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Miller back home, described as "50-50"

DETROIT -- Xavier's Sean Miller was back home in Cincinnati late Sunday, meeting with his family and staff and debating whether to accept an offer to become Arizona's next basketball coach, sources told CBSSports.com.

According to a source, Miller flew on a private plane to Albuquerque, N.M., then drove to Sante Fe, N.M., to meet with Arizona president Robert Shelton, athletic director Jim Livengood and a high-powered booster named Paul Weitman. The meeting lasted roughly four hours, and a source described Miller as about "50-50" in terms of staying at Xavier or leaving for the Pac-10.

No deadline for an answer was given to Miller, a source said.

But Arizona would like an answer by Monday, it seems.

Miller has been at Xavier five seasons.

He's made four NCAA tournaments, including one Elite Eight.

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Miller to meet with Arizona on Sunday

DETROIT -- Xavier's Sean Miller boarded a private plane sent by Arizona officials early Sunday and flew to Albuquerque, N.M., to meet with athletic director Jim Livengood about coaching the Wildcats, sources have told CBSSports.com.

Whether Arizona asked Xavier for permission to speak with Miller is unclear, and also moot. Requesting permission to speak with another schools' coach is mostly a courtesy in this business, almost never a necessity. To wit, sources have told CBSSports.com that people working on behalf of Arizona have contacted various high-major coaches all season in informal ways, in some cases as early as November.

According to sources, Miller has been told he could receive a package at Arizona worth more than $15 million spread over seven years. Still, there is no guarantee he'll take the job, the sources said, because he's comfortable at Xavier and positioned to have a team that should win another Atlantic 10 title next season.

Miller has been at Xavier five seasons.

He's made four NCAA tournaments, including one Elite Eight.

Arizona has already been publicly rejected in its search to replace Lute Olson by USC's Tim Floyd. Some other candidates the school has informally pursued to varying degrees are Mark Few (Gonzaga), Jamie Dixon (Pittsburgh), John Calipari (Kentucky), Jeff Capel (Oklahoma), Bruce Pearl (Tennessee) and Tom Izzo (Michigan State).

(Here's a link to the plane Miller boarded, according to a source close to the Arizona program.)

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Arizona reaching out to Xavier's Miller

DETROIT -- Arizona has initiated conversations with Sean Miller in an attempt to see whether the rising star at Xavier will entertain an offer that could be worth more than $13 million spread over six years, a source close to the Arizona program told CBSSports.com on Friday.

Multiple sources said it's unclear whether Arizona athletic director Jim Livengood has spoken directly with Miller, but the sources added that Miller has had preliminary discussions with a third-party representative working on behalf of Arizona, and that he's willing to consider a move to the Pac-10 more so than he's considered different opportunities in the past. In other words, Miller was never seriously interested in Virginia or Georgia, and he's not interested in replacing John Calipari at Memphis. But Arizona is the type of elite job that has his attention, though there are no guarantees Miller would automatically leave Xavier given that he clearly has the best job in the Atlantic 10.

Miller has been at Xavier five seasons.

He's made four NCAA tournaments, including one Elite Eight.

Arizona has already been publicly rejected by USC's Tim Floyd. Other candidates the school has informally pursued to various degrees are Mark Few (Gonzaga), Jamie Dixon (Pittsburgh), John Calipari (Memphis), Jeff Capel (Oklahoma), Bruce Pearl (Tennessee) and Tom Izzo (Michigan State).

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Holloway out for at least two weeks

Terrell Holloway, a freshman point guard at Xavier, has been diagnosed with a left foot stress fracture and is expected to miss somewhere between two and four weeks after starring in Sunday's win over Memphis. The New York native scored 13 points -- by finishing 10-of-10 from the free throw line -- in the 63-58 victory over the Tigers that launched Xavier into the national rankings.

The Musketeers are 14th in the Top 25 (and one).

They play Miami (Ohio) on Saturday.

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Dear Gary (on fans who feel slighted)

Here's Wednesday's Dear Gary ...

Dear Gary: I rolled my eyes as soon as I read Tuesday's Dear Gary. Xavier hasn't been a sleeper since 2005 and beyond, as evidenced by you. So I have to ask: How often do you get this stuff and is it as annoying to you as it is to me when some crazed fan tells you to watch out for their team!

-- Martin

How often does it happen?


