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Posted on: July 1, 2009 6:16 am
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The Henry family could use some PR classes

Just to recap ...

The week started with Carl Henry telling the Kansas City Star that his older son, C.J. Henry, is just as good as future Kansas teammate Sherron Collins even though C.J. hasn't played organized basketball in four years and despite the fact that he has never been considered an elite prospect. Carl added that both his sons plan to be one-and-done prospects and hinted that the reason Xavier isn't already at Kansas is because he doesn't want to go to class. Then the proud papa told a Kansas City radio station Tuesday that both his sons -- C.J. Henry and McDonald's All-American Xavier Henry -- might actually choose to enroll at Kentucky instead of Kansas because that's what Xavier wanted to do all along. But by late Tuesdya Xavier was text-messaging folks that he really is going to enroll at Kansas, cross his heart and hope to die.

Unreal, right?

In fairness, there's still a decent chance this all ends well for the Henry family.

But it sure as hell isn't off to a great start.

(Either way, I'm back to vacation .)
Posted on: April 22, 2009 12:44 pm

KU lands Henry brothers

Xavier and C.J. Henry both plan to enroll at Kansas, sources involved in the recruitment have confirmed to CBSSports.com.

Barring a late change of plans, a formal announcement is expected in the next 24 hours.

C.J. was a walk-on at Memphis last season, and Xavier, a high school senior, committed to play there under John Calipari. But when Calipari left for Kentucky, the recruitment re-opened, and now it appears to have ended with the Jayhawks landing, in Xavier, a consensus top five prospect who will strengthen their hold on the top spot in the preseason Top 25 (and one) . As for C.J., it's unclear whether he'll be granted a waiver to play next season at Kansas. But sources said he will request one and deal with the result, either way.

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Posted on: November 4, 2008 12:46 pm
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Memphis wounded heading into exhibition

MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- I walked into the Finch center Monday, told John Calipari I was there to see his team.

"You won't see much," Calipari said.

And then the wounded began to take their positions.

There was Antonio Anderson, hanging out under a basket, a device attached to his lower leg designed to help with shin splints. To his left was Tyreke Evans and Angel Garcia, both on the sideline watching, Evans with a sprained ankle, Garcia with a sprained knee. And then there was C.J. Henry still recovering from a broken foot.

Combined, that's two starters (Anderson and Evans) and two key reserves (Garcia and Henry) that the Tigers won't have Tuesday night when they play Christian Brothers University in an exhibition. So yeah, Calipari is frustrated because it was going to be hard enough to replace Derrick Rose, Chris Douglas-Roberts and Joey Dorsey even if everything went perfectly. But anybody waiting for the world-is-out-to-get-us quote from Calipari will have to keep waiting because the man who has managed to again sell every season ticket in the 18,000-seat FedExForum isn't openly complaining or feeling sorry for himself.

"I'm not saying anything because we had none last year," Calipari said. "Stuff happens."

Indeed, Rose, Douglas-Roberts and Anderson each played all 40 games last season, and Dorsey played the final 38. Robert Dozier only missed three games (two early because of a small injury, one later for discipline), meaning the usual starters who led Memphis to a 38-2 record combined to play 195 of a possible 200 games.

"We went through a whole season with a couple of nicks, bumps and that's it," Calipari said. "So this happens."

The healing process looks like this: Anderson should return to practice late this week, Evans could be back by the Nov. 15 opener against Fairfield and Garcia and Henry are both probably out until mid-December. The Tigers' first real test will come either Nov. 17 against UMass or Nov. 21 in a likely game with Southern California in Puerto Rico.
Posted on: August 27, 2008 5:05 pm
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More on C.J. Henry

I've got a few emails about the C.J. Henry-to-Memphis story and wanted to clarify the situation as best I can.

The one thing people keep mentioning is how quickly this all happened, that it came out of nowhere. But I can honestly tell you this scenario was being bounced around more than a year ago. In other words, the first time I ever heard about the possibility of C.J. Henry and Xavier Henry both playing at Memphis was in July 2007. So while this might've all been finalized in the past week don't think for a second that it wasn't presented to the Henry family in some form for more than a year.

Anyway, the next question is about whether this guarantees Xavier Henry will sign with Memphis.


Probably not.

Kansas will always be a viable option because Bill Self is one of the best recruiters in the business. But it has forever been assumed by industry sources that Xavier Henry would play for the Tigers, and I can't imagine the fact that his brother is now expected to be in school at the UofM will hurt in any way. So again, guarantee is a strong word. But if you've got to bet a paycheck on it, bet on it happening.
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Posted on: August 26, 2008 6:51 pm

Memphis gets C.J. Henry; Xavier next?

No wonder the Memphis staff has always seemed quietly confident about its chances of landing Xavier Henry.

The Oklahoman reported Tuesday that Xavier's older brother, C.J. Henry, will enroll at Memphis this week and immediately join John Calipari's basketball program. Consequently, it's difficult to imagine the Tigers not adding Xavier -- ranked fourth in the Class of 2009 by Scout.com -- in the coming months.

For those unfamiliar, the connection dates back two decades.

Calipari was an assistant at Kansas when Carl Henry -- C.J.'s and Xavier's father -- played for the Jayhawks and the Memphis coach has apparently used that connection to help lure C.J. from minor league baseball, where he spent the past four summers bouncing between the farm systems of the Yankees and Phillies after being a first-round draft pick in 2005.

As for his Xavier's future, C.J. insisted he and his brother will make independent decisions.

But this is obviously a sign that Memphis is in great shape with Xavier.

And the presumption is that he'll sign with the Tigers in November.

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