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Report: Nebraska board agrees on Big Ten move

The Nebraska Board of Regents informally agreed Wednesday to leave the Big 12 for the Big Ten, is reporting. According to the site, an official announcement will come Friday, at which point Texas and five other Big 12 schools -- most likely Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Colorado -- could begin the process of moving to the Pac-10.

That kind of exodus would bring an end to the Big 12.

It's unclear where those left behind -- most notably Kansas -- would land if the Big 12 ceased to exist.

The Mountain West Conference is one possibility.
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Report: Nebraska expected to join Big Ten

An executive at a Big 12 school told the Omaha World-Herald that he expects Nebraska to become a member of the Big Ten as early as Friday, the paper reported late Tuesday night. If true, it's a development that could trigger Texas and five other Big 12 schools to move to the Pac-10, at which point the Big 12 would cease to exist.

"I think before too long -- I don't know exactly what the time frame is -- we'll be able to put this to bed," Nebraska athletic director Tom Osborne said Tuesday night on the Husker Sports Network, according to the World-Herald. "There's a lot of information we really don't have right now. Hopefully we'll get these put together in the next few days."

Nebraska chancellor Harvey Perlman is expected to discuss realignment with the Board of Regents Friday.
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Report: Pac-10 targeting six Big 12 schools

The Pac-10 is prepared to offer six Big 12 schools -- Texas, Texas A&M, Texas Tech, Oklahoma, Oklahoma State and Colorado -- invitations to join its league, Chip Brown of reported Thursday afternoon. is a site devoted to covering Texas athletics.

According to the report, the Pac-10 would place the six Big 12 schools in a division with Arizona and Arizona State, leaving UCLA, Southern California, Stanford, California, Oregon, Oregon State, Washington and Washington State to form the other division. The report states that the Pac-10 -- possibly under a new name -- would then create its own television network that could lead to annual payouts of around $20 million to each of the 16 members.

What's unclear is whether the Big 12 schools would accept a presumed offer.
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Cal returns to Memphis for graduation celebration

John Calipari spent the weekend in Memphis.

With Chris Douglas-Roberts.

And Derrick Rose.

And Joey Dorsey.

And this sure does feel like 2008 again, doesn't it?

"It was really neat," Calipari said by phone late Saturday night. "Everybody had a great time."

Calipari flew to Memphis to celebrate the graduation of four former players -- Antonio Anderson, Robert Dozier, Shawn Taggart and Chance McGrady -- by throwing a party at his home that also lured Douglas-Roberts, Rose and Dorsey (all of whom are now in the NBA) back to the city in which they played college basketball. Calipari did not attend Saturday's graduation ceremony because he had no interest in creating a scene, particularly a possible unpleasant one. But he said he still wanted to provide a presence for the players he recruited to Memphis, so Calipari came home, organized a cookout and invited all sorts of people with UofM ties -- from academic advisors to trainers to new Memphis coach Josh Pastner.

By all accounts, it was good for everybody involved.

Lots of old friends together for a day, even if they will go their own way again soon.

Calipari will head back to Kentucky.

Douglas-Roberts to New Jersey.

Rose to Chicago.

Dorsey to Houston ... although he plans to return next year.

"You should've seen Joey," Calipari said. "He watched those guys graduate, and he said, 'I want to do that.' So he said he's going to finish up (school) and walk next year."

If so, party at Cal's.
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Nearly set at the top

North Carolina's win over Clemson in the ACC final means we now know three of our four No. 1 seeds.

UNC, Memphis and UCLA are locks at the top.

The fourth No. 1 seed will go to either Tennessee, Texas or Kansas.

My opinion: If Texas beats Kansas in the Big 12 final the Longhorns should get a No. 1 seed. But if Kansas beats Texas then the final No. 1 seed should go to Tennessee because the Jayhawks' body of work (7-2 record against the Top 50), while impressive, simply doesn't match that of Tennessee (11-3 record against the Top 50) or Texas (11-3 record against the Top 50).

Anyway ...
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