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Barnes cuts list; Xavier gains commitment

Harrison Barnes, Scout.com's top player in the Class of 2010, has narrowed his list of possible colleges.

That list (according to Scout.com):
  • Duke
  • Iowa State
  • Kansas
  • North Carolina
  • Oklahoma
  • UCLA
Barnes will reportedly visit UNC on Sept. 4-5.

No timetable has been made for his final decision.

Meantime, Xavier got a commitment from a Top 100 prospect on Sunday. Justin Martin, a 6-foot-7 forward from Indianapolis, committed to the Musketeers just before leaving from a weekend visit to campus. Scout.com ranks him as the 87th-best prospect in the country.
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Stanley Burrell cannot be held to 140 characters

One of the more interesting ways to follow the NBA Draft was -- surprise, surprise -- via Twitter .

Kevin Love was Tweeting every pick, seemingly confused at times about why his new GM selected 17 point guards. Kevin Durant was welcoming James Harden to Oklahoma City. Hasheem Thabeet was typing about the joy of looking at stars from a rooftop (or something like that). And then there was former Xavier standout Stanley Burrell, who started by rooting for Derrick Brown and then turned to defending Derrick Brown before ultimately criticizing Sean Miller.

It was fascinating stuff.

Burrell -- who played at Xavier from 2004 to 2008 -- started by predicting Brown would go here or there in the first round. It never happened, of course. So Burrell Tweeted that he was "jinxing my boy. im pulling for u and your fam D Brown. u deserve this!" Naturally, when Brown started slipping, some Xavier fans ripped his decision to leave school early. Why? Because that's what fans do. They love you when you play for their favorite team. But if you ever leave early they mock you if the decision doesn't go as planned.

Happens every year.

It happened this year.

But Burrell didn't like the tone.

So he took the time to defend Brown.

"Come on X-fans.. save the criticism on D Brown. My man is a special talent and he WILL be drafted tonight and he WILL make a roster. watch!"

Then ...

"if i recieve one more negative msg about D Brown, i will find a way to block that person. D is chasing a dream! Hes from xu- Support him!!!"

And then ...

"some of u fans really amaze me some time!!! makes the true xu fans, look bad."

And then (when Brown slipped well into the second round) ...

"Lets face it... SM isnt trying to develop pros. It was all about him! Look ive spoke to SM ONE time since grad. from X. Family huh? NOT! ... SM taught me many things that im thankful for. Most recently, this world is cut throat! GET YOURS WHILE U CAN! Wow!"

"SM" stands for former Xavier coach and current Arizona coach Sean Miller.

Brown confirmed as much in a later Tweet.

He then ranted against Miller in a magnificent way.

"I said what I said about Sean for a few reasons. 1) The fact that ive talked to a coach ONE TIME since grad. that i gave my blood, sweat, and tears for(for 4 yrs) is BULLSHIT! I sacrificed (just like the rest of my teammates) for Sean and our team...He made me believe that we were really like family to eachother. when really that was just a scheme to get us all to buy in to the "team system". He proved me right when i realized we only spoke once for about 15 secs when i attended the temple vs xu home game. i understand coach is really busy but i truly believed in the guy & what he taught me. i see now that really its all about getting yours while u can in any way u can. i remember reading a quote in the paper from Sean where he said, we win at XU without having a single pro on our roster. * Now even if thats true, do u really need to put us out there like that? Because we too want to provide for our families after college. And no, a comment like that wont keep us from being drafted into the NBA but it does show how Sean wanted all the success to be about him and his coaching. Lets not get my words mixed-up, sean is an amazing coach but if yall think that his coaching ALONE was the reason for all the success we had, YOURE WRONG! It also took guys in the locker room willing to give whats best for them PERSONALLY for the good of the team, the university's name & its winning tradition. Sean was just the one that seriously benefited financially. I have a degree and some of the most amazing memories from XU but the things ive learned since leaving xu makes me wish i would've done what was best for me and mine and not the other way around. Cuz thats what its about, right? Its not! but i learned the hard way. so i say congrats to D Brown for choosing to do whats best for him and his family (not saying that playing for coach mack would've hurt him for next yr because coach mack is a GREAT COACH that is definitely ready for this opportunity) but D Brown reached out and grabbed a piece for himself tonight, instead of just being on the giving end (like we were all trained to do at xu)."
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Xavier hires Mack

Xavier will promote Chris Mack to succeed Sean Miller as the school's head basketball coach, multiple sources told CBSSports.com on Tuesday.

A press conference is tentatively scheduled for Wednesday.

Miller left Xavier last week to succeed Lute Olson at Arizona. Almost immediately, Mack was tabbed as the leading candidate, and his position was strengthened when Miller -- plus most of the players and recruits -- endorsed the 39-year-old assistant.

Mack is a former Xavier player and graduate of the school.

He inherits what should be a Top 25 team.

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Mack interviews at Xavier

Xavier assistant Chris Mack interviewed for the school's vacant head coaching position Wednesday and appears to be the leading candidate to replace his old boss, a source has told CBSSports.com.

"I think it's his job to lose," the source said.

Miller accepted the Arizona job Monday and has subsequently endorsed Mack -- as have most of the players and recruits, plus the fan base (at least according to an online poll at the Cincinnati Enquirer ). Others who have been publicly connected to the job are Brad Stevens (Butler), Gary Waters (Cleveland State), Darrin Horn (South Carolina), Ken McDonald (Western Kentucky) and Fran McCaffery (Siena), though it's worth noting that McCaffery signed an eight-year contract with Siena on Wednesday and probably isn't a serious candidate.

