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Posted on: October 30, 2008 12:04 pm

Dear Gary (on schools with new coaches)

Here's Thursday's Dear Gary ...

Dear Gary: Everyone always talks about teams whose coach is on the hot seat, but we tend to hear less about teams who have hired new coaches. So looking around the NCAA, which new coaches were the best hires and have the potential to have the most success?

-- Matt

I think the best hire was the biggest, i.e., Indiana's luring of Tom Crean from Marquette.

Of course, he has almost no chance of having success this season (given the makeup of the IU roster), which might eliminate him from your question. But in the long run I don't think there's any doubt that Crean will return the Hoosiers to a place where competing for Big Ten championships and Final Fours can be expected, and for that reason his hiring should be viewed in a positive light.

Five other hires I believe will be proven good in time are:

1. John Groce to Ohio

2. Bill Bayno to Loyola Marymount

3. Derek Kellogg to UMass

4. Craig Robinson to Oregon State

5. Mike Montgomery to California

As for coaches set-up to win immediately, that's obviously Buzz Williams at Marquette and Trent Johnson at LSU. Both inherited nice rosters from their predecessors and should make the NCAA tournament in their first seasons on the job considering LSU is the smart pick to win the SEC West and Marquette is a consensus preseason top 20 team.

Posted on: September 8, 2008 3:50 pm
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Calipari ready to share with high school coaches

You would think John Calipari might be hesitant to share his offensive philosophy.

But he's not.

Because it's helping in recruiting.

"We're involved with a kid in the West because his high school coach runs this offense," Calipari said. "The kid can absolutely play and everybody thinks he's going to (a Pac-10 school), but all of a sudden the kid is saying he wants to come here and it's all based on the offense. And there's a kid in the East who is the same way. His high school coach has adopted it and we're involved because the kid wants to run it in college. So I have no problem sharing because at the end of the day it'll come back to help us because kids want to play this way."

Though it has its critics, there is no denying Calipari's version of Vance Walberg's AASAA offense has helped turn Memphis into one of the elite programs in America. The Tigers have compiled a 104-10 record since adopting the high-octane attack. They made the Elite Eight in 2006 and 2007 before playing for the national title last season, and along the way they've developed a massive following among high school coaches interested in running what Calipari dubbed the dribble-drive motion.

That's why Calipari has scheduled the Second Annual Mid-South Coaches Clinic for Sept. 19-20 at the Grand Casino Tunica, a resort just south of Memphis that was recently renamed Harrah's Tunica. Prices for the two-day event range from $150 to $325, and other coaches expected to instruct besides Calipari and Walberg (now an assistant at UMass) are Tom Crean (Indiana), Larry Brown (Charlotte Bobcats), Trent Johnson (LSU), Dave Odom (retired from South Carolina) and former NBA coaches John Lucas and Mike Fratello.

More than 400 people attended last year's event.

"There will probably be five to six hours with the other coaches and then at least eight hours will be on the dribble-drive motion," Calipari said. "It's going to be really good."

For more information visit CoachCalipari.com.

To register visit CalipariDribbleDrive.com.

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They grabbed what?

Somebody just emailed a recent story from the LSU campus newspaper, a story that seemed funny enough to pass along.

OK, the story's not that funny.

It's just a story.

But the headline is classic -- not to mention proof that some LSU editor has a sense of humor.

I won't ruin it for you.

Just click this link and take a look at how the LSU campus paper reported the school's hiring of Stanford's Trent Johnson.

Then read it in your best Beavis and Butthead voice.
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Posted on: April 15, 2008 1:42 pm

And then there were two ...

Providence's hiring of Keno Davis means there are now just two BCS-affiliated jobs open.

1. Oklahoma State

2. Stanford

Put another way, the coaching carousel is nearing a stop, and the two schools' athletic directors -- OSU's Mike Holder and Stanford's Bob Bowlsby -- are under a tremendous amount of pressure to make a great hire, though for completely different reasons.

Holder has to make a nice hire because he opted to remove Sean Sutton, a controversial move given how it came after just two seasons and alienated the school from the Sutton family. It's one thing to do that to get Bill Self, quite another to do it just to do it. Meantime, Bowlsby is in a tougher spot. By any measuring stick he completely misjudged his situation with Trent Johnson, let the coach's contract dwindle to one year  and -- for lack of a better phrase -- pissed off Johnson to the point where he felt obligated to accept an offer from LSU. How that happens to a man who just made three NCAA tournaments in four years, I'll never know. But it happened to Johnson, and if Bowlsby can't find a suitable replacement he'll be forever ridiculed for running off a good coach and failing to find another.

Either way, college basketball is getting close to calming down.

That's my favorite part.

With any luck, everything will be done by the  end of the week, if not sooner.
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It's Trent Johnson at LSU

SAN ANTONIO -- LSU will hire Trent Johnson to replace John Brady.

A press conference should come Thursday.

So now Stanford is open.

And I'm wondering whether Mike Montgomery is having second thoughts about taking the Cal job last week.
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Posted on: April 9, 2008 12:35 pm
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It could be Trent Johnson or Anthony Grant at LSU

SAN ANTONIO -- Seems I'm one of the last people in the country who hasn't pulled out of the LSU search, but rest assured I'm close. Tony Bennett is no longer a candidate. Neither is Oliver Purnell or Travis Ford. That leaves Notre Dame's Mike Brey, VCU's Anthony Grant, Stanford's Trent Johnson and Ole Miss' Andy Kennedy as the only other known high-profile candidates. But multiple sources told CBSSports.com on Wednesday morning that Brey and Kennedy are no longer involved, meaning it appears an offer could be made to Johnson or Grant at some point soon.

Johnson makes sense because he's losing the Lopez Twins, plus he only has one year remaining on his contract. A possible five-year deal at LSU would provide security. As for Grant, it's just as simple as moving up the proverbial ladder, and a  move from the CAA to the SEC is clearly a move up.
Posted on: February 20, 2008 11:32 am
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Fifteen candidates for National Coach of the Year

Gregg Doyel wrote a column this week about the National Coach of the Year race.

His pick (at this point): Duke's Mike Krzyzewski.

That's a nice selection, assuming Roy Williams doesn't strangle Coach K before the ceremony.

And though I believe it's too early to name a winner just yet, I feel comfortable providing a list of 15 legitimate candidates.

So here is a list (presented in alphabetical order):
  • Rick Barnes (Texas)
  • Randy Bennett (Saint Mary's)
  • Mike Brey (Notre Dame)
  • Jim Calhoun (Connecticut)
  • John Calipari (Memphis)
  • Keno Davis (Drake)
  • Trent Johnson (Stanford)
  • Mike Krzyzewski (Duke)
  • Sean Miller (Xavier)
  • Matt Painter (Purdue)
  • Bruce Pearl (Tennessee)
  • Bo Ryan (Wisconsin)
  • Herb Sendek (Arizona State)
  • Kevin Stallings (Vanderbilt)
  • Brad Stevens (Butler)
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