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Source: UNLV to hire BYU assistant Rice

BYU associate head coach Dave Rice is expected to be announced as UNLV's next head coach in the next 24 hours, a source told CBSSports.com on Sunday.

Rice is a UNLV graduate who was part of Jerry Tarkanian's 1990 national championship team. The California native was an assistant at UNLV for 11 seasons under Tarkanian, Tim Grgurich, Bill Bayno and Charlie Spoonhour. He joined the Utah State staff in 2004, then the BYU staff in 2005.

Rice was one of four candidates to interview for the UNLV job. The others were former New Mexico State coach Reggie Theus, former Oregon coach Ernie Kent and current St. John's assistant Mike Dunlap. Hall of Fame coach Larry Brown expressed interest in the opening, according to SI.com. But a source told CBSSports.com he was never seriously considered.

"Dave is an outstanding teacher of the game and has always been part of successful programs both as a player and a coach," BYU coach Dave Rose once said of Rice. "Dave possesses a complete knowledge of the game and has done a terrific job coordinating our game plans and recruiting efforts. He is also a tireless worker and a great person."

Rice will replace Lon Kruger.

Kruger left to be Oklahoma's new coach.
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Report: Brown interested in coaching UNLV

Larry Brown is interested in becoming UNLV's next coach and has even had conversations with UNLV athletic director Jim Livengood, SI.com reported Saturday. But the school has already announced the four finalists for the job are BYU assistant Dave Rice, former New Mexico State coach Reggie Theus, former Oregon coach Ernie Kent and St. John's assistant Mike Dunlap, meaning there's no indication Brown is being seriously considered.

"The list has been narrowed down to four outstanding candidates and I am looking forward to continuing the interview process," Livengood said in a statement. "We are looking forward to naming our new head coach very soon."

Rice and Theus, both of whom are former UNLV players, are considered the leading candidates.

UNLV is expected to hire one of them on Sunday or Monday.

Brown, 70, was fired by the Bobcats in December.

He hasn't coached college basketball since leading Kansas to the national title in 1988.
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Report: Kruger to be next OU coach

UNLV's Lon Kruger will be named Oklahoma's next men's basketball coach, according to the Oklahoman.

The newspaper reported Friday afternoon that Kruger and OU have agreed in principle on a contract worth more than $2 million annually after running a headline Thursday night that read "Scratch off Bruce Weber, Lon Kruger as OU candidates." Reached by phone, Kruger told CBSSports.com that he had not yet seen the report. When told what it said, he declined comment.

Kruger, 58, has taken UNLV to four NCAA tournaments in seven seasons.

He is a native of Kansas.

Oklahoma fired Jeff Capel last month.
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Pullen and Kelly out because of improper benefits

KANSAS CITY -- Kansas State seniors Jacob Pullen and Curtis Kelly missed Tuesday night's game with UNLV because they accepted impermissible benefits on the purchase of clothing at a department store, school officials announced just before tipoff.

Pullen will also miss the next two games.

Kelly's status remains unclear.

"These young men have worked hard to represent themselves and Kansas State in a positive manner," said KSU coach Frank Martin. "Having said that, they made made a mistake in judgment and have to pay a price."

Kansas State is 9-2 and ranked 11th in the latest AP poll.
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The Poll Attacks

One guy left Villanova and Michigan State off his ballot but put Purdue and Virginia Tech in the top 20. Another guy ranked Villanova in the top 10 (that's reasonable) but left the undefeated team that just beat Villanova unranked (that's unreasonable). Silly AP voters, I tell you. They're the gift that keeps on giving during this holiday season.

Let's do the Poll Attacks!

(Details of AP ballots courtesy of PollSpeak.com.)

Associated Press poll: Michigan State and Villanova are both talented, and both only have one loss to a team ranked in the top 15 of the latest AP poll. The Spartans are 5-1 with a loss to No. 7 Connecticut by one possession, and they have a win over No. 23 Washington. The Wildcats are 5-1 with a loss to No. 13 Tennessee, and they've got a double-digit win over UCLA. So we can argue about whether Michigan State and Villanova belong in the top five or the top 10 or even the top 20, I guess. But there is no sensible way to leave either school off a Top 25 ballot.

And yet John Shinn from the Norman Transcript in Oklahoma left both off his AP ballot.


No Michigan State.

No Villanova.

But John has Purdue (no good wins and a double-digit loss to unranked Richmond) ranked 14th and two-loss Virginia Tech ranked 19th, which is three spots higher than the undefeated UNLV team that just beat Virginia Tech on a neutral court by 12. So to recap: Michigan State is 5-1 with a loss to the team ranked No. 8 (UConn) and a win over the team ranked No. 23 (Washington), and John decided that resume isn't worthy of being ranked. And Villanova is 5-1 with a lone loss to the team ranked No. 13 and a win over UCLA, and John decided that resume isn't worthy of being ranked, either. Meantime, Virginia Tech is 4-2 with double-digit losses to the teams ranked No. 5 and No. 24, but John somehow decided that resume is worthy of being ranked all the way up at No. 19, which, again, is three spots higher than the undefeated UNLV team that just beat Virginia Tech on a neutral court by 12. And he has Purdue at No. 14 with a 5-1 record featuring a double-digit loss to unranked Richmond.