Is it annoying?

Not really, because I can just delete them if I want.

But such notes do serve as a reminder that a large percentage of hardcore fans take a slighted and irrational approach to things, which is to be expected. And just so we're clear, I'm thankful for it. Without hardcore college basketball fans there is no market for what I do. Those people help pay my mortgage. But yes, it is comical to read notes from fans who consistently think I overlook their team or hate their team or despise their coach or whatever. I mean, I can't tell you how many emails I got from Kentucky fans over the past year accusing me of either hating or being jealous of Kentucky, as if that makes any sense.

Seriously, why would I hate or be jealous of Kentucky.

It's a fine school with a great history, and the people there have never been anything but nice to me. I applauded Billy Gillispie's hire, named him SEC Coach of the Year last season and have never strayed from my belief that he will eventually win big in Rupp Arena. Yet somehow I'm perceived as a hater of Kentucky. And don't even get me started on the "jealous of Kentucky" part. Honest to God, I don't even know what that means because I'm not sure how it's possible to be jealous of a college basketball program. But I get emails like that all the time. It's crazy, but part of the territory.

As for Tuesday's Dear Gary, that guy wasn't being being crazy, really.

He just wanted to make sure I knew about Xavier.

But as I pointed out, Xavier is way beyond the point of needing to solicit attention.

Any progam that consistently wins that much is on everybody's radar every single season.

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Dear Gary (on Xavier)

Here's Tuesday's Dear Gary ...

Dear Gary: Xavier is a major sleeper. Watch Out.

-- Paul

Well that was a nice, quick, straight-to-the-point email, Paul.

I appreciate the simplicity.

But I must ask: How can anybody consider Xavier a sleeper anymore?

The Musketeers have (quietly, I suppose) developed into one of the nation's best programs, and -- with apologies to Gonzaga -- you could make an argument that Xavier is the best non-BCS program not named Memphis. Here's the raw data, which is quite impressive:
  • Xavier has won 20 or more games 11 times in the past 12 seasons, 20 times in the past 25 seasons.
  • Xavier is one of only nine schools to make multiple Elite Eights in the past five years.
  • Xavier ranks among the top five nationally in wins in the month of March over the past five years.
  • Xavier has made seven of the past eight NCAA tournaments with three second-round appearances and two Elite Eights.
  • Xavier has had 14 NBA players since 1993.
With that body of work, the Musketeers can't be considered a sleeper.

They are always awake.

Have been for years.
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Indiana fans should just watch Xavier

Former Indiana standout Jordan Crawford is transferring to Xavier.

That means the Musketeers will have two players in their program who were supposed to be Hoosiers this season -- the other being Terrell Holloway, who signed with IU but was granted a release after Tom Crean took over the mess left behind by Kelvin Sampson. Meantime, Crean will have just one returning player to work with: Former walk-on Kyle Taber.

Crawford averaged 9.7 points last season, fourth on the team behind Eric Gordon (now in the NBA), D.J. White (now in the NBA) and Armon Bassett (transferred to UAB). Under normal circumstances the 6-foot-4 guard would sit out this season because of NCAA transfer rules, but Xavier plans to request a waiver citing the turmoil at IU that precipitated Crawford's transfer, though it's unclear whether it will be granted.

Either way, Crawford will have three years of eligibility remaining whenever he starts playing again.
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Stanley Burrell thinks the A-10 is pathetic

Athletes always act like they don't care about awards.

And it's ridiculous.

I mean, actors care about awards, as do musicians and writers and all sorts of people from all areas of life. And we all admit it pretty openly. But for some reason athletes have been brainwashed taught to insist awards don't matter, which is why Xavier's Stanley Burrell might be my new favorite player.

Because he cares about awards.

And he doesn't mind telling you how much he cares.

For proof, I turn to Dustin Dow's story in the Cincinnati Enquirer that detailed Burrell's meltdown upon learning no Xavier players were named first team all-conference in the Atlantic 10. Here's the lead quote: "This league is pathetic," Burrell said. "We went 14-2, top 10 in the nation. Forget first team, Josh (Duncan) is probably the player of the year. You've got the best team and nobody on the first-team all-conference team? It's ridiculous. You talk about not having motivation? We got plenty now. I'm really looking forward to Atlantic City now."

Trust me, it gets better.

Here's the link.

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