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Posted on: August 11, 2008 2:21 am

Bradley/Gaddy win gold at Nike Global Challenge

BEAVERTON, Ore. -- The Nike Global Challenge is over.

The winner: A team from the United States.

The reasons: Avery Bradley and Abdul Gaddy.

The Bellarmine Prep (Tacoma, Wash.) teammates were impressive again Sunday night, leading their team to a 117-104 victory over another team from the United States in the title game of this three-day event. Bradley had 25 points, four rebounds and four assists while Gaddy finished with 12 points and seven assists. They earned co-MVP honors and offset a 29-point effort from DeMarcus Cousins, whose skills are as good as his attitude is bad.

That's the thing about Cousins, if you don't mind me saying.

He's so gifted and physically dominant it's hard to imagine him not succeeding in this sport, but he really could use an attitude adjustment. The 6-foot-10 forward from Alabama (committed to UAB) always looks angry and always seems upset about something, and I might not have even noticed if it wasn't for the fact that Cousins spent the weekend surrounded by some remarkably mature and pleasant teammates whose examples he'd be wise to follow.

Take Roger Franklin, for instance.

He's a 6-5 forward from Texas who -- you recruiting buffs will be glad to know -- has narrowed his list of potential colleges to Indiana, Michigan State, Oklahoma, Arizona and Oklahoma State. I spent some time with Franklin late Sunday and walked away impressed with how he handled himself, how genuinely happy he seemed to be experiencing the things he's experiencing and how respectful he was to any fan or reporter who wanted to talk.

Will Franklin ever be a college All-American?

I don't know.

Is his ceiling as high as Cousins?

Absolutely not.

But if I was a college coach I'd love to have Roger Franklin on my team.

And I'd be just as leery of having DeMarcus Cousins unless that tough-guy persona disappears soon.

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