Xavier should be a preseason Top 25 team next season.

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The latest on Xavier's search for a new coach

Sean Miller wants Chris Mack to succeed him at Xavier.

"I'm hopeful that happens," Miller said at his Arizona news conference. "I think it would be a great choice."

As do the readers of the Cincinnati Enquirer . Nearly 60 percent of those responding to an online poll want Mack to be Xavier's next coach. In third place is Siena's Fran McCaffery with 9.4 percent (as I type), although McCaffery's comments to a New York radio station suggest he might not even be on Xavier's radar.

"I’d like to be the coach of the Lakers, but they didn’t call me," McCaffery said when asked about the Xavier opening. "There’s no sense talking about a job where nobody has expressed any interest in me." Also worth noting: At least one New York media outlet is reporting that McCaffery is on the verge of signing an extension with Siena. An announcement could come as early as Wednesday.

Other names in the online poll are Brad Brownell (Wright State), Brad Stevens (Butler), Ken McDonald (Western Kentucky), John Groce (Ohio), Louis Orr (Bowling Green), Jim Christian (TCU) and Darrin Horn (South Carolina).

Horn is the lone BCS-affiliated coach of the listed candidates.

But would he really leave the SEC for the A-10?

Answer: It's possible considering Horn is the lowest paid coach in the SEC East. According to published reports, Horn -- i.e., the man who just led South Carolina to a tie for first in the SEC East -- makes roughly $800,000 per year. That number is dwarfed by the salaries of Billy Donovan (Florida), John Calipari (Kentucky), Bruce Pearl (Tennessee), Kevin Stallings (Vanderbilt) and Mark Fox (Georgia), the last of whom left Nevada for Georgia last week and signed a deal worth $1.3 million per year.

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The coaching carousel is slowing down

DETROIT -- With Arizona, Memphis and Washington State all filling their head coaching vacancies Monday, the only remaining nationally relevant opening is at Xavier, and you have no idea how nice that is for those of us who follow this stuff. To be able to fly home and not worry with the coaching carousel is truly a blessing, most notably for my wife and son. And so on behalf of the Parrish family, I'd like to thank all the ADs who made this possible.

I owe you.

Anyway, Xavier?

Sources have told CBSSports.com (that's me) that athletic director Mike Bobinski is only considering Xavier assistant Chris Mack and experienced head coaches (like Siena's Fran McCaffery). My advice: Hire Mack and be done with it. "Chris is ready to become a head coach," is a quote from Sean Miller pulled directly from Mack's bio, and I'm inclined to believe it.

The 39 year-old Xavier graduate just finished his fifth season on Miller's staff after completing three seasons at Wake Forest under the late Skip Prosser. In other words, Mack has worked for two great coaches and established himself as a notable recruiter in the area. Plus, he's from the area. So this should be easy, and an easy search is a successful search ... as Arizona's Jim Livengood and Memphis' R.C. Johnson can attest after struggling to fill their vacancies.

Why put yourself through that, Mr. Bobinski?

Just give Mack this preseason Top 25 team and let him win the Atlantic 10.

Unlike Arizona and Memphis, Xavier doesn't need somebody to rebuild a program.

Xavier just needs somebody to guide what's already in place, and there's no reason Mack can't do that.

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Arizona comes back at Miller, gets him this time

DETROIT -- Barring another last-minute change of plans, Sean Miller will be introduced as Arizona's next basketball coach despite the fact that he turned down the job late Sunday, a source has told CBSSports.com.

According to a source, Miller scheduled a Monday afternoon meeting with his staff, at which point he is expected to finalize the decision. The source said Arizona athletic director Jim Livengood called Miller early Monday after having been rejected and "significantly changed" the offer, which was initially around $2 million per year for seven seasons. At that point, the source said, Miller got better assurances on the number of "buy" games he would be allowed to schedule, as well as some enhanced promises about the way the team and coaches would travel. Thus, Miller's career at Xavier now seems set to end after five seasons, four of which resulted in NCAA tournament appearances.

A statement is expected later Monday.

A news conference could come as early as Tuesday

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Sources: Miller rejects Arizona to stay at Xavier

DETROIT -- Sean Miller, after meeting with his family and staff late Sunday, decided to reject an offer from Arizona and remain at Xavier, sources have told CBSSports.com.

A statement is expected early Monday.

Miller flew on a private plane to Albuquerque, N.M., then drove to Sante Fe, N.M., early Sunday to meet with Arizona president Robert Shelton, athletic director Jim Livengood and a high-powered booster named Paul Weitman. The meeting lasted roughly four hours, and when Miller returned to Cincinnati he was described by a source as about "50-50" in terms of staying at Xavier or leaving for the Pac-10.

Late Sunday, that changed.

So now Miller will return for a sixth season at Xavier.

Sources said Arizona will next target Utah coach Jim Boylen.

Officials working on behalf of Arizona have already initiated contact, according to sources.

Arizona has now been publicly rejected in its search to replace Lute Olson by Miller and USC's Tim Floyd. Some other candidates the school has informally pursued to varying degrees are Mark Few (Gonzaga), Jamie Dixon (Pittsburgh), John Calipari (Kentucky), Jeff Capel (Oklahoma), Bruce Pearl (Tennessee) and Tom Izzo (Michigan State).

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