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Posted on: September 14, 2010 9:18 am
Edited on: September 14, 2010 9:28 am

Report: Bledsoe's record has conflicting grades

Conflicting grades on Eric Bledsoe's high school transcript and a night-school grade report from Parker High in Alabama have called into question whether the former Kentucky standout should've been eligible to play for the Wildcats last season, Jon Solomon of the Birmingham News reported Tuesday.

According to the report, Bledsoe's four-year transcript shows he made an A in Algebra 3 in night school as a senior by receiving a 90 during each of the two sessions, but an actual grade report from those two sessions obtained by the paper shows Bledsoe with what should've been a C average. Bledsoe "barely qualified" for initial eligibility thanks to the A he received in Algebra 3, the paper reported. If not for that grade, the paper said, the one-and-done guard would've been ineligible at Kentucky and thus unable to start in the backcourt beside fellow first-round pick John Wall.

Bledsoe helped UK win 35 games last season.

He's now a member of the Los Angeles Clippers.

(Click this link to read the full story.)
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Posted on: September 9, 2010 9:21 am
Edited on: September 9, 2010 9:32 am

FYI: UK didn't pass on an impact big for Kanter

It's impossible to write anything about Kentucky -- and by Kentucky, I mean John Calipari -- without folks from both sides flooding your inbox, and I don't really mind it. I'm fully aware there's no more polarizing figure in college basketball (and perhaps American sports) than the only man to have Final Fours vacated at two different schools. But that doesn't mean the complaints against him don't have to make sense, and the main complaint I've heard about Calipari's willingness to accept a commitment from Enes Kanter despite likely amateurism issues doesn't make any sense.

The complaint?

That Calipari possibly wasted a scholarship on Kanter that could've been used on another big.

The emails that say such are in response to me writing that signing Kanter was a "gamble worth taking" and that there "never was any real downside" for Calipari despite there being a real chance that Kanter would never be cleared to play. Some readers have insisted I'm wrong, that the downside is how UK might now have to start the season without an impact center. The following is a typical note that was posted on the message board below the column: "I'm not buying the no-lose story Parrish is selling. If Kanter doesn't come then [the Wildcats] are behind where they could've been had [Calipari] used the scholarship for a different center."

What's funny is that I received many emails making that same point, but nobody ever mentioned the "different center" Kentucky could've signed instead of Kanter. Want to know why? It's because there wasn't a different center to be signed, or at least not one that could have made any real impact at a program like Kentucky.

Let's rewind: Kanter committed on March 23, which is to say when there were no other impact centers available. Jared Sullinger, Perry Jones, Adreian Payne and all prospects like them had long been off the board, so there was nobody else to get. Furthermore, it's important to remember UK was, at the time, operating under the assumption that it wouldn't lose Daniel Orton to the NBA Draft. So all indications were that Calipari could afford to gamble on Kanter because he'd still have Orton either way, and, beyond that, who were the Wildcats going to take otherwise?

Again, there was nobody to take.

The best prospect taller than 6-foot-8 still on the board when Kanter committed was Terrence Jones.

And guess what?

Kentucky got him anyway.
Posted on: September 8, 2010 3:34 pm

Column on the Kanter situation

Click this link to read my column on the Enes Kanter situation.

I try to explain why this was a no-lose proposition for Kentucky from the start.
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Posted on: September 7, 2010 9:41 pm
Edited on: September 7, 2010 9:52 pm

Report: Kanter got $100,000-plus from pro team

The general manager of the Turkish professional team for which Enes Kanter once played is claiming the club paid the Kentucky freshman more than $100,000 in cash and benefits over a three-year span, according to a report by Pete Thamel in the New York Times.

Thamel is in Turkey covering the FIBA World Championship and met with Nedim Karakas, general manager of Fenerbahce Ulker, at Karakas' office this week. Karakas told Thamel the club has provided the NCAA with banking and housing records that show Kanter received benefits never before acknowledged, which could jeopardize the 6-foot-11 forward's amateur status.

UK officials released a statement Tuesday night.

"Kentucky is working diligently with the NCAA on this matter, and we fully support Enes Kanter and his family through this ongoing NCAA review," the statement read. "We will have no further comment."

Kanter is but one heralded freshman whose amateur status remains under review. reported last month that Kansas guard Josh Selby has yet to be cleared because of questions about his amateur status. A source told on Tuesday that Selby's case remains unresolved.
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Posted on: September 7, 2010 11:42 am
Edited on: September 7, 2010 1:30 pm

Louisville adds another elite recruit

Louisville's Rick Pitino showed again Tuesday that his program hasn't been damaged by issues away from the court by gaining another commitment from a consensus top 50 national recruit -- this time in-state standout Chane Behanan.