Also ranked on John's ballot: North Carolina at No. 25.

So two-loss Virginia Tech and two-loss UNC are both on John's ballot.

But one-loss Michigan State and one-loss Villanova are both off John's ballot.

Perhaps he's just an ACC fan trapped in Big 12 country.

Who knows?

Another weird ballot involving Villanova belongs to Whitelaw Reid of the Daily Progress in Virginia. He has Villanova at No. 8 and Tennessee unranked despite the fact that UT is undefeated with a win over -- wait for it -- Villanova. Not sure how anybody could make sense of that. But this is the same guy who has Washington at No. 12 and Connecticut at No. 23 despite the fact that Washington has two losses and UConn is undefeated with wins over both of the schools (Kentucky and Michigan State) that beat -- wait for it -- Washington. So maybe making sense isn't a priority with good ol' Whitelaw.

Coaches poll: Nobody likes Temple more than I like Temple.

I had the Owls ranked in the top 15 in the preseason, and as high as No. 13 last week. But then they lost to California late Thursday and to Texas A&M on Sunday, and you just can't have a 3-2 team coming off losses to Cal and Texas A&M on your Top 25 ballot. But that's exactly what at least one coach -- and possibly multiple coaches -- did this week. Temple got five points in the coaches poll. That's five more than Texas A&M (5-1) or Cal (3-2) received, case you were wondering.
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If only BYU was so lucky

The Mountain West Conference has agreed to keep its basketball tournament in Las Vegas until at least 2013.

So UNLV will continue to be a great job until at least 2013.

Seriously, UNLV is a great job for a lot of reasons that include history and location and awesome buffets. But the fact that Lon Kruger gets to play home games for the league's automatic bid to the NCAA tournament each season is a huge advantage, which is not to suggest the MWC is doing something wrong. Far as I'm concerned, every league's postseason event needs to be wherever it can get the most attention and buzz, wherever it makes the most sense. Clearly, in this case, that's Las Vegas. So it's a smart move. But to not acknowledge that it's also a massive advantage for UNLV would be naive, even if last season's first-round loss to San Diego State suggests otherwise.

Remember, UNLV won MWC tournament in 2007 and 2008.

And though the Rebels might've won those events regardless of the location, rest assured, the location helped.

And now we know it'll continue to help.

At least until 2013.
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Dear Gary (on Louisville's non-ranking)

Here's Friday's Dear Gary ...

Dear Gary: Congrats are in store (because) you are the only one who doesn't have Louisville in the Top 25. Congrats on a job well done. Now do you think there is room for UNLV in the next Top 25 (and one)?

(Hint: Take Gonzaga out)

-- AW

First things first: Yes, I look wise to have removed Louisville from the Top 25 (and one) two weeks ago, but in fairness there were a handful of AP voters who followed my lead that same week (or at least did what I did, even if they weren't necessarily following me). They were: Dan Wolken, Dave Jones, Kevin McNamara, Mark Berman, Matt Vautour, Patrick Stevens, Paul Klee, Rusty Simmons and Tom Keegan. So congratulate those wise men, too.

Moving on: Can UNLV make the next Top 25 (and one)?


I'll let you know Sunday night.

But either way, yes, it appears Gonzaga must be taken out.

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Dear Gary (on the points and combos list)

Here's Thursday's Dear Gary ...
Dear Gary: I can't argue with the your ranking of point and combo guards. However, after looking at them and noticing some names that, in my opinion, could have been included (not should have), I think you should make another list to include those players who might make you regret leaving them out of the ranking.

-- Ryan

Good idea, Ryan.

Because, yes, I already have some regrets.

The two players I left off the points and combos list that, in hindsight, might've belonged are UNLV's Wink Adams and Purdue's E'Twaun Moore. I had them on a list of players to consider but opted to go another way in the end, and I think any criticism levied against me for that decision is reasonable. I mean, Moore could end up being the best player on a Big Ten title team and Adams averaged 16.7 points per game last season. Given a couple of mulligans, I might use them to include Adams and Moore. But in fairness, when you consider the last three players ranked were Matt Bouldin, Armon Johnson and Trevon Hughes you must admit it's not like I left Adams and Moore off the list in favor of bums.

And I guess that's my bottom-line point, that this stuff is all subjective.

Understand, anytime people rank players or teams or anything, really, everybody will basically agree on 80 percent of the things listed. It's the bottom 20 percent that causes the debate because there usually isn't much difference between the bottom 20 percent of the list and many of the things omitted from the list. In other words, there probably isn't much difference between the last eight players I ranked in the points and combos list and the eight best players I omitted -- which is my way of telling you that most any debate is a reasonable debate and that even I don't always feel comfortable with my lists when I complete them.

For instance, I just finished the list of wings.

It'll be up later today.

And though I like the list, I will admit there are some pretty damn good players who didn't make the cut. I had about 20 players competing for the final five spots. That means I had to drop 15, and I'm confident fans of the schools of all 15 will email at some point in the next 24 hours to tell me about the unbelievable ignorance I have shown.

I'm ready for it.

But till then, I'll try to relax.

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