pulled out of the LSU search, but rest assured I'm close. Tony Bennett is no longer a candidate. Neither is Oliver Purnell or Travis Ford. That leaves Notre Dame's Mike Brey, VCU's Anthony Grant, Stanford's Trent Johnson and Ole Miss' Andy Kennedy as the only other known high-profile candidates. But multiple sources told CBSSports.com on Wednesday morning that Brey and Kennedy are no longer involved, meaning it appears an offer could be made to Johnson or Grant at some point soon.

Johnson makes sense because he's losing the Lopez Twins, plus he only has one year remaining on his contract. A possible five-year deal at LSU would provide security. As for Grant, it's just as simple as moving up the proverbial ladder, and a  move from the CAA to the SEC is clearly a move up.
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