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Posted on: September 28, 2009 10:51 pm
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UT's Negedu revived with defibrillator

Tennessee sophomore Emmanuel Negedu -- who had to be revived with a defibrillator after collapsing Monday -- was still at the UT Medical Center resting and having tests run Tuesday morning, a source told CBSSports.com.

Negedu collapsed at the football practice facility after lifting weights.

A source said the forward had no pulse when members of the UT athletic training staff arrived.

Negedu averaged 7.2 minutes per game last season and appeared in all 33 contests. He originally signed with Arizona out of Brewster Academy but later enrolled at Tennessee after getting a release. Whether he'll ever be cleared to play again is now uncertain.

"We just spoke with E-Man and he is in great spirits," Griffin Guess, the Hollywood producer who is married to supermodel Marisa Miller, told CBSSports.com early Tuesday. Guess, like Negedu, is a Brewster Academy graduate. He and Miller befriended the Nigerian during a trip to Brewster two years ago. They have remained in contact ever since and even attended a UT game in Knoxville last season.

"Marisa and I are going to go see him," Griffin added. "We're just happy he is feeling well."
Posted on: January 28, 2009 4:12 pm
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Dear Gary (on adding pictures to the blog)

Here's Wednesday's Dear Gary ...

Dear Gary: Is there any reason why you CAN'T always include a picture of a beautiful, half-naked model with your blog entries? I like this post the most out of any that I have read in the last two months, and I still haven't read a single word in the entry. I'm just saying... In the words of Derek Zoolander, "Do it. Do it."

 -- Navin

You know, today is the first day I've ever even tried to add a picture.

I'm glad I did.

Because I like that picture.

And though I might use pictures more often now, I don't think I can use half-naked models with every entry because that would be ripping off the fine folks at The Big Lead , and I wouldn't want to do that, as much as I enjoy The Big Lead. So going forward, you're more likely to see a picture of Miami (Ohio's) Charlie Coles than Victoria's Secret Angel Marisa Miller. But today -- and only today -- I'll compromise.



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Will Marisa Miller use Bruce Pearl's body paint?

So Erin Andrews excites campuses with her presence, does she?

Man, you haven't seen anything yet.

"Should I paint my face?" Marisa Miller asked by phone, at which point I recommended -- on behalf of heterosexuals everywhere, particularly those in Knoxville, Tenn., -- that she do nothing to hide, disguise or otherwise alter her natural self. After all, it's not everyday that a Victoria's Secret Angel attends a college basketball game; far as I know, this is the first. So get ready, Thompson-Boling Arena, because America's Supermodel and the World's Hottest Woman (according to Maxim ) will be in attendance WednesdMarissa Miller ay night when the Tennessee Vols host LSU.

"This is a special trip," Miller said Tuesday, shortly after arriving in Knoxville. "It's really exciting for me to be here."

Now I know what you're thinking.

What the hell is Marisa Miller doing at a UT game?

The story dates to last January, when Griffin Guess -- a music producer and manager of artists and models -- was invited to speak at Brewster Academy, a boarding school two hours north of Boston from which Guess graduated in 1998. For those unfamiliar, Guess and Miller are married. So the couple traveled from their California home across the country to New Hampshire, where they met a Brewster Academy basketball player named Emmanuel Negedu.

"Griffin and him hit it off right away," Miller said. "It was just sort of a natural relationship that developed."

Guess was intrigued by the story, how Negedu left Nigeria for the United States to pursue a dream. He invited the 6-foot-7 forward to California to shoot some videos as he announced his decision to attend Tennessee instead of Indiana, Georgia Tech and Memphis, and Guess promised he'd make it to campus for a game at some point this season. Of course, that's hard to do given that there's always something going on. Miller was in St. Bart's last week for a shoot, and the couple had to be in Washington D.C. on Monday for another project.

"But I just sort of looked at the schedule and said, 'Let's go down there,'" Guess explained. "I said, 'Let's finally make it over to Knoxville,' because if we didn't go now I wasn't sure when we were going to go."

Thus, Griffin Guess and Marisa Miller are in Knoxville.

They reunited with Negedu on Tuesday night.

"It was really great to see him," Guess said. "I think he's grown about an inch and put on 10 pounds. He looks good."

Speaking of looking good, did I mention Marisa Miller will be at Thompson-Boling Arena tonight? The former basketball player -- "I used to play in school," she said. "I was a guard." -- can't wait to get there (face unpainted, I hope) to support Negedu while trying to help Tennessee improve to 4-1 in the SEC, if only by serving as a distraction to LSU's Marcus Thornton.

"I think the atmosphere will be exciting," Miller said. "I just hope I don't embarrass Emmanuel by cheering too loudly."

Somehow, I don't think that'll be a problem.

Because if Negedu can't handle a supermodel screaming his name, that's on him.

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Dear Gary ...

Here's Wednesday's Dear Gary ...

Dear Gary: I understand CBS is doing a documentary on Emmanuel Negedu. Do you know any details?

-- Tony

It's not a documentary as much as it's a Day in the Life type thing. It should be up later today here on CBSSports.com, and I figure this is as good a time as any to explain what's going on and how this all happened.

Emmanuel, as you probably know, attended Brewster Academy, which is also the alma mater of Hollywood producer Griffin Guess. Small world, huh? Anyway, Griffin was invited back to campus this past January to speak to students, and so he and his wife Marisa Miller -- yes, she's that Marisa Miller, the supermodel -- traveled to Brewster and while there attended a basketball game, at which time they met Emmanuel.

Long story short, Griffin became interested in Emmanuel's story.

He kept up with how things were going.

And when the story took a strange turn with the release from Arizona and the recruiting battle between Tennessee, Memphis, Indiana and Georgia Tech, Griffin decided to invite Emmanuel to California to film some stuff and make his announcement from there. So that's what's been going on this week. While you are living whatever life you live, Emmanuel Negedu is kicking it in Santa Cruz with a Hollywood producer and a supermodel (who happened to top Maxim's Hot 100 list this year, case you didn't know), and it's times like these when I really wish I was Emmanuel Negedu.

Or better yet, Griffin Guess.

In all seriousness, check back later today.

The Negedu stuff should be up then with something bigger later in the week.

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