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Posted on: March 31, 2009 5:52 pm
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Calipari and staff leave Calipari's home

A three-car convoy featuring John Calipari just left Calipari's home without comment.


It could be to grab an early dinner.

It could be to go to Wilson Air and jump a plane to Lexington.

But let me say this: There's no way three cars of people -- including all the assistants -- would board a plane to Lexington. That's not how this stuff works. So speculation that the complete convoy is aimed for the airport is incorrect.

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Posted on: March 31, 2009 3:25 pm
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Calipari about to meet with staff

John Calipari's staff is on its way to meet at an undisclosed location, where a final decision on Kentucky will be made, a source close to the program told CBSSports.com on Tuesday afternoon.

According to the source, Calipari still hasn't given the power-brokers at Memphis or Kentucky a definite answer to the question of whether he's staying or going, but multiple sources around both programs believe this is merely a matter of Calipari "pulling the trigger" and informing his players that he will be the next coach at Kentucky.

A decision should come within hours, if not minutes.

Either way, Calipari is set to be the highest-paid coach in the country.

Assuming Calipari leaves, multiple sources told CBSSports.com that Memphis will target Missouri's Mike Anderson. In fact, third-party representitives working on behalf of Memphis have been gauging the possible interest of Anderson for more than 24 hours, and it's probably worth noting that Anderson is represented by super-agent Jimmy Sexton.

Sexton is based in Memphis.

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Posted on: March 31, 2009 12:44 am
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Calipari drama will carry into Tuesday

Eventually, John Calipari will choose between Kentucky and Memphis.

But it won't happen until at least Tuesday.

Everything in CBSSports.com's earlier report remains true -- that UK officials believe Calipari will be their next coach, that some Memphis players and recruits would likely follow him, that he could be introduced at Kentucky on Tuesday or Wednesday. But Calipari spent Monday night visiting with prominent Memphis boosters and keeping in touch via phone with UK officials, and a source told CBSSports.com that Calipari still hasn't officially "pulled the trigger" on the deal despite UK officials telling multiple industry sources that it's "pretty much done."

Either way, this much is true: Calipari will be the highest paid coach in the country when this is over.

Sources said UK offered a contract of $35 million to $40 million spread over seven or eight years.

Separate sources insist Memphis can and will match any offer.

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Posted on: March 30, 2009 5:53 pm
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Memphis would release Henry if Calipari leaves

Xavier Henry's signed national letter of intent with Memphis features a clause that grants the McDonald's All-American a full release if John Calipari is not the school's coach when he is scheduled to enroll, a source familiar with the wording told CBSSports.com on Monday.

The source said Derrick Rose and Tyreke Evans had similar clauses in their letters of intent.

What does this mean for Memphis?

It means Henry would be released without conditions if Calipari leaves for Kentucky, and there would be nothing preventing Henry from following Calipari to the SEC.

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Posted on: March 30, 2009 4:14 pm
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Calipari pushing Barbee as possible replacement

John Calipari is scheduled to meet with a prominent Memphis booster late Monday afternoon, at which time he is expected to make a pitch for UTEP coach Tony Barbee to succeed him at Memphis if Calipari indeed leaves Memphis for Kentucky, a source close to Calipari told CBSSports.com.

The source said Calipari would promise to help Barbee keep parts of the team and recruiting class intact.

Barbee played for Calipari at UMass and assisted him at Memphis until taking the UTEP job in 2006.

He's 53-43 in three seasons at UTEP.

A source close to the Memphis program said Calipari assured Barbee last offseason that if he pulled out of the UMass search and cleared the way for Memphis assistant Derek Kellogg to land that job that Calipari would push Barbee as a possible successor at Memphis. Barbee quickly pulled out, Kellogg got the UMass job, and now Calipari is making good on his word, trying to help Barbee at Memphis.

Posted on: March 30, 2009 3:04 pm

Kentucky officials are waiting on Calipari

Kentucky officials expect John Calipari to accept an offer to become their program's next basketball coach, a source close to the school told CBSSports.com on Monday. The source said UK believes it could introduce Calipari within the next 48 hours, that athletic director Mitch Barnhart is merely waiting for the "Yes" he believes is imminent, barring an unsuspected hang-up in the final stages of negotiations.

"It's close, but it's not quite done," one source on the Memphis side told CBSSports.com. "Kentucky is pretty sure it's done, but you know Cal, he could change his mind at the last minute."

A source said Calipari has the guidelines of the offer in place, and that "his people are reviewing it." The source said the offer would make Calipari the highest paid college coach in America, though details remain sketchy. A separate source said the Memphis assistants are already touching base with recruits to make sure they'd jump to the SEC with them, and a different source said Memphis freshman Wesley Witherspoon would likely follow Calipari to Kentucky.

Assuming Calipari leaves, expect Memphis to target Missouri coach Mike Anderson or USC coach Tim Floyd.

An industry source said Anderson will listen.

Floyd's possible level of interest is unclear.

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Posted on: March 30, 2009 11:33 am
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A Kentucky/Calipari update

Barring a breakdown in negotiations, the Kentucky job is John Calipari's to take, and the Memphis coach could verbally accept an informal offer in the next 24 hours, a source close to Calipari has told CBSSports.com. Meantime, The Commercial Appeal is reporting that Calipari met with the Memphis players Monday morning, and that "the players left the meeting convinced Calipari would take the job."

As of Monday morning, Kentucky still had not officially asked permission to speak with Calipari, but that's probably moot. The only reason to request permission is if an administrator wants to speak with another schools' coach, and sources have told CBSSports.com that Calipari is dealing with a third party representative working on behalf of Kentucky in an informal capacity, not necessarily UK "officials".

Sources added that Calipari spent Saturday night in Chicago visiting former Tiger and current Chicago Bull Derrick Rose. One of those sources said a meeting with a third party representative of UK could've taken place that night, or early Sunday morning.

Kentucky is searching for a replacement for Billy Gillispie.

He was fired last Friday after two seasons.

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Posted on: March 29, 2009 11:45 pm

Kentucky could meet with Calipari on Monday

Memphis coach John Calipari has let Kentucky officials know that he's interested in the school's vacant head coaching position, and he could talk with UK athletic director Mitch Barnhart as early as Monday, a source with knowledge of the situation told CBSSports.com on Sunday.

Kentucky fired Billy Gillispie on Friday after just two seasons, and CBSSports.com immediately reported Calipari as a legitimate candidate despite the Memphis coach telling local media he planned to remain at Memphis for a 10th season. Multiple sources close to Calipari have said there's no guarantee he would take the Kentucky job if offered, but those same sources have privately insisted for weeks that if Kentucky showed interest Calipari would listen.

One possible problem with jumping to Kentucky, some have claimed, is that Calipari has the nation's top recruiting class lined up, and he would not want to leave that behind. But those close to Calipari believe it's possible to take parts of that recruiting class to Kentucky -- specifically unsigned prospects DeMarcus Cousins and John Wall -- and that if Calipari could pair it with Patrick Patterson and Jodie Meeks the Wildcats might threaten for a Final Four next season.

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