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UK adds fourth top 20 prospect

Kyle Wiltjer announced during halftime of Saturday's Boost Mobile Elite 24 all-star game in California that he is committed to play college basketball at Kentucky, meaning John Calipari now has pledges from four prospects who MaxPreps.com ranks among the top 20 in the Class of 2011.

"I want to let Coach Calipari know I'm coming to Kentucky," Wiltjer said. "I'm excited to be a part of that team."

Wiltjer is a 6-foot-9 forward from Portland who chose UK over Georgia Tech, Gonzaga, Kansas, California, Texas and Wake Forest. He joins Michael Gilchrist (No. 1 at MaxPreps.com), Anthony Davis (No. 5 at MaxpPreps.com) and Marquise Teague (No. 9 at MaxPreps.com) as UK pledges, which almost certainly assures the Wildcats will have the nation's top-ranked recruiting class for the third straight year.
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Who's No. 1 in Class of 2011?

Scout.com and Rivals.com both updated their national rankings Tuesday, meaning all three major services (the third being MaxPreps.com) now have refreshed lists for the Class of 2011. And they're all different. Michael Gilchrist is No. 1 at MaxPreps.com, Anthony Davis is No. 1 at Scout.com, and Austin Rivers is No. 1 at Rivals.com.

Rivers is the only prospect in the top three of each list.

Here's each organization's top 10:

----- MAXPREPS.COM -----

1. Michael Gilchrist (committed to Kentucky )
2. Austin Rivers (uncommitted)
3. Adonis Thomas (uncommitted)
4. Quincy Miller (uncommitted)
5. Bradley Beal (committed to Florida )
6. Anthony Davis (committed to Kentucky )
7. LaQuinton Ross (committed to Ohio State )
8. James McAdoo (committed to North Carolina )
9. Marquis Teague (committed to Kentucky )
10. P.J. Hairston (committed to North Carolina )

----- SCOUT.COM -----

1. Anthony Davis (committed to Kentucky )
2. Quincy Miller (uncommitted)
3. Austin Rivers (uncommitted)
4. James McAdoo (committed to North Carolina )
5. Michael Gilchrist (committed to Kentucky )
6. Marquis Teague (committed to Kentucky )
7. Bradley Beal (committed to Florida )
8. Adonis Thomas (uncommitted)
9. Myck Kabongo (committed to Texas )
10. Rakeem Christmas (committed to Syracuse )

----- RIVALS.COM -----

1. Austin Rivers (uncommitted)
2. Marquis Teague (committed to Kentucky )
3. Michael Gilchrist (committed to Kentucky )
4. LeBryan Nash (uncommitted)
5. Quincy Miller (uncommitted)
6. Anthony Davis (committed to Kentucky )
7. Bradley Beal (committed to Florida )
8. James McAdoo (committed to North Carolina )
9. DeAndre Daniels (uncommitted)
10. Josiah Turner (uncommitted)
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Five for Friday column

LAS VEGAS -- Click this link to read my Five for Friday column.

It has references to Jon Leuer, Quincy Miller, Adonis Thomas, etc.
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Gilchrist's announcement coming on special day

Cynthia Gilchrist-Richardson insists this has never been viewed as a tragic day.

A sad day sometimes, sure.

But mostly it's a day to honor her late husband, Michael Gilchrist Sr., who died of multiple gun shot wounds in 1996. Today is his birthday; he would be 44 if he was still alive. So you can expect his son, Michael Gilchrist Jr., to speak extensively about him this afternoon when the Class of 2011 star announces a commitment to Kentucky at a news conference scheduled to be televised nationally.

"Michael has played this game in dedication to his father all these years without knowing he'd be so blessed with the talent," Gilchrist-Richardson told CBSSports.com. "A lot of people don't know he wears No. 31 in high school because his father wore No. 31 in high school."

As I wrote earlier, this is going to be a huge day for Kentucky basketball. Securing commitments from the best point guard in the Class of 2010 (Brandon Knight) and the best prospect in the Class of 2011 (Gilchrist) within hours of each other is a unique achievement, and further proof that John Calipari might be the only person in the world who can lose five underclassmen without blinking. But this is also a huge day for the Gilchrist family, a day that highlights the job done by Cynthia. Fourteen years ago she became a single mother trying to raise a son in Camden, N.J. That's not easy. But with the help of her second husband, Vincent Richardson, she's managed to guide her son through more good doors than bad, keep him off the streets, in school and humble despite Gilchrist being a nationally known prospect since he was 13 years old. That's not easy, either.

