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Posted on: March 6, 2009 5:42 pm

Now I really do need to apologize to FSU

"The folks handling the ACC schedule knew what they were doing, because not only do we get the best two teams in the league against each other this weekend, we also get -- with apologies to Florida State -- the third-best and fourth-best teams in the league squaring-off courtesy of No. 18 Clemson at No. 10 Wake Forest."

That's what I wrote in the Friday Look Ahead .

At best, it's not as clear-cut as I made it.

At worst, it's just wrong.

As Florida State fans have pointed out via email -- and on this message board -- the Seminoles might be ranked behind Clemson in the AP poll, Coaches poll and Top 25 (and one) , but they are tied with Clemson for fourth in the ACC standings, have a better RPI than Clemson and own two victories over ... Clemson.

In fact, if FSU and Clemson both win this weekend, FSU will be the higher seed in the ACC tournament.

So does all that mean FSU is clearly better than Clemson?

No, not clearly .

Remember, Penn State has two wins over Illinois, and I don't hear people arguing that Penn State is clearly better than the Illini. But still, FSU and Clemson are close by most measuring sticks, and FSU does have two victories over Clemson. So I was wrong to definitively label Wake Forest and Clemson as the third-best and fourth-best teams in the ACC ... although I will say that they are absolutely the third-best and fourth-best teams in the ACC who were not placed on probation this week .

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