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Posted on: February 8, 2010 9:07 pm
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The Poll Attacks

AUSTIN, Texas -- We're about to tip here at the Erwin Center.

It's Kansas vs. Texas.

So consider this your pregame Poll Attacks .

AP poll: All I do each Monday is look at the AP poll, find a team getting votes that shouldn't be getting votes, identify the guilty party, write about it, and that's pretty much how the Poll Attacks work.

Simple stuff.

It's not my fault if the guilty party repeats itself week after week after week.

I tell you that because here we are again, back focusing on the Idaho Statesman's Nick Jezierny, a future first-ballot Poll Attacks Hall of Famer. Not only does he have Northern Iowa ranked 12th, which is ridiculous on about 58 different levels, but he also has Wichita State ranked 21st, which is ridiculous on about 158 different levels.

(Let me say this: I don't mind people ranking UNI even though I'm not ranking UNI. No. 12 seems awful high, sure. But whatever. If you're impressed by a team running away with its league and stacking wins even though it lacks quality wins, fine. By now you know I care about quality wins way more than I care about the number of wins, but I recognize not everybody thinks the way I think. So, again, if you want to rank Northern Iowa, rank away. It's a perfectly reasonable thing to do. But Wichita State?)

You can't rank Wichita State.

And this is coming from a guy who likes Gregg Marshall. But the record is the record, and the record is 20-5 with the best win being a home win over a Texas Tech team that's ninth in the Big 12. Meantime, two of the losses are to Creighton (12-12) and Drake (11-14). So how Nick can look at Wichita State and see a team that should be ranked 21st is beyond me. But I gave up trying to make sense of this stuff long ago. Now I just poke fun at it.

Coaches poll: It's OK to not rank a C-USA school; I don't have one ranked either. But if you're going to put a C-USA school on your ballot, shouldn't it be the school that's leading C-USA? Of course it should! But somehow the coaches gave UAB seven points, Tulsa four and first-place UTEP zero despite the fact that UTEP won at UAB two weekends ago and beat Tulsa by 14 points last weekend.

(Couldn't Tulsa's Doug Wojcik at least put the Miners at No. 25?)

UTEP is 17-5 overall with an 8-1 league record, and yet the coaches have the Miners as C-USA's third-best team. It's crazy. And if I live to be 167 I still won't know how Tulsa is getting votes. Sure, the 18-5 record looks nice. But the best win is against Oklahoma State, and three of the losses are to Missouri State, Nebraska and Nevada.

Thus, Tulsa shouldn't appear on anybody's ballot.

And they sure as heck shouldn't appear on a ballot that doesn't also include UTEP.
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It's been downhill since the win over Vandy

LAKE BUENA VISTA, Fla. -- Siena's at-large hopes are taking a beating here at the Old Spice Classic.

First, Tennessee thrashed the Saints on Thursday to ruin everybody's early upset pick. And then Wichita State came from behind to beat Siena 72-70 in a Friday morning loser's bracket match-up that dropped the MAAC favorites to 2-2 overall and officially eliminated any momentum experts thought the Saints might carry over after their win against Vanderbilt in last season's NCAA tournament.

Meantime, Gregg Marshall now has a notable victory in his second season since leaving Winthrop. After playing Georgetown tight on Thursday, the Shockers rallied against Siena to notch one more win than most thought they would here at Disney.

"That's one of those wins when the kids are fighting and clawing, and they never gave up," Marshall said. "This is a good win for a young basketball team this early in the year."

Wichita State will now play either Michigan State or Oklahoma State on Sunday.

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Dear Gary (on Wichita State and scrimmages)

Here's Thursday's Dear Gary ...

Dear Gary: Is it common for college basketball programs to compete in a controlled scrimmage with another program in place of an exhibition game? Wichita State is attempting this prior to this season, in accordance with head coach Gregg Marshall's plan. I'm not sure it's worth it to the athletic department to schedule one fewer exhibition game and selling tickets, concessions, etc. Plus, in my opinion, the fans lose out. Why bring a comparable Division I program to town if you're not going to showcase it? I guess I'll have to agree to disagree with the coach, especially since I have no say in the matter.

-- Jason

Yeah, Jason, it's actually pretty common. I can't rattle off a bunch of specific examples, except that I remember Memphis scrimmaging Saint Louis last year. But just trust me when I tell you Wichita State isn't doing anything countless other programs haven't done, and the primary reason it's done is because coaches, quite simply, feel they can better prepare their teams this way. For instance, I suspect Wichita State, if it goes through with the plan, will scrimmage a quality opponent in the morning and then again in the afternoon to give Marshall two quality looks at his team instead of just one look against some completely outclassed Division II program.

That's the advantage of this approach.

But the disadvantage, like you said, is that the school loses concessions and parking and perhaps a few bucks on tickets, and the fans lose an opportunity to see their team. It's a trade-off, for sure. But don't get mad at Marshall for not "showcasing" the scrimmage, as you put it. NCAA rules forbid such a scrimmage from being attended by any fans or media. So he couldn't "showcase" it even if he wanted, though what he could do -- and other schools have done this -- is hold an intrasquad scrimmage at the arena after practice one night and open it to the public. That way the money lost from concessions and parking is recouped, the program still gets its quality scrimmage and the fans still get the opportunity to see their team.

And then everybody's happy!
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