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Posted on: May 28, 2009 9:09 am
Edited on: May 28, 2009 7:00 pm

Rose's former summer coach clarifies quote

The Chicago Sun-Times ' Michael O'Brien is reporting that the NCAA believes former Simeon High basketball player Kevin Johnson is the person who allegedly took the SAT for Derrick Rose.

The paper's source on the story: Luther Topps.

He helped coach one of Rose's old summer teams.

He's receiving a lot of attention this morning because of the following quote:

"[Simeon coach Robert Smith and I] didn’t know anything about his test,’’ Topps told the Sun-Times . "(Derrick's older brother) Reggie (Rose) moved me and him out of the way long before that, as soon as the money got involved."

Money involved?

CBSSports.com reached Topps by phone early Thursday, asked for a clarification on that quote, asked what he meant by "as soon as the money got involved," asked whether he was accusing Reggie Rose of being on the take. In a brief conversation, Topps denied he was suggesting improprieties and insisted that when he said he was moved out "as soon as the money got involved" that what he really meant was that he was moved out when it became obvious that Rose's future clearly included millions of dollars as a professional basketball player.

"What (I meant) by 'money involved,' is that (I was moved out) when they started smelling the money as far as (Derrick) getting rich," Topps said. "That's what (I) mean. ... (I) was talking about (money as in) when the kid turned pro."

Multiple attempts by CBSSports.com to reach Reggie Rose have been unsuccesful.

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