"If it wasn't for Vincent Richardson, nobody would probably know Michael Gilchrist's name," Cynthia said. "My husband is the one who taught me what AAU is all about, and that it was something we could use for Michael's college education."

Rest assured, they've used it well. Michael Gilchrist will have a free college education for as long as he wants it. Later Wednesday, he'll announce where he'll get it, then get back to school, back to work, and back on the path he's been traveling for a while, a path that'll eventually lead to college basketball stardom and, almost certainly, much, much more.

"Michael wants to be able to tell a story one day," Cynthia said. "He's just starting to do that."
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Gilchrist is the consensus best of 2011

Justin Young of the National Hoops Report updated his Class of 2011 rankings this week.

No surprise, Michael Gilchrist is No. 1.

Here's the top 10:

1. Michael Gilchrist
2. Marquise Teague
3. Rakeem Christmas
4. James McAdoo
5. Anthony Wroten
6. Quincy Miller
7. LeBryan Nash
8. Austin Rivers (committed to Florida )
9. Bradley Beal
10. Wayne Blackshear

Understand, Justin sees these guys way more than I see them, so I'm in no position to argue. But I will tell you that I'm skeptical of Wroten, if only because I've never personally seen him be great. I know he's really good, and his natural gifts are obvious. But I must've watched Wroten play three or four times this summer, and I never once came away impressed the way I was consistently impressed by Gilchrist, Teague, Christmas, Rivers and Beal.

What does that mean?

Probably nothing.

But the next time I see Wroten make a shot, it'll be the first.
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Sullinger leads All Ohio Red to Peach Jam title

All Ohio Red won the Nike Peach Jam with a 62-53 victory over Team Final late Wednesday.

Class of 2010 star Jared Sullinger -- the subject of a recent column -- got 19 points and 21 rebounds in the win.

Class of 2011 star Michael Gilchrist  -- the subject of a recent column -- got 19 points and seven rebounds in the loss.

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Is Gilchrist really a lock for Kentucky?

CLEVELAND -- One of the things I gathered from my three days at the LeBron James Skills Academy and King City Classic is that Class of 2011 star Michael Gilchrist doesn't appear to be getting the kind of attention from college coaches that's typical of a top-ranked prospect.

The reason is simple: Everybody thinks he's a lock for Kentucky.

"I should be fired if I waste one cent recruiting that kid," said one high-major coach who apparently knows his boundaries. "[Gilchrist] is going to play for [John Calipari]. It's done. Trust me. He's playing for Cal. If you recruit him, you're wasting your time."

This perception is based on Gilchrist's relationship with Calipari confidant and basketball powerbroker William Wesley , plus a newspaper article two summers ago that quoted Gilchrist talking about how he planned to play for Calipari. Far as anybody can tell, nothing has changed even though Gilchrist has never publicly committed in a traditional way to Calipari at Memphis or Calipari at Kentucky, and that's why Gilchrist's phone isn't constantly bombarded by most of the elite programs.

It's not because he isn't talented enough.

Or smart enough.

Or good enough on a personal level.

He is all of those things, and I can't imagine there's a single school that wouldn't love Michael Gilchrist on its roster. It's just that coaches are hesitant to invest time and money into recruiting the gifted wing only to watch him sign with Kentucky in November 2010. That's the dilemma. But it should be noted that Gilchrist, his family and his high school coach are making an effort to convince schools that Gilchrist is open to being recruited by anybody and everybody. Whether it works remains to be seen.

"You talk to his mom, talk to him, they both tell me he's not automatically going to Kentucky," said Kevin Boyle, who coaches Gilchrist at St. Patrick's High in New Jersey.  "They say there is no guarantee that he's going to Kentucky, that he's pretty wide-open. So the mom is putting that out there, and I'm putting that out there, and hopefully more people will respond ... because he probably hasn't gotten a number of phone calls that you'd expect for a guy of his level."
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