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Posted on: April 11, 2010 12:31 pm
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Source: Wake Forest, as expected, to hire Bzdelik

Colorado's Jeff Bzdelik, as expected, will be named the next head coach at Wake Forest, a source confirmed to CBSSports.com on Sunday.

CBSSports.com reported Friday that a deal between Bzdelik and Wake Forest was "all but done."

A formal press conference could come as early as Monday.

Bzdelik won 24 and 26 games in two years at Air Force before taking the Colorado in 2007. He's had three consecutive losing seasons in the Big 12. But that's something Wake Forest athletics director Ron Wellman was willing to overlook in hiring the former NBA coach to replace Dino Gaudio, Skip Prosser's former assistant who was fired last week after consecutive NCAA tournament appearances.

Colorado assistant Steve McClain is an obvious candidate to replace Bzdelik.

McClain is a former head coach at Wyoming.
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Drew interview at Clemson? Don't hold your breath

The speculation began Friday and drifted into Saturday, and now a South Carolina newspaper is reporting that Baylor's Scott Drew is a leading candidate at Clemson, and that he's "believed to be interviewing for the position [Saturday] along with Oklahoma coach Jeff Capel." For better or worse, this is the price of being a successful coach at a private school with limited resources relative to state universities.

Brad Stevens dealt with it after a Final Four.

Now Scott Drew is dealing with it after an Elite Eight.

So is Drew a candidate at Clemson?

I'm sure he is because why wouldn't he be?

He's a candidate at Clemson for the same reason Stevens was a candidate at Oregon, because any athletics director worth his complimentary car would be interested in a coach who's achieved unprecedented success at a non-traditional power, and eager to see if he'd move for possibly more money and better resources. In other words, Clemson targeting Drew makes sense. But I wouldn't spend Saturday waiting to hear how Drew interviewed at Clemson, because that's not how this business works. Once you've achieved a certain level of success -- i.e., resurrected a program on the verge of extinction and led it to within a few minutes of a Final Four -- you don't interview for jobs. You are offered jobs, then you either take them or you don't. So if Clemson wants Drew it will simply offer the job. Drew would then accept or decline. But what he wouldn't do is interview because nobody in his position ever would.
Posted on: April 9, 2010 7:17 pm

Herrion to Marshall, Jones to assist at BC

One assistant got a head coaching job while a head coach took a job as an assistant.

The assistant on the move is Pittsburgh's Tom Herrion, who will be introduced as Marshall's next coach at a Saturday press conference. Herrion spent three years on Jamie Dixon's staff at Pittsburgh. He was previously the head coach at Charleston. Meantime, Columbia head coach Joe Jones is leaving the Ivy League school to be an assistant for Steve Donahue at Boston College. Jones was Columbia's head coach for seven seasons.

Four positions in BCS leagues remain open.

They are at Oregon, Clemson, Wake Forest and Rutgers.
Posted on: April 9, 2010 12:49 pm
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Charlotte hires OSU assistant

Charlotte hired Ohio State assistant Alan Major to fill its coaching vacancy, a source confirmed Friday to CBSSports.com.

An official announcement is expected later Friday afternoon.

Major spent nine seasons as an assistant under Thad Matta -- first at Xavier, then at Ohio State. The Indianapolis native and Purdue graduate replaces Bobby Lutz, who was fired last month.
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Sources: Clemson has interviewed at least five

Wright State's Brad Brownell is one of at least five coaches who interviewed for the opening at Clemson over the past two days, multiple sources have told CBSSport.com. The others are Wofford's Mike Young, Jacksonville's Cliff Warren, ODU's Blaine Taylor and former Boston College coach Al Skinner.

Brownell has won at least 20 games four straight years and was widely considered the Horizon League's best coaching prospect until Butler's Brad Stevens rose to prominence this season. The Indiana native was in play for the Indiana job that went to Tom Crean two years ago. His candidacy at Clemson suggests the ACC school is considering hiring a rising star as opposed to someone whose career is on the decline like Skinner, the 57-year-old who was fired at BC last week. Young and Taylor both led their teams to the NCAA tournament this season. Warren coached in the NIT.

Other candidates Clemson has, will or could target are VCU's Shaka Smart, Western Kentucky's Ken McDonald, Ohio's John Groce, Oklahoma's Jeff Capel and Baylor's Scott Drew. Multiple sources told CBSSports.com that Clemson officias desired a meeting with Arizona State's Herb Sendek, a former North Carolina State coach, but that he turned down an interview request.

Clemson is searching for a replacement for Oliver Purnell.

He left last Tuesday to take over at DePaul for more than $15 million.
Posted on: April 8, 2010 12:25 am

Rutgers expected to fire Hill on Thursday

Rutgers is expected to announce the termination of basketball coach Fred Hill on Thursday, according to FoxSports.com. The development comes a week after Hill was involved in an altercation at a Scarlett Knights baseball game, which could help the school fire Hill with cause or, at the very least, reach a more reasonable buyout with the former Villanova assistant.

Hill's buyout is $1.8 million.

Multiple sources told CBSSports.com that the only reason Rutgers didn't fire Hill immediately after th season is because the school, strapped for resources, didn't want to pay the buyout. But last Thursday's reported "profanity laced tirade" with Pittsburgh baseball coach Joe Jordano could be enough to allow Rutgers to fire Hill -- whose father is the school's baseball coach -- with cause, especially considering Hill also reportedly attended Sunday's Pittsburgh-Rutgers baseball game even though school officials told him to stay away. That could be perceived as "insubordination."

Hill has never finished better than 14th in four seasons at Rutgers.

His best player, former McDonald's All-American Mike Rosario, has expressed a desire to transfer.
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