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O'Bryant makes it official for LSU

Johnny O'Bryant has been silently committed to LSU for a week.

The 6-foot-9 forward from Mississippi finally confirmed the news on Thursday.

"I'm going to LSU," O'Byrant told Scout.com's Evan Daniels, and so now the prospect MaxPreps.com ranks 21st in the Class of 2011 is officially off the board. Again, the announcement came as no surprise. But O'Bryant's explanation for why he chose LSU over Ole Miss and Mississippi State was interesting because he credited the Tigers' "laid-back" approach.

"They never pushed themselves hard," O'Byrant said. "They were kind of laid back, and I kind of liked that. They didn't worry me with the phone calls."

So let that be a lesson to all coaches.

Aggressiveness and a constant push works with some kids, no doubt.

But sometimes less can be more.
Posted on: March 25, 2009 12:34 am

Pretty good at both

Eight schools have won a bowl game and NCAA tournament basketball game this season.

Three are from the Big 12.

Here's the list ...

  • Arizona (Pac-10)
  • Connecticut (Big East)
  • Kansas (Big 12)
  • LSU (SEC)
  • Maryland (ACC)
  • Missouri (Big 12)
  • Southern California (Pac-10)
  • Texas (Big 12)
Posted on: March 19, 2009 1:43 pm

Suddenly, LSU is in a hostile arena

GREENSBORO, N.C. -- When this LSU-Butler game tipped the Greensboro Colisuem was mostly empty. But now it's nearly full in anticipation of North Carolina's tilt with Radford, and -- surprise, surprise -- pretty much everybody not wearing purple seems to be pulling for Butler.

As I type, LSU is up 41-40.

But the Tigers will essentially play the final 16 minutes as a road team.

What can I say, folks like to cheer for the little schools.

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MEMPHIS, Tenn. -- It's a big day in college hoops, and you'll never guess where I'm stuck.

Yep, at the airport.

Flight to LaGuardia delayed.

I was supposed to be in New York for tonight's Big East tournament semifinals, but that now seems sketchy at best. My only hope is that the Louisville-Villanova game goes six overtimes, in which case I should be fine.

(Fingers crossed)

Anyway, LSU beat Kentucky.

That means the Wildcats are going to the NIT.

That means the Wildcats' fans are going bananas.

As always, I encourage you take in all the fun at CatsPause.com . I can't decide whether my favorite thread so far is the one titled "FIRE EVERYBODY " or the one titled "5 Coaches That Could Make UK Intriguing Again! " Click on both, then let me know what you think.

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Posted on: October 30, 2008 12:04 pm

Dear Gary (on schools with new coaches)

Here's Thursday's Dear Gary ...

Dear Gary: Everyone always talks about teams whose coach is on the hot seat, but we tend to hear less about teams who have hired new coaches. So looking around the NCAA, which new coaches were the best hires and have the potential to have the most success?

-- Matt

I think the best hire was the biggest, i.e., Indiana's luring of Tom Crean from Marquette.

Of course, he has almost no chance of having success this season (given the makeup of the IU roster), which might eliminate him from your question. But in the long run I don't think there's any doubt that Crean will return the Hoosiers to a place where competing for Big Ten championships and Final Fours can be expected, and for that reason his hiring should be viewed in a positive light.

Five other hires I believe will be proven good in time are:

1. John Groce to Ohio

2. Bill Bayno to Loyola Marymount

3. Derek Kellogg to UMass

4. Craig Robinson to Oregon State

5. Mike Montgomery to California

As for coaches set-up to win immediately, that's obviously Buzz Williams at Marquette and Trent Johnson at LSU. Both inherited nice rosters from their predecessors and should make the NCAA tournament in their first seasons on the job considering LSU is the smart pick to win the SEC West and Marquette is a consensus preseason top 20 team.

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They grabbed what?

Somebody just emailed a recent story from the LSU campus newspaper, a story that seemed funny enough to pass along.

OK, the story's not that funny.

It's just a story.

But the headline is classic -- not to mention proof that some LSU editor has a sense of humor.

I won't ruin it for you.

Just click this link and take a look at how the LSU campus paper reported the school's hiring of Stanford's Trent Johnson.

Then read it in your best Beavis and Butthead voice.
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It's Trent Johnson at LSU

SAN ANTONIO -- LSU will hire Trent Johnson to replace John Brady.

A press conference should come Thursday.

So now Stanford is open.

And I'm wondering whether Mike Montgomery is having second thoughts about taking the Cal job last week.
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It could be Trent Johnson or Anthony Grant at LSU

SAN ANTONIO -- Seems I'm one of the last people in the country who hasn't pulled out of the LSU search, but rest assured I'm close. Tony Bennett is no longer a candidate. Neither is Oliver Purnell or Travis Ford. That leaves Notre Dame's Mike Brey, VCU's Anthony Grant, Stanford's Trent Johnson and Ole Miss' Andy Kennedy as the only other known high-profile candidates. But multiple sources told CBSSports.com on Wednesday morning that Brey and Kennedy are no longer involved, meaning it appears an offer could be made to Johnson or Grant at some point soon.

Johnson makes sense because he's losing the Lopez Twins, plus he only has one year remaining on his contract. A possible five-year deal at LSU would provide security. As for Grant, it's just as simple as moving up the proverbial ladder, and a  move from the CAA to the SEC is clearly a move up.
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