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Life on the road isn't easy, even for good teams

A Saturday schedule with just one game between ranked schools seemed boring on the surface.

That's why I stayed home this weekend.

If only No. 9 Missouri, No. 10 Kentucky, No. 17 Kansas State, No. 18 Michigan State, No. 19 UCF and No. 22 Vanderbilt could've done the same. Maybe then they wouldn't be six ranked teams that just endured losses to unranked teams in hostile environments. Yes, it was one of those days in college basketball. Every time I flipped the channel some ranked team was going down on the road. The result was an afternoon of court-stormings, and Sunday night's Top 25 (and one) is sure to be a shuffled mess.

For those who missed it, here you go:
  • Colorado 89, No. 9 Missouri 76
  • Georgia 77, No. 10 Kentucky 70
  • Oklahoma State 76, No. 17 Kansas State 62
  • Penn State 66, No. 18 Michigan State 62
  • Houston 76, No. 19 UCF 71
  • South Carolina 83, No. 22 Vanderbilt 75 (OT)
Georgia is the only unranked team of that bunch that'll likely break into the updated rankings, so let's not pretend this is the day that validates Penn State, Colorado, Oklahoma State, Houston or South Carolina. Yes, Colorado (12-4) and Oklahoma State (13-2) are both solid. But Saturday's results say less about them than they say about how difficult it is, even for nationally ranked teams, to go on the road and win in conference play.

(Worth noting: No. 4 Syracuse nearly lost Saturday at Seton Hall, and Seton Hall is 7-9.)

No. 6 San Diego State, No. 13 Georgetown and No. 20 Illinois are among the ranked teams on the road against unranked teams next Saturday. My advice: Don't be shocked -- or even mildly surprised -- if some of them (or all of them) experience the same fate that Missouri, UK, KSU, Michigan State, UCF and Vandy experienced this Saturday. If it happens, it won't necessarily mean they were overrated. It'll just mean they had to travel.
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Reports: Houston hiring former TTU coach Dickey

James Dickey will be Houston's next basketball coach, according to multiple media reports out of Houston.

The Houston Chronicle is reporting a formal announcement could come Thursday.

Dickey coached at Texas Tech from 1991 to 2001 and made two NCAA tournament appearances. He was an assistant at Oklahoma State from 2002 to 2008, working for both Eddie and Sean Sutton. He's replacing Tom Penders.

This development is interesting because it's the second job in Texas that was filled in the past two days by somebody other than Billy Gillispie. The former Kentucky coach was reportedly in play at both UTEP and Houston. But UTEP went to Tim Floyd and Houston is hiring Dickey, and now it's unclear if Gillispie, a Texas native, will return to the sidelines next season.
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ECU to hire Lebo

The East Carolina Board of Trustees is expected to approve late Monday the hiring of former Auburn coach Jeff Lebo as the school's next basketball coach, CBSSports.com has confirmed.

A formal introduction could come Tuesday.

Auburn fired Lebo earlier this month after six seasons at the school.

This development fills one opening in Conference USA, but two remain. Houston coach Tom Penders has been forced into resignation after six seasons despite taking the Cougars to the 2010 NCAA tournament. Former Kentucky coach Billy Gillispie is a possibility to replace him. Meantime, UCF is conducting a search to find a replacement for Kirk Speraw, who was fired last week. Appalachian State's Buzz Peterson has emerged as a serious candidate at UCF at least partly because of his relationship with Michael Jordan. One of Jordan's sons, Marcus Jordan, plays for UCF. Also worth noting is that the school just signed an apparel deal with Nike.
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Injury keeps former Arizona hooper from FB debut

Greg Paulus has received all the attention as the basketball player turned football player.

And for good reason.

He's the starting quarterback for a Big East team, after all.

But there is another former basketball player playing college football this season.

His name is Fendi Onobun.

Onobun completed a four-year career at Arizona in March by helping the Wildcats to the Sweet 16. Last month, he took advantage of the same rule Paulus took advantage of and enrolled at Houston to play football for the Cougars. He's listed as a tight end.

So how did Onobun do in the opener?

He didn't play, actually.

"He is still recovering from a high ankle sprain suffered in the first week of camp," said Chris Burkhalter, Houston's associate athletic director for communications. Thus, we're still awaiting the football debut of Fendi Onobun. But I just thought it was worth noting that there is more than one former Division I basketball player now playing Division I football at a different school.
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Dear Gary (on the hot seat)

Here's Tuesday's Dear Gary ...

Dear Gary: How hot is that seat now for Dennis Felton?

-- Billy

Hotter than it was at this time yesterday, I assure you.

Of course, Billy is talking about Georgia's 74-53 loss to Loyola of Chicago, which was not a good development Monday for a man who by all accounts would've been removed after last season if not for an improbable run that resulted in an SEC tournament title. A week in, it looks like the SEC is going to be down (and not nearly as good as I initially thought). But a Georgia team that can't handle Loyola of Chicago is a Georgia team that likely won't be able to win many games even in a weak SEC, which could get the Anthony Grant-to-Georgia rumors flying sometime around January.

On this subject, it should be pointed out that four of the 10 men I referenced in the Coaches on the hot seat column already have losses to inferior opponents. In addition to Felton, Tom Penders (at Houston) opened with a loss to Georgia Southern, Ernie Kent (at Oregon) took a loss against Oakland and Mark Gottfried (at Alabama) opened with a loss to Mercer. That's no way to settle a skeptical fan base, which is why all four would be wise to get things turned around ASAP.

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One down, rest of the season to go

And the team with the first win of the 2008-09 season is ... Georgia Southern?

Yes, Georgia Southern.

The Eagles started the college basketball season by beating Houston 65-63 this afternoon at Cameron Indoor Stadium while proving that the days of Clyde Drexler (the player, not the coach) are way in the past. Seriously, this is not a good way for Tom Penders to begin a season in which I already explained how he's on the hot seat. It's not that Houston was supposed to win C-USA, mind you. But the Cougars should still be able to handle the team picked third in the Southern Conference South Division, shouldn't they?

Anyway, that's the answer to your trivia question.

Who won the first game of the 2008-09 season?

Georgia Southern, of course.

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