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Posted on: July 27, 2010 12:36 am
Edited on: July 27, 2010 12:43 am

I'm never going to see my son again

ATLANTA -- Will Karen Sypher's extortion trial end before I make it home?

My guess is that it will.

As you can see by my dateline, I've somehow ended up stuck in Atlanta. I was supposed to be home Sunday at 6 p.m., just in time for 60 Minutes (CBS plug). But my initial flight was canceled. And then my Monday flight was delayed. And then I missed a connection. And now I'm in Atlanta, where I just ordered a three-item combo at the Chinese restaurant without realizing there's no need to ever order a three-item combo from a Chinese restaurant.

Nobody needs that much food.

Even me.

Anyway, I might make it home early Tuesday.

Or maybe not.

In the meantime, I wrote a column about Bo Ryan and Wisconsin basketball for a series Dennis Dodd and I are doing. Click this link to check it out. And if you have access to a private jet, please send it. Thanks.
Posted on: January 16, 2009 2:38 pm
Edited on: January 16, 2009 2:50 pm

Dear Gary (on the best way to get to Clemson)

Here's Friday's Dear Gary ...

Dear Gary: Instead of flying into Atlanta (and driving to Clemson for the Clemson-Wake Forest game), try Charlotte. It will add a few miles but you might save time and headaches. The Charlotte Airport is much easier to get in and out of. Easier Security, better parking and easier drive, in my opinion. Check it out.

-- Cameron

Are you crazy?

I have sworn to never step foot in the Charlotte Airport again unless it's absolutely necessary, because every other time I fly US Airways I end up stuck in Terminal E, drinking expensive beer at the Fox Sports Bar and hating my life. I've written about this extensively; you can read my troubles here, here and here. And beyond all that, Cameron, did you watch TV last night?

There was a plane in a river.

And guess where it was headed?

Yep, Charlotte.

Because it was US Airways.

So while that pilot is clearly a baller, I'm not dealing with those guys again (unless they happen to be advertisers on CBS, in which case I don't mean any of this). On the other hand, I'd rather be stuck in Terminal E than the Hudson River. So there's that. But either way, it doesn't matter, because I'm headed to Atlanta, and I'll see you soon.
Posted on: December 10, 2008 6:51 pm

I hate the Charlotte Airport

CHARLOTTE -- You might remember last March when I was at Charlotte Douglas International Airport, had my flight canceled and ended up having to drive to Durham for the regular season finale between North Carolina and Duke. I was so pissed, because the delay wasn't even weather-related, and I swore to myself I'd stop connecting in Charlotte, and I haven't been back since.

Until now.

And you'll never guess what happened.

Yep, my freaking flight home (from the Jimmy V Classic in New York, through Charlotte) has been canceled, so I'm sitting at the same Fox Sports Bar here in the E Terminal as last time, wondering what it is that makes US Airways the most unreliable airline in the world, at least according to me. I mean, does this happen to anybody else? Or is it just foolish sportswriters?

(By the way, if you want to read about last March's debacle, click this link. I think you'll be able to tell how mad I was.)

Anyway, let's move on (even if I'm stuck).

I got so caught up in the Stephen Curry Show Tuesday night that I forgot to tell you about my favorite part of the Jimmy V Classic doubleheader, which consisted of a drunk Knicks fan on the front row near the Texas bench basically begging UT junior Dexter Pittman to enter the 2009 NBA Draft so that the Knicks can draft him. It was hilarious for two reasons: First, because Pittman (who is 6-foot-10, 295 pounds) only plays 10 minutes a game for Texas. Secondly, the guy never stopped yelling.

"Come on Big Dex!" he would yell. "We NEED you, man! Three hundred pounds in the middle! Jerome James ain't gettin' it done!"

Pittman and his teammates on the bench would smile each time.

Then the guy would start again.

"You can bring Clint Chapman with you, Dex!" he yelled. "Just enter the draft! We need you! The Knicks NEED you!"

Good times.

And with that, I'll get back to sitting here and being mad. And I hope no SEC football coach is trying to get a new contract tonight, because stuck here in the same airport with me is super-agent Jimmy Sexton, who said, rather brilliantly, "I knew I should've gone through Atlanta."

Posted on: March 8, 2008 8:47 pm
Edited on: March 9, 2008 1:41 pm

UNC-Duke (Yeah, I made it here)

DURHAM, N.C. -- After US Airways screwed up my flight (and then bumped me off another two) I gave in to reality, shuffled over to the Avis counter, rented a PT Cruiser (strange little car) and drove 146 miles northeast to Durham. It's been a crazy day, I tell you (see the blog below for proof). But I am now inside Cameron Indoor Stadium and ready for tip-off, though slightly depressed because when I checked into my hotel I realized this is the weekend where we have to set the clocks forward an hour.


