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Posted on: November 17, 2010 8:59 am
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Boeheim isn't sure he has any good shooters

Syracuse is 3-0 and ranked 10th in the AP poll despite losing Wesley Johnson, Andy Rautins and Arinze Onuaku from last season's roster. All things considered, not bad. But that doesn't mean Jim Boeheim is pleased with how things are going, especially not with how his team is shooting the ball.

Consider the following rant after Tuesday's 66-55 win over Detroit (in which the Orange shot 36.4 percent from the field and 23.3 percent from 3-point range): "If somebody was guarding one of these guys, you know, I might have some kind of an understanding. You're in college. You're not in high school. You're in college. You've got a scholarship. They don't guard you. You've got to be able to make that shot. If you can't, you know, you shouldn't be in college playing basketball. That's why guys don't play. Everybody told me what great shooters [we have]. Well, the two great shooters are 2-for-22 coming off our bench. So now would you please explain to me how they're great shooters? And I don't want to [hear], 'Well, they make them in practice.' Let me tell you something right now: I can make them in practice. If no one guards me, I can make them."

Click this link to watch the full video of Boeheim's press conference.

I love the way the Hall of Famer doesn't pull punches with his own players.
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Posted on: March 23, 2010 12:49 pm
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USBWA names Boeheim Coach of the Year

The United States Basketball Writers Association on Tuesday announced Syracuse's Jim Boeheim as the recipient of the Henry Iba Award, given annually to the nation's top coach. It marks the first time Boeheim has won the award despite taking the Orange to the NCAA tournament 27 times while winning 829 games.

Boeheim was named the CBSSports.com National Coach of the Year earlier this month.

Syracuse plays Butler in the Sweet 16 on Thursday.
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Posted on: March 3, 2010 1:02 pm

Dear Gary (on the COY race)

Here's Wednesday's Dear Gary ...

Dear Gary: How could you leave Thad Matta off your Coach of the Year list ? He won a Big Ten title by moving a forward to point guard, and it didn't matter that his best player missed six games with a broken back. Are you an idiot?

-- Bo

We're on track to set a record this week for emails and Tweets directed at me that include the word "idiot." I'll let you know when I get a final tally. As for the question at hand, no question, you could remove Bo Ryan from my list of eight great Coach of the Year candidates and add Thad Matta. Or remove John Calipari and add Kevin Stallings. Or remove Jamie Dixon and add Buzz Williams. Limiting my list to eight instead of 10 or 14 or 19 seems to be a mistake, at least as far as my inbox is concerned. But let's be honest: The Coach of the Year will be one of the guys on my list of eight, and -- based on how most vote for these things -- I suspect it'll be Syracuse's Jim Boeheim or Kansas State's Frank Martin.

Either would be deserving.

I'll let you know my choice next week.
Posted on: December 22, 2008 2:45 pm

Dear Gary (on Boeheim's comment to Calipari)

Here's Monday's Dear Gary ...

Dear Gary:  Rather than telling an opposing coach you just beat that his team basically stinks, you think a coach of (Jim) Boeheim's caliber might offer some more encouraging words, like "keep your chin up" or "keep working with them, they'll get better". Just seems like a classier thing to say after you just beat a team. 

-- Q

Obviously, you're talking about the Jim Boeheim-John Calipari postgame handshake from Saturday, where Boeheim told Calipari he might have the "worst shooting team" he's ever seen. I suppose that could read as a classless thing to say, but I can tell you with a degree of certainty that Boeheim was joking with Calipari, and that Calipari took it that way.

Those two have known each other a long time.

If Boeheim didn't think it was appropriate given their relationship, he wouldn't have said it. And if Calipari didn't think it was appropriate given their relationship, he wouldn't have laughed about it. But he did laugh. Because it was funny. And I, for one, thought it was hilarious, because Boeheim merely said what everybody in the building was thinking, and that Calipari had the sense of humor to laugh about it was pretty good, too.

Bottom line, it was a great moment.

And I got a column out of it, so I was happy.

Posted on: December 17, 2008 1:43 pm

Did somebody fix the mic yet?

Syracuse returns to the court Wednesday night for the first time since that tough loss to Cleveland State.

The opponent is Canisius.

If the Orange are lucky, they won't put themselves in a position to lose at the buzzer.

If Jim Boeheim is lucky, somebody will fix the microphone for the postgame press conference.

Seriously, have you seen the clip from the other night?

Click this link and check it out.

Classic stuff.

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Posted on: December 10, 2008 9:20 pm
Edited on: December 10, 2008 9:24 pm

It's time for Syracuse to sit Devendorf

Naturally, Eric Devendorf will appeal.

And that'll drag this out.

And that's OK.

But I can't see how Syracuse can continue to play the troubled guard in the meantime after he was essentially found guilty Wednesday of allegedly hitting a girl in the face and thus suspended from school for at least the remainder of the academic year. Jim Boeheim has stood by his guy, and I was fine with it. But we're no longer operating under the innocent-until-proven-guilty umbrella. Unless Devendorf's appeal overturns the judicial hearing board's decision (which seems unlikely), then he's gone for the rest of the season, and so there's no sense in Syracuse taking a further public relation's hit just to get the 14.1 points per game Devendorf has been providing when it's doubtful he'll be available in March anyway.

Or even January, tell the truth.

And that's why Syracuse should sit Devendorf starting Saturday against Long Beach State, because he's been found guilty of a fairly serious allegation, and the fact that one of Devendorf's teammates sent text messages to the alleged victim asking for forgiveness doesn't suggest this was all merely a big misunderstanding. Perhaps it was just a bad night for Devendorf, and maybe this will be the type of life-lesson that helps him grow as a person. I don't know. But what I do know is that the Orange won't benefit from squeezing a few more games out of Devendorf while his appeal is heard, and that given Wednesday's ruling the only right move now is for Boeheim to come out and say that though he loves Devendorf and will do anything to help him, he's finished for the season unless the judicial hearing board's decision is eventually overturned.

If and when the ruling is overturned, then reinstate Devendorf immediately.

I'll be for that.

But for now, it's time for Devendorf to sit.

And the sooner the announcement comes, the better.

Posted on: December 5, 2008 6:29 pm
Edited on: December 10, 2008 9:25 pm

Syracuse player texts alleged Devendorf victim

The ongoing saga involving Eric Devendorf at Syracuse has received almost no national attention, but it's getting juicier by the minute and is at least worth a mention. If you're unfamiliar, the gist of the story is that a Syracuse student named Kimberly Smith accused Devendorf of hitting her in the face last month, and the result is that Devendorf had a judicial board hearing late Thursday.

Among the interesting things that came out of the hearing was that Devendorf's teammate, Justin Thomas, sent a text message to Smith after the alleged incident that included Jim Boeheim's cell number, just in case Smith wanted to talk to the Syracuse coach. Another text message from Thomas to Smith read as follows: "i hope u can find it in ur heart to forgive my teammates thanks."

Now I'm no lawyer, but it can't be a good sign that Thomas is asking the alleged victim to forgive his teammates, if only because it's hard to figure out why you'd need somebody to forgive you if you didn't do anything wrong, though it's possible I'm just reading too much into a text message. Who knows? But one thing that's certain is that this isn't going away as quickly or easily as anybody connected to the Syracuse basketball program probably wanted, and if Devendorf doesn't get a favorable ruling then it could affect the Orange's hope of making the NCAA tournament.

Anyway, the Post-Standard newspaper in Syracuse has a lengthy story on the hearing.

You can read it at this link.

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