"I’m committing to Louisville," Behanan told recruiting analyst Evan Daniels. “I felt comfortable there. I just bonded real well with the team and the coaches. ... I just based it all off my comfort zone and the location." ranks Behanan 29th nationally in the Class of 2011. He's the fourth prospct to commit to Louisville. The others are Wayne Blackshear (No. 12), Zach Price (No. 53) and Ryan Taylor (unranked), and most recruiting analysts believe Quincy Miller (No. 2) and Deuce Bello (No. 32) could join the group within the next week to give the Cards a six-player class that would probably rank second only to Kentucky's class featuring Anthony Davis (No. 1), Mike Gilchrist (No. 5), Marquis Teague (No. 6) and Kyle Wiltjer (No. 19).

Posted on: August 28, 2010 8:31 pm
Edited on: August 28, 2010 8:40 pm

UK adds fourth top 20 prospect

Kyle Wiltjer announced during halftime of Saturday's Boost Mobile Elite 24 all-star game in California that he is committed to play college basketball at Kentucky, meaning John Calipari now has pledges from four prospects who ranks among the top 20 in the Class of 2011.

"I want to let Coach Calipari know I'm coming to Kentucky," Wiltjer said. "I'm excited to be a part of that team."

Wiltjer is a 6-foot-9 forward from Portland who chose UK over Georgia Tech, Gonzaga, Kansas, California, Texas and Wake Forest. He joins Michael Gilchrist (No. 1 at, Anthony Davis (No. 5 at and Marquise Teague (No. 9 at as UK pledges, which almost certainly assures the Wildcats will have the nation's top-ranked recruiting class for the third straight year.
Posted on: August 24, 2010 8:02 pm
Edited on: August 24, 2010 8:03 pm

Who's No. 1 in Class of 2011? and both updated their national rankings Tuesday, meaning all three major services (the third being now have refreshed lists for the Class of 2011. And they're all different. Michael Gilchrist is No. 1 at, Anthony Davis is No. 1 at, and Austin Rivers is No. 1 at

Rivers is the only prospect in the top three of each list.

Here's each organization's top 10:

----- MAXPREPS.COM -----

1. Michael Gilchrist (committed to Kentucky )
2. Austin Rivers (uncommitted)
3. Adonis Thomas (uncommitted)
4. Quincy Miller (uncommitted)
5. Bradley Beal (committed to Florida )
6. Anthony Davis (committed to Kentucky )
7. LaQuinton Ross (committed to Ohio State )
8. James McAdoo (committed to North Carolina )
9. Marquis Teague (committed to Kentucky )
10. P.J. Hairston (committed to North Carolina )

----- SCOUT.COM -----

1. Anthony Davis (committed to Kentucky )
2. Quincy Miller (uncommitted)
3. Austin Rivers (uncommitted)
4. James McAdoo (committed to North Carolina )
5. Michael Gilchrist (committed to Kentucky )
6. Marquis Teague (committed to Kentucky )
7. Bradley Beal (committed to Florida )
8. Adonis Thomas (uncommitted)
9. Myck Kabongo (committed to Texas )
10. Rakeem Christmas (committed to Syracuse )

----- RIVALS.COM -----

1. Austin Rivers (uncommitted)
2. Marquis Teague (committed to Kentucky )
3. Michael Gilchrist (committed to Kentucky )
4. LeBryan Nash (uncommitted)
5. Quincy Miller (uncommitted)
6. Anthony Davis (committed to Kentucky )
7. Bradley Beal (committed to Florida )
8. James McAdoo (committed to North Carolina )
9. DeAndre Daniels (uncommitted)
10. Josiah Turner (uncommitted)
Posted on: August 13, 2010 7:33 pm
Edited on: August 13, 2010 7:35 pm

Davis commits to Kentucky

Anthony Davis committed to Kentucky on Friday a week after Michael O'Brien of the Chicago Sun-Times alleged that his father, Anthony Davis Sr., "negotiated a deal that promised $200,000 from someone who wanted" the heralded prospect to pledge his allegience to UK.

Anthony Davis Sr. confirmed the commitment to

"I hope UK is ready for the NCAA to come on in," one high-major coach texted to after the story broke, point being that the NCAA will almost certainly spend time examining Davis' recruitment based on nothing more than the Sun-Times article. At this point, it doesn't matter whether the allegation has merit. This development will be scrutinized regardless, which is why many industry sources believed Davis might ultimately choose DePaul, Ohio State, Syracuse or some other college -- anybody other than Kentucky -- after last week's story went national.

But he didn't.

Consequently, John Calipari is now assured of having the nation's best recruiting class for the third straight season. Davis, ranked fifth in the Class of 2011 by, is the third prospect ranked among the top six nationally to commit to UK. He joins Michael Gilchrist (No. 1) and Marquis Teague (No. 6).
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