I lost who knows how many hours at the Charlotte-Douglas International Airport today, and now I'm gonna lose another hour when I finally get to sleep. Seriously, I hate 23-hour days. I'm not even sure why they're necessary. Couldn't we like take a minute here or there throughout the year, just catch up that way? Nobody would even notice. But taking an entire hour from a man's day seems cruel, particularly on the day where he is dealing with a 9 p.m. tip-off.

But that's enough complaining for one day.

I'm at North Carolina-Duke.

The band is playing.

So it could be worse, right?

(I'm still pissed at US Airways, though)
Posted on: March 8, 2008 2:10 pm
Edited on: March 9, 2008 1:41 pm

I love lacrosse (and airport problems)

CHARLOTTE, N.C. -- I'm delayed on my way to tonight's North Carolina-Duke game, stuck at Charlotte/Douglas International Airport and contemplating mass murder. Honestly, I've never been the violent-crime type. But I'm quickly morphing, mentally preparing to face the consequences for whatever might come next.

Stay tuned.

And if you're into praying, you should pray for all US Airways employees in my general vicinity. And don't tell me to calm down, that the weather is bad and thousands of people are spending this weekend delayed, because I wasn't delayed because of bad weather. I was delayed out of Memphis because somebody forgot to change something on the plane that is supposed to be changed every 100 hours. Whatever that thing is, it was supposed to be changed earlier this week. But it wasn't. So they decided to change it this morning, which caused my flight to leave Memphis 90 minutes late, which caused my flight to arrive in Charlotte 90 minutes late, which caused me to miss my connection to Raleigh-Durham because we parked in C8 at 11:17 and I had to be at E12 at 11:20.

For those unfamilar, C8 is roughly 41 miles from E12.

So to recap, I'm stuck in Charlotte because somebody forgot to change something on a plane earlier this week.

And because I couldn't run 41 miles in three minutes.

But I had convinced myself that being stuck wouldn't be so bad because I could grab some lunch and catch the first half of Louisville-Georgetown (seen exclusively on CBS!) at the little Fox Sports Bar here at the airport while I waited for a flight scheduled to leave at 1:10. So I ordered some terrible airport food, paid $15 for that terrible airport food and looked up at the television only to realize I wasn't watching Georgetown play Louisville in basketball. Instead, I was watching Virginia play Princeton in lacrosse. And though it was riveting stuff, I asked the guy who runs the place if he'd be so kind as to switch the channel.

"I can't," he said.

You can't?

"I mean, I could," he answered. "But I can't."

Needless to say, I've never been more baffled by somebody's answer in my entire life. And the manager must've recognized my confusion because he opted to explain further.

"If I change this channel somebody will complain and then what would I do?" he said.

You think somebody will complain if you turn off lacrosse?

"They could."

In fairness, I suppose this is a possible scenario. I mean, it's possible somebody will complain if you switch from lacrosse to basketball just like it's possible a No. 16 seed will beat a No. 1 seed in this month's NCAA Tournament. Anything's possible, right? But I'm not sure you should live your life under the assumption that it'll happen. So I explained this to the manager, then pointed out that if anybody really cared about lacrosse it wouldn't be on ESPNU. And then I reminded him that we were in North Carolina, and that I didn't get the sense that people in North Carolina were terribly concerned with lacrosse, particularly a regular season lacrosse game (or is it a match?) between Virginia and Princeton. I also highlighted how nobody was in the stands at the game (or match), point being that if nobody at Princeton cares enough about lacrosse to go to the game (or match) then it was reasonable to assume nobody in North Carolina cared about watching it on television.

"I just can't change the channel," he said, and I swear I must've looked exactly how Trent Johnson looked the other night after Lawrence Hill was whistled for a foul on Darren Collison with 2.5 seconds remaining.

Anyway, you know that 1:10 connection to Raleigh-Durham?

I was on standby for that flight.

But that flight was full.

So now I'm on standby for a 2:25 flight to Raleigh-Durham, and if I can't get on this flight I've been advised by the nice people at US Airways to just rent a car and drive. Seriously, that's what they call customer service. They advise you to drive. So I might be driving from Charlotte to Raleigh-Durham ... but first I'm gonna finish watching Virginia-Princetown (the Cavs are leading 12-9 in the fourth, if you happen to care).
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